China Syndrome: American Opportunity

Erbil Writes China Syndrome: American Opportunity

If only America knew and understood the issue well, this China Syndrome can easily be turned into an American Opportunity. Then, it will be win-win-win-win for the sake of everybody.

Talking about China Syndrome, some will point to the coming of Covid-19. Some others will stress the loss of jobs to China.

No! It does not have anything to do with the “China Syndrome”  movie either. It has nothing to do with the popular culture when “Hanoi Jane,” aka Jane Fonda starred, making the case against nuclear energy in America.

This China Syndrome is about an eternal Chinese fear which is historic, geographic and demographic in nature. It has to do about a race that has been in the case of the China and Chinese since the beginning of time. Communist China in 1949, reopened the old wounds when it decided to incorporate additional territories, putting the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the cross-hair.


The China Syndrome: Turks Are Coming

Turks are coming never sounded good for the Chinese 2000 years ago. That’s why they built the famous “Chinese Wall.” Come forward to 2020, Turks are on the move again.

Are they after Chinese once again too?

Yes and No.

Only if more America knew what the Turks are up to nowadays, it will be prepared a lot better for the new world order soon to impose its will.

Turkic Council

Turkic states, with the republics of Kazakhstan and Turkey in the lead, came together and formed a Turkic Council. Unification of five countries under the cultural pretext is only a first step towards something menacing as far as everybody else is concerned.

Historically speaking, nothing good came out when Turks unified, according to some in the world. Yet, equally voluminous some others would find something great to cherish about Turkish union.Turkic Council

Works for China

Ironically today, the Republic of Turkey, as the domineering economic and military regional power, is in fact beneficial for China. The best alternative route for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) passes through Turkey proper.

Second, best is also becomes viable when Turkey is in play. It comes from Pakistan to the Arabian Sea, and across Iraq into Turkey. China depends on both of these Turkish connections to become the biggest economy in the world, surpassing America.

The liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh from the 28-year Armenian occupation was another good prospect for the Chinese interest. Highways and railways, that make up BRI, passes through Azerbaijan before coming to Turkey. With Azerbaijan-Armenia problem out of the way, now BRI has even more alternative ways of crossing into Turkey as well as one coming via Georgia in the north.

Brewing menace

It is prudent to note that highways and railways go both ways and carry goods but also people. They serve China both ways, but not all the time.

Connecting Azerbaijan and Turkey directly makes Turkic Council a powerful unitary union. Kyrgyzstan, bordering China, now has a direct line to Europe via Turkey. That also means everything in the old continent will also come back to China properly as fast and as direct.

Turks themselves will come in hoards. For tourism or business but some, also with political agenda and religious fervor. As if a nuclear meltdown in Hanoi Jane’s fictional movie would finally become a catastrophe to China, these returning Turks will.

China Wall

How does China this time around plan to stop the Turks? Not with another Great Wall, like it did two thousand years ago!

Communist China elected a modern way instead. It erected a virtual wall. It is called Google searching. Only if their Globalist cohorts in the West would notice, it is there to erase from memory what is not good for China.

Great Google Wall

A quick search today in “Google” will reveal clearly how China is trying to erase the past. For example, “Chinese Wall” comes up as “a business term describing an information barrier within an organization. It is erected to prevent exchanges or communications that could lead to conflicts of interest.”

Only after millions of similar postings, the real definition of “Chinese Wall” come up, saying: “Chinese wall is usually said to be a reference to the Great Wall of China. It is supposedly erected over 2000 years ago to protect inhabitants from invaders.”

Simply put, it appears, even then, with an air of denial or diversion or disinformation. It simply means most in America will never have any clue about the Great Wall of China.

Only if more America knew more about Israel and the Great Wall of China

I have written “GAMECHANGER Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.” China Syndrome: American OpportunityThere I concluded, if so many in America do not know much about Israel, how would they know anything about who else lives in the Middle East, never mind the Turks?

Based on this analogy, if so many in America do not know much about the Chinese Wall, how would they know anything about what China Syndrome: American Opportunity is?

But China knows well while America does not

China knows well how to protect its national interest. The question is does America know how to protect its own national interest when it comes to China?

In other words, China keeps America in the dark by trying to keep it away from New Turkey. All the while, America does not even know that there is an opportunity to explore against China, with New Turkey in the lead.

East Turkestan: China Syndrome

East Turkestan is the China Syndrome and it has been simmering for a while.

Yet, despite that, on one hand, China has nothing to worry about when it comes to Turks because they seek a peaceful resolution. Plus, Turks continue to view East Turkestan as an internal matter of China. On the other hand, everyone knows that so long as Uyghurs are not free, what is now simmering will cause a meltdown overtime.

China has nothing to worry about but for how long?

First of all, Turkic Council is only a cultural organization, nothing like a NATO. It neither has military arm nor it professes anything of that nature.

Second, New Turkey is also on board with the Turkic Council. Irrespective of Turkish policies and actions in Syria, Qatar, Libya, Azerbaijan New Turkey maintains a great relationship with China since 2008.

So long as Uyghurs are free again

But there is a caveat. Uyghur Turks live in East Turkestan and they are not free. More importantly, not until they are, China Syndrome will not go away.

As for America if only Google searches provided some more information about the ‘Chinese Wall’, ‘Uyghurs’, ‘Turkic Council’, ‘New Turkey’! Otherwise, America will never understand what is really going on with the Turks, Turkic Council or New Turkey and it will miss the opportunity!

China Syndrome: American Opportunity

America is soon to become the number three economy in the world, falling behind China and India. Donald Trump Administration in four years slowed down China-take-over, but that is not enough. PRC will double the speed in the coming years and recover from what it lost during Trump’s years.

If America knew well and understood what the China Syndrome is, it will simply ally with Turks. Together with New Turkey, it will get the most out of China, and peacefully. It will be good for everyone, including for the Uyghurs, Turks and Chinese, but more importantly for America.