Aspirations to Free Japan

From the Western Yoke

Abe Assassination Only Reinvigorates

Longest serving Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, since WWII, proudly and diligently served an admirable ideal. Like patriots everywhere around the world would, he sought the national interest of his own Japan, at earnest. He strived to “make Japan great, strong, and internationally, a force to be reckoned with.” He pursued policies irrespective if they were popular so long as they served the state and the nation. Coupled with his devotion to the “ideal,’ he edged his name to history. If these were the reasons that ended his life abruptly on 8 July 2022, then be it. His legacy will even become weightier over time. Simply because, Abe’s assassination only reinvigorates aspirations to free Japan from the Western yoke.

Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe sought an equality in alliance and partnership with the US and other Western powers. In pursuit of finally becoming a “normal country,” he believed Japan had to become a military force to defend itself. Much like his grandfather, also a prime minister, he followed a similar path of great lengths to establish the international stature and prestige of Japan. As a result, reportedly, Abe’s nationalist views have often raised tensions with China and South Korea.

Abe’s Assassination Only Reinvigorates

No matter how the investigation of Shinzo Abe’s assassination is to be concluded, his legacy will not change. In fact, Abe’s assassination only reinvigorates aspirations to free Japan from the Western yoke. The fact that he could not have achieved it during his lifetime, his tragic passing ironically will reinforce what he was striving for all his life. His deeds now will become an even stronger sign for his followers and others to carry on his mantle.

Abe’s Assassination:

To Free Japan from the Western Yoke

Who can tell now, to free Japan from the Western yoke, may not be a crying call for more Japanese? Silent majority was yearning for that all along in Japan, but it had to remain silent. It had Shinzo Abe as a leader, maintaining a balanced, diplomatic, and gradual approach. Now, it does not have to anymore. One, there is no Abe around anymore to advance the cause. Two, there is no Abe around anymore to prevent anyone from radical initiatives.
On that note, how coincidental is that, Abe is the third conservative in a row to be taken out of action? He followed Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Considering all three have always been at the crosshair of Globalists because they were patriots first. None of them went down under “normal” circumstances. From that perspective alone, Abe’s assassination will surely be viewed as a rejuvenated inspiration to free Japan from the Western yoke. Now, both sides of the Pacific will be galvanized for common reasons.

In Retrospect

From 1992 to 2016 Globalist US presidents clearly demonstrated disregard to the inspirations to free Japan from the Western yoke. As a result, since 1993, there has been a movement in Japan to replace the pacifist constitution imposed on the state and the nation since WWII. In fact, when the only nationalist US president Trump came to power, he made supportive comments towards Japanese sentiment. Barack Obama before him too had an initiative in 2011 that may have seemed supportive of Japanese aspirations.
Yet, there was a fundamental difference between two approaches. Trump’s was genuine. Obama’s was part of a Globalist plan of deception. In other words, when Obama supported militarisation of Japan, Globalists never meant it. They were only doing it as a counter balance reaction against China that was in the process of leaving Globalism since 2005. In other words, the Globalist Obama administration did not support Japanese inspirations unlike Trump would have in his second term if he were at the helm.

The Tally for the US 

It would be naive for anyone not to recognize the Globalist conspiracy in play. In fact, the signs since the 2020 presidential election are easy to see. The tally for the 46th Administration so far in a year and a half is miserable at best. The loss of leadership in NATO and the economic and security mess in Europe have no historical precedent. In that sense, this fourth Globalist US regime since 1992 is no different than the previous three. Much like during Bill Clinton, George Bush (43), and Barack Obama times, erosion of the US supremacy in the world continues in an uncotrollable vortex.

Abe’s Assassination NOW Reinvigorates

In summary, the US imposed on Japan a pacifist constitution and made Japan a subservient nation-state. That became the reality of the twentieth century, the legacy of the World War II. No need to go to the annals of history as to why and how the past century evolved like that.

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the leaders in the US should have had the vision and wisdom to understand and do their job. They did not. They should have allowed Japan to replace its constitution indigenously without interference from the vanquisher of WWII.

Abe’s assassination NOW reinvigorates the silent majority in Japan that time has run out. Abe’s tragic passing is a milestone and a sign for Japan to embark on a new path ever since the end of WWII. Unfortunately for the US, Japan will embark on this path with new and different partners, in view of the divided America.

Where Do I Get This “Wisdom” From?

I visited Japan for the first and only time in 2020. It was a political invitation. I ended up with half a dozen well connected Japanese elite. After building quick and sincere friendships, they all received a copy of my book, called:  “GameChanger.” There and there, they immediately perused it. The leader of the pack turned to me and said: “This must be published in Japan.”

I said: “I know. It is necessary because it argues that it is time to free Japan from the Western yoke.” They could not believe their ears about what I told them abruptly. I pressed further: “Past three US presidents should have already offered Japan the opportunity to replace the WWII imposed constitution, but they did not.”

I continued one step further and said: “Donald J. Trump would do that. He has the capacity, vision, and wisdom to correct history.” Unfortunately, for Shinzo Abe and our hosts, the 2020 elections did not work out right. As a result, it is fate that resolving this issue will still rest on the shoulders of Shinzo Abe, even at his grave.

The Rest Has to Wait for Another Posting

In another posting, perhaps I can go into details about who my hosts were and their close association with Shinzo Abe.

Though not everything ever needs to be revealed in these visits, this much hint should be enough for the moment.

In memory of a great idealistic leader, Shinzo Abe, another posting may become appropriate after consulting with my hosts there, in due process.