US Appointed Presidential Candidate

There is a presidential election in the Republic of Türkiye on 14 May 2023. It takes place every five years. Current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the incumbent candidate of the three party coalition called CUMHUR alliance. His opponent is a consensus candidate of the six political parties that are known as the MILLET alliance. The name of the candidate opposing Erdogan is not worth mentioning. He is better known as the US appointed presidential candidate.

US Appointed Presidential Candidate

There was no official US appointed presidential candidate during the bipolar world. The US had the fate of its allies in its hands as the leader of the Western Alliance. It solely provided security against the ever growing Communist threat from the Soviet Union.

The US and the USSR, then, as the two bipolar superpowers resorted to coup d’états, instead. In other words, they employed the threat power of a brute force to control allies. They also had economic influence over them. Their rank and file obediently followed their respective lead.

The countries under the Warsaw Pact had democratically elected governments. On average, they received over 90 percent approval rate. In the West, Germany and Japan were allies of the US but they were under occupation. They still are and they stay submissive.

The other Western Alliance countries reflected their shortcomings in their domestic affairs. For example, Turkiye had 30 government changes in a 40 year span between 1947 and 1987. Examples are plenty from Italy to France to Belgium. No one was spared.

Republic of Türkiye

Since 1987

As I argued in the GameChanger, published in 2020, in the 1980s, the US agents made their third and fatal mistake against Turkiye. As a result, they turned the country to its real owners with the 1980 coup d’état. They were so dumbfounded that they also came to the Oval Office and shared their joy:  “Our boys did it!”

That coup d’état basically brought the first of the four Islamist leaders, Turgut Ozal, to power in Turkiye. Ozal died after a decade, but in office. Large masses within the country and beyond do not believe the cause was natural. Few years later, the second Islamist leader, Necmettin Erbakan, was able to stay in power for only six months.

In 2002, Abdullah Gul became the third Islamist prime minister. Recep Tayyip Erdogan took the reins from him a year later as the fourth and current Islamist leader. Erdogan won 14 consecutive nationwide elections ever since. His first election victory made him the mayor of Istanbul. The 2023 presidential election will be his 15th.

US Appointed Presidential Candidate

The last time the Globalists attempted to topple Erdogan and the Islamist regime in Turkiye was on 15 July 2016. The bloody coup d’état attempt failed. The Globalists returned home in the last days of the Barack Obama administration to roost against the incoming 45th president, Donald Trump.

Their Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes failed the first two years. However, they were successful at the 2020 presidential election. Promptly, President Biden announced that he will continue where he left it off as Vice President in 2016. This time he promised to topple Erdogan at the ballot boxes in 2023.

As if it was a “Freudian slip” by him, as far as the mess the US put itself into, a few weeks earlier during the 2020 presidential election!

Unfortunately for the US, Turkiye in 2023 is not the Turkiye of 2016. If the Globalists miserably failed then how do they plan to be successful now? Erdogan is more popular than ever before, currently polling at 56 per cent. Turkiye is also a domineering economic and military power in the region and beyond.

So, since toppling Erdogan would be easier said than done, what is the plan for the Biden Administration now? One, to continue massive military deployment of the US troops around Turkiye from Greece to Syria. Two, to appoint a presidential candidate that is sure to lose against Erdogan.

Reportedly, at this time, the only way to undermine and get rid of Erdogan is by creating a “bloody chaos” before, during, and after the 2023 election in Turkiye. However, the reference to the nature of chaos also reflects desperation. So that must also include rigging the elections, much like it was claimed in the US! An then what?

Suleyman Soylu & The Bloody Chaos

Outspoken Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu recently pointed at the folly of the US and the ambassador Jeff Flake in Ankara without naming names. The Western media always dismisses his claims. However, there is a massive amount of data he promptly provided to his counterparts in the West. To say the least, it is damning.

I authored “GameChager”, arguing that Turkiye will play Zero Sum Games. I also underlined that Turkiye will play them against the US as well if they involve the designated zones. Anyone knows Turks well would know how serious this argument is. Soylu, like Turkish officials, constantly reinforces it with his statement.

That brings us to the likes of Matt Gaetz. The US Congressman recently introduced a bill seeking withdrawal of the US troops from Syria. He is on the same page with the 45th President who had also tried to do the same in Syria with expediency. Unfortunately, voters in America are not aware about what Gaetz and Soylu are now warning Americans about.

On that note, it is worth reminding how the US misdeployed troops in the region in 1983 and ended with calamity. Bloody chaos, after all, may take place in the region again. However, it may not necessarily be where these Globalists would envision it. No US troops should be in harm’s way when the public is not informed with true facts.