Americas Futile African Appeal

America never cared a bit about Africa. During American hegemony on much of Planet Earth, no US president practically visited the “Dark Continent”. Now that President Biden announced that he will, it is nothing but a farcical statement. In the worst case scenario, it will be yet another disaster much like 2022 has been for him in Europe and the Middle East. In other words, America’s futile African appeal is nothing but another “bubble talk” coming out of Wash DC. For us, the rest of Americans, it is better it remains just as a talk because the more this president travels overseas the more we lose on all fronts.

America’s Futile African Appeal

In December 2022, a union of African countries took place in Wash DC. President Joe Biden attended the event. In the past, a US president would not have done it. A third ranking US official would have been sufficient to honor the head of states. Alas! Times have changed.

America is no longer what it used to be. Globalists achieved their goal. They brought the sole superpower of the world down to its knees ever since 1992. At least, as far as appearance is concerned on the world stage, America nowadays looks helpless.

Otherwise, why would Biden make this misleading statement now?

Egypt and Kenya

Does Not Make Africa

Egypt has always been the safe place for US presidents to make an appearance to claim to have visited Africa. In the 21st century Egypt does not make Africa. When America had hegemony, it was possible to dictate. Might was making it right. Now, there are China, Türkiye, and the UK to take into consideration.

As for Kenya, Barack Obama’s visit to his fatherland was just that. It was a stopover by his grandma Mama Sarah Obama in Kogelo before 2008. Afterwards, he made another cosmetic visit in 2015. Before Obama, President George Bush (43) made a five country “grand tour” in Africa.

Like his father and others, visiting five countries for a few days per US president does not make Africa either. Never mind how these five countries are picked each time! Irrespective of what matters to Africa, the visits always took priority as to what is the best interest of America.

In retrospect, never mind Black Africa, Egypt is not even part of the Middle East according to some. It is a country as insignificant as Switzerland is to Europe nowadays. In  the 19th century, it served the European colonialists well when it back stabbed the Ottoman Empire.

Two centuries removed, Egypt and Kenya and the rest of the 52 African countries have to realign themselves. However the difference now is that Africans are making the decisions not the colonialists. Plus, they have the best options to choose among what China, Turkiye and the Uk to offer.

America, meanwhile, has to resolve first ingrained problems. Even though, America was never the colonial power in the continent. Nevertheless, Turkiye, for example, makes the trips based on WIN-WIN premise. Like the Bush 43 attempt showed how futile it was, now, equally desperate President Biden has no choice but to pull yet another stunt which is sure to fail as well.

America’s Futile African Appeal

Turkiye, China, and the UK Triangle

Today, America practically has no presence in Africa except in a stretch that begins in Egypt and ends in South Sudan. Remember Darfur and the likes of George Clooney from Hollywood! They were the mouthpiece of these Globalists for the past few years. With all their combined leverage, all they could muster in Africa was Darfur. Much like Hollywood nowadays is. It does not have much weight against the rapidly rising powers of the East.

Meanwhile, the rest of Africa now, fairly and squarely, is divided among three powers. The biggest chunk goes to Türkiye. It controls most of the northern half of Africa except that little stretch temporarily left to America. The prospects for France are even worse. Soon it will have no control over what was once a Franco-phone Africa when 14 colonies finally will be wrestled away from the French yoke.

China and the UK, unlike dominant Türkiye in the north, are to remain in a power sharing mode in the southern half of the continent. China primarily will be in Congo, Angola, and Namibia. The UK will be firmly in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The prospect for America, in this regard, is to muddle through in the African Bermuda Triangle, squeezed from all corners by China, Turkiye, and the UK.

No Need An African Disaster

In this context, America cannot afford to force its hands for another disaster before the 2024 presidential election with an inept administration. America already faced enough embarrassments in Europe and the Middle East until the 2022 midterm elections. Biden first attended the NATO Madrid Summit and then he visited Saudi Arabia. No other American president became a laughingstock like he did to date.

Unfortunately, the predicaments for America in Africa will get even worse before it gets better, if at all anytime soon. It was not long before Turkiye spoiled whatever the US foreign policy objectives were in Algeria, for example. Thanks to the Clinton Mess in Libya that brought Turkish military might to the continent was the single biggest reason for this American failure.

Clueless Advisors in Wash DC

One wonders with all this information that is publicly available, where exactly do the clueless advisors in Wash DC are planning to send helpless President Biden in the Dark Continent? Shouldn’t these advisors first talk to President Emanuel Macron of France? When he cannot hold on to any of his 14 colonies anymore, how does the US plan to acquire new friends and allies there?

A simple and genuine advice for an American president at this time should be to quickly call for Triple AAA for help: Avoid Africa America, altogether! Focus on America First for now! Simply because China is well entrenched there. America has neither the economic or military might to force it out of what it already controls. The UK will not budge from its stand for no reason.

Turkiye, on the other hand, will exact payback in the north. There it has unfinished business in both Egypt and North Sudan. This is nothing personal against America. It is simply the natural course of history. Turkish dominance in the northern half of Africa will not be complete until everyone is freed from non-Muslim yoke there.

The logic is: Muslims of Africa suffered enough in the hands of others. Now they are to pursue their destiny on their own with their own kind. Is there anything wrong with that?