Türkiye's Ballistic Missile Deterrence

In December 2022, Türkiye announced mass production of seven indigenously developed missiles. As a result, the country will no longer rely solely on defensive measures. Potential aggressors will feel the threat of offensive strikes. In other words, Türkiye’s Ballistic Missile Deterrence will make the country more than a regional power.

Türkiye’s Ballistic Missile Deterrence

Ballistic missiles will rain from Turkish land, sea, and air platforms. Indigenously developed and mass produced drones, helicopters, aircrafts, and warships will fire these missiles. They will complement Turkish land forces, second only to America in NATO.

These seven critical missiles can also be nuclear or electromagnetic tipped. Though Türkiye remains a member of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), these missiles would make a difference. No power in the world will be immune from a strike.

Consequently, the sheer number of them in stock will make the country a potential global power. In a sense, it will match America, China, and Russia in terms of reach and devastation effect. Neighboring countries will reconsider their alliances.

Globalists In The Crosshair

Ironically, Türkiye primarily seeks independence from the Western yoke with this deterrence. Empowering a wide variety of countries within and beyond the Western hemisphere is part of the next step in this strategy.

The goal is to lure numerous countries to become part of a cluster around Türkiye. Some will come to the union eagerly. Some others will join when they are abandoned by the Western powers.

Globalists will not be able to interfere with this transition, employing brute-force threat. Turkish military might will shield everyone in the cluster from antagonists.

Seven Critical Missiles

Makes Türkiye’s Ballistic Missile Deterrence Viable

In short, the decision to mass produce seven critical missiles by Türkiye is a major step forward towards becoming a world power. Balance of power will again be possible in Europe and the Middle East. Simply because Germans, Russians, Persians, and Arabs will be the first to fall in line. They will chose to be in sink with the Turkish reality.

The longer it takes for America to accept the rise of Türkiye, worse it will become for the sole superpower of the world. As a result, China will exploit this opportunity alongside India. Consequently, they will become a lot more than economic powers, leaving America in their dust.