Diplomatically First

Türkiye challenges Europe and America

Türkiye challenges Europe and America. It says it is time to replace the international structure. To make the point, during the Antalya Democracy Forum, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again attacked the United Nations. He repeated saying “the world is bigger than five.”

Erdogan emphasized the fact that the five nuclear powers can no longer decide the fate of the world. He presented the Ukraine-Russia conflict as the case in point. The argument was simple. If the current system cannot prevent ten million Europeans becoming refugees, what would it be used for?

Türkiye Challenges Europe and America

Türkiye began challenging Western Alliance leadership diplomatically at first. After that, it switched gears and began using very sophisticated drone and electronic warfare technologies.

Diplomatically First

Türkiye already challenged the West a number of times before, since the turn of the Millennia and won every time. Now, Türkiye continues with diplomacy, but also on the military front. More importantly, it wins when it puts up a challenge. Soon, it will also display how it does it economically and spiritually.

Turkish proposals at the United Nations General Assembly repeatedly received overwhelming support. Nearly 150 of the 193 members followed the Turkish lead number of times. America, on the other hand, never mustered 50 states behind any of its initiatives if Türkiye was not on board.

Recently, the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, in its second year, brought to Türkiye fifteen heads of state. Another fifteen called in, including Joe Biden. Foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia were also part of the large contingent of diplomatic corps, composed  of about 100 countries attending.

Via Brinkmanship Next

Militarily, Türkiye, in the past few years, showed the world who is the boss in the region. France embarrassed itself in Libya and eastern Mediterranean Sea against Turkish military might. America avoided any of that by staying out of regional conflicts where Türkiye had interest.

Russia supported proxies that confronted Türkiye backed local forces in Syria, Libya, and Nagorno-Karabakh: They all failed. Now in Ukraine, Russia is directly facing  the Turkish supplied military platforms and ordinances. They became the most promising hope for Ukraine.

Much like in Ethiopia, when the Western powers decided to carve the country, Türkiye stepped in. As a result, the threat against the integrity of the country was easily nullified, despite the heavy-hand of Globalist America.

Türkiye Challenges Europe and America

Not until two weeks into Russia-Ukraine war, the West was still in denial about Turkish drone power. A month into this mess, no one in their right mind would challenge the Turkish domination in this field. Yet, the world has not witnessed yet what Türkiye has in store when it comes to armed drones.

With TB-2s

The superiority of TB-2s is nowadays a common knowledge in military circles. Unfortunately, among the political elite in the West, the ignorant majority is still at the helm. It is clueless how Türkiye challenges Europe and America with drones and electronic warfare.

First of all, the heroic tales of  the Turkish TB-2s have already become epic stories. They repeatedly won the war of attrition every time and continue unabated. Yet, they are only one of many brands by the Turkish manufacturer, called Baykar. Ten fold sophisticated versions are yet to make appearance in actual war scenarios.

Akıncı, TB-3, and Kızıl Elma Come Next

Baykar, itself, is one of a handful Turkish companies with competitive drones. Each is already war tested. Each is more formidable than the other. They are currently being mass manufactured and entering into the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. They are also available for export.

On that note, Baykar has a series of next generation drones that are out of this world. TB-3 and Mius, now called Kızıl Elma, are two of them developed for the TCG Anadolu. Soon to become the flagship of the Turkish navy, the flattop is the first “Drone Carrier” in the world.

Meanwhile, Bayraktar Akıncı is already in the Turkish inventory. It flies higher than 40 thousand feet and stays in the air more than a day. Its 1.5 ton firepower includes the likes of SOM-Js that were originally developed exclusively by Türkiye for F-35s. Now, F-35s have to settle with alternatives.

It is also important to note an Akıncı is ten times of what an TB-2 is. In other words,  Akıncı has capacity and capability like and F-35 or F-16. The only difference is that Akıncı can wait long enough in the stratosphere for the opportune moment to put them in use. Akıncı is said to be the leader in this drone category.

On that note, no one knows yet what TB-3 or Kızıl Elma will do with equal in size and capacity. After all, they will be the next generation compare to the Akıncı! They must surely do a whole lot more than land and take off from the drone carrier. What will be their feature to beat Akıncı, time would tell.

Türkiye Challenges Europe and America 

A Domineering Regional Power 

Here is a further caveat!

Drone power makes up much less than ten percent of the military might of Türkiye. It has the second biggest and most powerful land force in NATO after America. Nowadays, coupled with the drones and electronic warfare edge, this domineering regional power is also considered to have an air power and navy to reckon with as well.

In 2019, Türkiye already demonstrated its naval power with two extraordinary maritime exercises. One with over 100 warships and the other with over 150 warships: They put on notice both the region and the world. As a result, the world also began to learn some Turkish vocabulary. A vast portion of the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black seas are now referred to as Mavi Vatan.

In other words, Turkish air and sea borders now extend half way into all three seas surrounding the peninsula republic. Coupled with the likes of the Libya -Türkiye maritime deal, eastern Mediterranean Sea practically became a closed sea to countries without borders from 2020.


Türkiye indigenously builds military platforms and everything else it needs militarily up to 80 percent in 2022. This also means, in war time, Türkiye can produce most everything it needs to sustain it. Considering how Russia, after three weeks began to look for military supplies from the likes of China, it is important to note.

Recently, a top official from France stated that the country has enough supplies to fight a four or five days war, like it was during WWII. Yet, there is one other fact that is even more important. Türkiye also has the natural resources, next to manufacturing capacity and 5.0 industrial revolution that is underway, to the dismay of its antagonists.

Finally, but most importantly, the Turkish challenge does not rely on TB-2s or military transformation or soon to be divulged economic and energy exploration related facts. Countries like the UK very early on, recently Germany, and long time coming Russia have already understood it and made necessary accommodations.

I explained in 2020 what Türkiye has in store in my “GameChanger” book. Few thousand people read it, that also includes some among the ruling elite in Türkiye and America, for that matter, in Europe and Japan, as well, for example. They, at least, have an idea. For the rest, not until they pick up a copy, it cannot be explained.

It is a little complicated to detail everything with a post like this: Why and how Türkiye makes a difference nowadays. A volume of books is necessary to explain how Türkiye made progress in the past decade or two or three. Never mind the century!

On the other hand, reading one worthwhile book is as good a start as any. Considering, America is already brainwashed because of Globalist reigned decades ever since 1992.