Sunday or Monday

Biden's Objective: Toppling Erdoğan

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the US, stated that it was his mission to topple the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regime in Türkiye. He said it, plain and simple, plus publicly, as soon as he arrived in the Oval Office in 2021. Biden also elaborated how this would take place. Unfortunately, he was not clear about the date. Was it intentional or was he not sure about something! By now, the whole world knows that Biden’s objective: Toppling Erdoğan will take place in June 2023. Would this be on Sunday or Monday?

Biden’s Objective: Toppling Erdoğan

Failed Many Times Before

No one can know exactly how many times the US led or inspired agents strike out against Erdoğan already since 2002. In light of Biden’s objective: Toppling Erdoğan in 2023, it is wise to visit some of them briefly.

      • Creating DAESH, ISIS, YPG type militia in Iraq and Syria, and then, directly and indirectly militarizing them against Türkiye
      • Assassinating Russia’s ambassador to Ankara on a live TV broadcast with a hired Turkish policeman to break relations between two countries
      • Manipulating Turkish war planes with electronic warfare and making one of them accidentally shoot down a Russian aircraft to cause another rift between quasi allies
      • Helping Israel discover hydrocarbon reserves in eastern Mediterranean Sea ahead of everyone else in the region to strike it rich and undermine Turkish leadership
      • Bringing Bahrain, UAE, S. Arabia, and Egypt in a pact against Türkiye
      • Going after Qatar to replace the Erdoğan-friendly regime there with a coup d’état
      • Starting the Arab Spring with the goal of bringing down the regime in Türkiye as the last Muslim domino
      • Yanking away the regime in Sudan from Türkiye with a coup d’état
      • Attempting to build a Kurdish state in northern Iraq and Syria to carve further territory from Türkiye
      • Trying to assassinate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in more than 250 attempts
      • Attempting a coup d’état on 15 July 2016 in Türkiye
      • Sanctioning Türkiye with CAATSA 231 and kicking it out of the F-35 program
      • Trying to bully Türkiye in the Mavi Vatan

Biden’s Objective: Toppling Erdoğan

Sunday or Monday

The objective may be the same but styles are different. On Sunday, the atmosphere is laid back because most of the work is completed beforehand. Monday is like the song “Monday Monday” of the “The Mammas and The Pappas”. It is rush rush, not so orderly. There is a lot of work to be done afterwards. It requires enforcement, unlike on Sunday, when it could also be done insidiously.


Türkiye will hold a presidential election on Sunday, 18 June 2023. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be running for his second and final five year term. If Biden’s objective were to materialize on Sunday then it would simply mean outright interference with the domestic affairs of a sovereign country.

It would very much be like Globalists in America claimed during the 2016 presidential election. They said that Russia interfered with the electoral process. Then the question becomes: How come it is not OK if Russia does it to America, but it is OK if America does it to Türkiye?

How is Biden’s objective supposed to work on Sunday anyway?

First, humanitarian organizations have to fund, for example, Turkish journalists. So, voters can be brainwashed. Simultaneously, Turkish Lira must also be manipulated with international currency games to disrupt the local economy.

All the while, larger schemes must be in play.

What started with the Covid-19 restrictions must continue through other means. Fear must be instilled among voters. That is why there was preliminary work in 2021. How and why did the Russia-Ukraine war start in the first place?

Unless, there would be a chaos, how would Globalists achieve their objectives?

Consequently, the current energy and grain supply crisis must provide the necessary unstable environment to operate. After all, the Erdoğan regime has been in power for the past twenty years.

It knows how to sustain economic growth and win elections fair and square. Can it still be successful if the waters were not so calm?

“Monday Monday” In America

Another version of “Monday Monday” already took place in America in 2020.

  • In the morning of November 4th, vote counting restarted after about a ten hours “break.”
  • On November 3rd, at around 11 PM, vote count stopped so America could go to bed.
  • In the morning, the picture in America was completely reversed.
  • Now Joe Biden was ahead unlike before bed time when Donald Trump was on a roll to win the election.

That was the day after in the presidential election in America. What was not possible during the election day, miraculously became possible the next day.

“Monday Monday” In Türkiye 

In Türkiye, no one knows what may take place on Monday, 19 June 2023, the day after election, or thereafter. If Erdoğan is still the president, meaning he won the election on Sunday, then there has to be a Plan B to fulfill Biden’s objective: Toppling Erdoğan. Here are some scenarios widely discussed in public.

  • Circumventing Türkiye with US military deployments in the surrounding countries. So that the country can be pressured with invasion mainly with “proxy fighters,” come Monday.
  • Consequently, military deployments in Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, northern Syria and Iraq would continue unabated until then.
  • By then, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war will be more than a year old: It will have Russia’s back on the wall and be willing to jump to an opportunity, like opening another front against Türkiye.
  • Meanwhile, why leave anything to chance? Why doesn’t Greek Defense Minister make a statement? For instance, he will say: “Lausanne Treaty is no longer necessary. We do not recognize it.”
  • Not having the Lausanne Treaty would primarily serve the American navy. It will somehow pass through the Turkish straits and reach the Black Sea. Only then, the circumvention of Türkiye will be complete from the sea.
  • Meanwhile it is a crapshoot but nevertheless, maybe just before the elections, the Erdoğan regime will have enough with Greek shenanigans and invade an island or two on the Aegean Sea.

Short of Erdoğan’s Türkiye attacking Greece militarily, there would be a likelihood for a “Monday Monday” scenario next Summer in Türkiye.

Otherwise, Biden’s objective has no chance to topple Erdoğan’s regime.

Unless, the “objective” resorts to a coup d’état, much like the previous Globalists resorted, but failed on 15 July 2016.

Biden’s Objective: Toppling Erdoğan

In other words, the easiest way to get it done on “Monday” is with a coup d’état.

Long time coup d’état expert, John Bolton, talked about it recently.

If it was not in the minds of Globalist Americans, like himself, why would he have mentioned it!

He said it in an interview to NBC, on the anniversary of the last Globalist America coup d’état attempt against Erdoğan that failed.

Was it a Freudian slip, much like Joe Biden regularly makes?

Unlike Biden who reads cue cards upside down or back side forward, Bolton was more lucid in this interview.

He was in fact speaking as if he was “in,” as a Globalist, as to what was soon to transpire.

Namely, Biden’s objective: Toppling Erdoğan is already an announced, admitted, and applied US foreign policy objective.

All Else Already Failed Anyway!

In fact, the Biden Administration has a point with this policy. Even though, it is also a crapshoot, America has no other options anymore.

After thirty years of Globalist mess, America never wins. Against the Erdoğan regime in Türkiye, the record is even worse.

The latest three strikes reflect everything well.

    • Strike one was at the NATO Madrid Summit when Türkiye issued the “Manifesto.”
    • Strike two was in Tehran, when Türkiye gave an “Ultimatum” that it will enter Syria and cleanse it from terrorists/freedom fighters.
    • The third strike was the “Delivery” in Istanbul. In the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations and absence of America, Türkiye  and Russia assured the world that grain will be supplied.

Worse news is that there is still more than ten months until “Sunday” and “Monday.” Surely, the world will witness more strikes against the Joe Biden Administration led West until then.

For example, “Abdulhamit Han” is set sail on 9 August 2022. No one knows the destination yet. When it is announced, it is a good bet to check-mark another strike against the Joe Biden Administration and the West.

God helps America! Perhaps, November 8th, 2022 midterm elections will come fast. So the GOP, the Republicans, can put an end to the misery of Globalists in America.

Maybe they will have some sense of how to influence the US foreign-policy objectives vis a vis Türkiye and the Erdoğan regime. Otherwise, would not it be a suicide what if these Globalists may give it a try on that “Monday,” in desperation?

“All else failed anyway,” they will surely argue, when they can read “GameChanger” instead. They can learn that there is a great option for America. Alas! We are talking about helpless and hopeless Globalists.