Killing 1.5 Trillion-Dollar F-35 Mess

The credit of killing 1.5 trillion-dollar F-35 mess goes to the US Senators. They are the most intelligent creme de la creme of American society. There are only 100 of them. Each state gets two of the best for the prize. It is the highest echelon in the political spectrum short of residency in White House. Yet, the headline should not fool anyone. It was not meant to be a compliment. Rather, it is an analogy to question mental stability.

Killing 1.5 Trillion-Dollar F-35 Mess

It is intelligent to kill a project that is an embarrassment. Yet, the US Senators basically will enter the annals of history as an embarrassment for killing this project. The fact that they decided to kill the 1.5 trillion-dollar F-35 mess after twenty years was credit to their wisdom. Much like how they originally launched this peculiar project with their appropriations.

How Killing 1.5 Trillion-Dollar F-35 Mess Took Place?

The killing 1.5 trillion-dollar F-35 mess took place two years ago. It was a swift death sentence for a mess that they were sold by Globalists to nurture for the past twenty years. In December 2020, the US Senate passed CAATSA-231 against Türkiye. The sanctions kicked Türkiye out of the F-35 project altogether. As a result, the F-35 project was, suddenly and effectively, dead and buried.

Türkiye was the second biggest client state of F-35 fighter planes after the US Air Force alongside the UK. More importantly, Türkiye was also the key among nine original partners in building the F-35. It was indigenously developing certain critical parts among one thousand of the sixteen hundred pieces that went into each aircraft.

Now, Türkiye in less than a year will have its own version come out of the hangar roaring, totally built indigenously. It will be more sophisticated and cheaper than the F-35. Consequently, it will begin selling at the end of this decade as the only available fifth generation fighter plane in the world. China and Russia have alternatives but the Western Alliance members will have only the Turkish version available, nothing from America.

Mental Stability

The US Senators are the ones that started this mess about twenty two years ago. They are the ones that voted to end this mess the way they did about two years ago. Now, voters in America in 2022 and 2024 have to decide what the problem is, starting it or ending it.

After that, it follows: About mental stability! It is time to deracinate the US Senators so that they can smell the roses and realize that we are in the twenty-first century. Either they have to arrive or bid farewell to their service. Yet, there is still a caveat to note.

What is the source of mental instability that brings these senators to power in the first place?