What Does MAGA Mean?

What does MAGA mean? Most of us in North America know it well. It is the abbreviation of “Make America Great Again.”

Recently, President Joe Biden came up with a statement attacking MAGA supporters. I have not read about or watched it. Nor would I because it is election season in America.

However, when I received a text message from overseas inquiring about it, I had to indulge. Much to my surprise, the definition was not on the Internet.


Internet Did Not Have The Definition

Apparently, there was a cleansing operation on the Internet. Only after that, Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States of America, made the statement. Otherwise, how could it be explained that there would be no Conservative or Republican run website on the Internet without a definition of MAGA on it? Instead, there were plenty of the “usual suspects”, littering the entire domain.

I immediately recalled an earlier experience. Once, I had looked at the definition of the “Chinese Wall” on the Internet. What I was looking for was not there. Instead, there was a business terminology, nothing about the historical fact I was interested in. As a result, now I know how certain vocabulary would suddenly disappear from the universe when it would not be convenient for some powers to be.


What Does MAGA Mean?

America is a republic founded on Christian values. Christians in America believe “life”, “liberty”, and “pursuit of happiness” are ordained by God. As a result, a Christian must live life accordingly.

However, good Christians must also know how to let-live.

Joe Biden’s Statement

In Contradiction

So then, those who removed the definition of MAGA from Internet must not be good Christians. Otherwise, what would be their reason to remove the definition of MAGA from the good old and wide world of Internet?

Good Christians would not do that. They will let others live too, including the MAGA supporters.