Turkiye had enough and made it official. Now, it will go after the PKK and YPG in northern Iraq and Syria. Some smart Alecks in the West may say: So what? After all, Turkiye has been after PKK terrorists since it was created “by Western sources” in the early 1980s. However today, this is the first time in 43 years, Turkiye publicly notified America of the consequences.


There was a bombing on 13 November 2022 in Istanbul. It took place on a Sunday, when Istiklal Caddesi was most crowded, as usual.
Turkiye Publicly Notified America A photo, taken on 13 November 2022, capturing “the” terrorist, strolling in Istanbul, next to two civilian Israeli soldiers, “vacationing”. Moments later, this terrorist will kill 6 and wound 81. What a coincidence! One, these two soldiers would be next to the terrorist, just moments before the terrorist exploded the bomb and started running. Two, an Iranian state agency of sorts will publicize this photograph. Turkiye, meanwhile, never pointed a finger at Israel or America. However!

Within hours, Turkiye caught the terrorist that killed 6 and wounded 81. Now, a year later, justice is also served on the last accomplice in Syria.


There was another bombing attempt on 1 October 2023 in Turkiye. This time it was in Ankara, on the opening day of the 28th Parliamentary session, after vacation.

2 police officers were hurt when they killed one of the two terrorists in action. The other terrorist blew himself up on the street, when the suicidal plot altogether failed.

Turkish Solution and American Problem

Turkiye publicly notified America after this second bombing attempt by “terrorists”. Why is that and why now are two important questions. The significance of Hakan Fidan’s “notification” is a milestone. Public in America must know facts.

Why Did

Turkiye Publicly Notified America

There are two reasons for that. One, Turkiye does not want to harm US soldiers currently deployed in northern Iraq and Syria. Two, Turkiye wants the US to know that now there will be a full scale war in northern Iraq and Syria.

Why Now

Turkiye Publicly Notified America

Turkiye meant to notify America on 14 November 2022. However, there was an impediment in the form of a presidential election in Turkiye within six months. Timing was not ripe to start a full scale war.

Turkiye Publicly Notified America

Like Never Before In History

This Turkish notification makes reference to three immediate incidents. However, it also carries additional messages. They must all be taken as a comprehensive warning. Yet, they cannot be ignored. America must get the hint and act on it.

Here is a further warning though. American action at this stage must be defensive in nature and it must involve retreat. Short of that, there will likely be an embarrassment for America. In the worst case scenario, a Zero Sum Game will take place.

Turkiye Says

“Three Strikes And Out!”

Turkiye with this, 4 October 2023 notification says to America that it is “three strikes and out!”

First of all, Turkiye knew very well why exactly six months before the “election” there was this particular terrorist bombing in Istanbul on 13 November. Turkiye also knew what countries were behind the bombing. Turkiye simply, but also, avoided the ploy!

Second, Turkiye treated the 6 February 2023 earthquake as a natural disaster. It took place exactly three months before the presidential “election”. The timing and scale of the earthquake promptly put into perspective the 17 August 1999 earthquake there.

Third, the 1 October 2013 bombing attempt by two terrorists in the Turkish capital was extraordinary. However, Turkiye considered it as a desperate “final act”. There was not doubt what country was behind it as far as the Turkish elite was concerned.

In other words, two bombing attempts and an earthquake had a common denominator. At least, that is what Turkiye is now saying with this “public announcement” of Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

Turkiye says

Time To Play A Zero Sum Game

Time is ripe for Turkiye to play a game of choice. Bad news is that Turkiye, unlike the West, does not like to play games. However, when it does, it makes sure it becomes an ultimate game when only one stands still at the end like it is now in the “Kirkpinar”.

In Kirkpinar, there were forty wrestlers. They all died from exhaustion after mamy days of wrestling . Turks ever since play these games until one victor remains standing. This characteristic also reflects how Turks built 16 states in a row over the past 2200 years. Turkiye is the seventeenth.

To put it into another context would be the Korean War. The Turkish brigade of 5000 then saved the U.S. 2nd Division from total annihilation. 741 soldiers were killed, 2,068 wounded, and 163 missing in action made up the tally. Turks died to save their brethren Americans.

If Turks would do the ultimate sacrifice for a brethren, in a far away land, what would they not do for their own homeland? Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan simply says that Turks are now ready to play the Zero Sum Game that I mentioned in my book “GameChanger.”

Turkiye Publicly Notified America

Simply Because Wash DC Did Not Get The Hint

Turkiye publicly notified America, now, because Turks believe push finally came to shove. Globalists did not get it.

What transpired on 13 November 2022 was in fact the final act of what began in 1822. Turks were in integrum past two hundred years.

It was no brainer for Turks, to wait another four months to witness another “despicable” attack, before taking action.

For the “Usual Suspects” in Wash DC to be clueless was also equally easy to predict. They never understood that the time was up.

Misak-i Milli

Time now is for Misak-i Milli.

For those in Wash DC that do not get the hint why Turkiye did not “notify” America on 14 November 2022, it is too cumbersome to explain what would transpire in 2053.

Simply because I have to visit 1822 and 1922. After that, I have to give references to 1071 and 1453. Only to arrive to modern times of like 1974 or 2024, for example.

Unfortunately, I have no patience to entertain “remedial class” lessons for those that have been living in oblivion for many decades in the West by now.