US-Senators & Real-McCoy Kızılelma

US-Senators took the long time staunch ally Turkiye out of the fifth generation, F-35 fighter program on 14 December 2020. The bill left the first ever Turkish flattop, soon to be commissioned TCG Anadolu, without fighter jets on its deck. So, is it coincidence that this Turkish Real-McCoy Kızılelma would make its maiden flight, in the nick of time, on 14 December 2022?  As a result, I believe it is time to shed some light to this abysmal plight of the US-Senators & the Real-McCoy Kızılelma.

First of all, Kızılelma is a generation ahead of the F-35. On top, it is a six ton, one of a kind behemoth, designed to perform four separate jobs. Much like how the F-35 was supposed to do with air superiority, strike missions, and electronic warfare & intelligence. Last but not least, Kızılelma is also specifically built to perform on the very deck of TCG Anadolu. Hence, before anything, it is wise to pose one question: Who was the smart-Alec in the US Senate that came up with the idea of kicking Turkiye out of the F-35 program?

US-Senators & Real-McCoy Kızılelma!

Here is the predicament for the US-Senators!

Real-McCoy Kızılelma is already in the air for 18 minutes. From the two videos available so far, it looks, sounds, and behaves like nothing short of an incredibly well developed fighting bird. Reportedly, it incorporates features not only from F-35 Lightning but also from F-22 Raptor. For those in the know, the latter is strictly in the US inventory and it is the overpowering fifth generation fighter-jet in the world.

Bayraktar Kızılelma is the latest in a series of drones that turned into sixth generation unmanned fighter aircraft by Baykar. Privately owned Turkish company is already globally famous with TB-2. It is the drone that prevented the miles long Russian military convoy entering Kiev. Ukrainians sing folk songs about TB-2 for having saved their lives.

Now twenty five countries are in line, awaiting the delivery of their orders. Five of these countries are also soon to receive Akıncı, the big brother of TB-2. Kızılelma, in that respect, becomes the third generation Baykar military platform that is equivalent to sixth generation fighter aircraft in the world.

Bayraktar Akıncı

Not A Chop Liver Either

Bayraktar Akıncı, meanwhile, is not a chop liver either next to Kızılelma. It is another behemoth, much like Kızılelma, that fires Turkish built some 300 mile range cruise missiles like SOM-J, no less. Akıncı stays in the air longer than twenty four hours and journeys at forty thousand feet. Theoretically, it can go around the world to do the job, unnoticed and untouched.

The irony is that US-Senators never paid attention to Akıncı. Considering it was in the air a year before they voted to kick Türkiye out of the F-35 program. That was the first strike. In the interim, they should have figured it out. If Türkiye can build an Akıncı, why would it not be able to build a Kızılelma in due process? That was the second strike.

US-Senators Explain This Real-McCoy Kızılelma

US-Senators, you better explain this: Where does the US exactly go from this point on? However, there is also an urgency. It must be done before a third strike comes from Türkiye that would finish the sole superpower status of the US.  I argued these points well in the “GameChanger”.

At this stage, no one would disagree that the Real-McCoy Kızılelma is a GameChanger. No one would bet against either that another extraordinary and superior military platform would not come from Türkiye. Considering, Akıncı preceded them already.


I authored “GameChanger”. Surely, a US-Senator must have long secured a copy. In case it was too difficult to understand what I predicted in it, there is truth in that. My friend, Jon Voight told me frankly. The book should have been 1000 pages not 275. However, I must note, President Trump came back having understood the points from the get-go. Many other smart people also did, though I don’t recall US-Senators much.

Except one!

Anyway, Kızılelma and Akıncı will surely help everyone understand what would be missed in the GameChanger, better and faster. On that note, I must warn. Turks have a bad habit. They always build everything of the two kinds. Unfortunately, I did not have enough pages on GameChanger to include such details. Jon was right to complain. I left quite a bit out but nevertheless there was enough for those with some intelligence and intellect.


Before I conclude, the name of the other Turkish company is TUSAŞ. They are kind of “kissing cousins” when it comes to drones with Baykar. Sorry, it is a Freudian slip. I meant sixth generation supersonic aircrafts.

The maiden flight of the TUSAŞ’s soon to be unveiled sixth generation fighter called ANKA-3?

It is in 2023, reportedly.