Turkish Milestone: Twilight fir America

21 July 2021 marks a new beginning. It is the day after the Turkish Milestone: Twilight for America, announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The content of the announcement is not important but where it is made is.

Cyprus is a small and not a significant island for America.Yet, what transpired there in history always had global ripple effects. Unless those in Wash DC get it right this time, nothing good will come out for America in the long run.

In the worst case scenario, twilight for America may easily turn into a nightmare.

Cyprus has been a Turkish Milestone:

Twilight for America before

The island, currently, has two republics. The Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus live in peace but not in harmony. Peace arrived when one side stopped dying in the hands of the other.


In 1974, there was a military intervention by the Turkish troops in Cyprus, called “Peace Operation.”  It meant to save Turkish Cypriots from Greek Cypriots. It achieved the goal. No Turkish Cypriot died ever since and no Greek Cypriot got away with murder.

The Republic of Turkey tried to put an end to this misery of Turkish Cypriots in 1964. Lyndon Johnson prevented the Turkish military intervention. He threatened to throw the staunch ally to the wolves, namely Soviets.

Turks waited a decade and came back to finish the job. When Secretary Henry Kissinger tried to prevent it a second time around like Johnson, it did not work. Turks took over one third of the island and proclaimed a Turkic republic a decade later.


To date, apparently no one in America and in the West have yet to understand the significance of this Turkish milestone. If they did they would not have dragged the two state solution already.

Cyprus has been a Turkish Milestone:

Europeans Remember It Well

The fact that one senior Western European official begged President Erdogan to soften his speech on 20 July during the June 2021 meeting is telling. For a senior European official not realizing, time to speak was long over, is reflective of current times.

Ignorance is bliss nowadays in the Western world, especially in America, but it is scary when it is among the ruling elite of the society.

Unfortunately, now, there is time to go back to history for reference only! Simply put, the Venetians, the Ottomans and the Brits have all witnessed history first hand. They all had their domineering centuries when Cyprus was theirs. All of it, that is!


On 1 August 1571, Turks took control of the island of Cyprus from the Venetians and reigned there for nearly three centuries. The pretext to take the island was simple. Marauding of the Ottoman merchant shipping had to stop. Pirates were finding refuge in Cyprus. On 7 October 1571 there was the Battle of Leoponte (Inebahti Savasi).

Turks lost it and their navy was destroyed. After the defeat, a famous statement from the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire Sokullu Mehmet Pasha still reverberates very clearly. “When you destroyed our navy you merely shaved our beard. When we took the island of Cyprus from you we basically cut your arm.”


Ever since Brits pulled out from the island in 1960, Turkey, Greece, and the UK became the protectorates of the residents. When the majority Greek Cypriots sought Enosis of Cyprus (incorporation to Greece) in this “conducive” environment, the Republic of Turkey intervened. Soon after and ever since, the island has two republics. One is recognized by the international community, while the other is not.

Cyprus Now

Two things malign internationally recognized Cyprus now, like pirates did Venetians. Reportedly, as recently as 2020, “Cyprus needs to step up its fight against the laundering of illicit cash generated outside the east Mediterranean island nation.”

The other is even more grave. Until 2019, The Cyprus Republic in the southern part of the island started to declare sovereignty over the territorial waters of neighboring countries in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. They began usurping sovereignty of Turks, but also those that belonged to Egyptians, Libyans, and Israelis.

The Republic of Turkey effectively and immediately reacted to put an end to this mockery. It declared the boundaries of “Mavi Vatan.” Three seas surrounding the peninsula republic suddenly became exclusive territorial waters. Along with that, Turkish Cypriots also got their fair share claim. Now, they were protected from Greek Cypriot encroachments.

Cyprus in the 1970s

In 1974, Turkey again had stepped in and made it right for Turkish Cypriots. So much so that the mighty US Six Fleet could not interfere with the Turkish “Peace Operation” on the island. The pretext, then, was the Cold War.

To some, justice was served. The annals of history clearly shows how the Brits confiscated the island from the Ottomans in the height of their power in the 1800s. That is how Greek Cypriots became majority on the island.

Cyprus in a Nutshell

Some would argue that Turks of today are in Cyprus in full force only because of the newly found hydrocarbon reserves. Some others would argue that Turks have a much bigger, expansionist plan, namely Kizil Elma, which no one knows what it exactly is.

Turks, on the other hand, would like to remind everyone about yet another fact. One, Mediterranean Sea was once an Ottoman lake for centuries. Two, even the Seljuk Turks that preceded them claimed a similar feat.

In other words, ever since Turks arrived to the shores of this sea from the east in 1081, they never relinquished their hold. That is only a decade after they first defeated the Byzantine Empire in Manzikert and entered Asia Minor.

Before that the only other similar claim can be made by the Roman Empire. The Mediterranean Sea was their lake too for centuries. In short, eastern Mediterranean Sea has mainly been in the domain of Romans or Turks.

No one else had centuries long hold on the island. Hence no one else can claim any long term or “special” stake there. Not the least Greeks or for that matter Greek Cypriots.

They have been planted there by the Brits in the first place for their own reasons. Venetians and Turks on the other hand populated the island because they inhabited there for centuries at a time. That is a nutsell by any means!

20 July 2021: Turkish Milestone 

This July 2021 milestone, thus, has to be put into perspective. Turks are not there for the hydrocarbon reserves or to stop the piracy of the Western powers over energy resources only. Rather, they are there to write the history of the region, expanding from the Middle East to North Africa.

They are not there to challenge the global leadership of the US either. They are there rather to warn the sole superpower of the world about a bigger calamity that is son to descend upon the Western Civilization.

I clearly explained it in the “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.” I argued that if the United States does not collaborate with the Republic of Turkey, it will not be able to continue to remain the sole superpower of the world much longer.

Simply put, rising powers of the East, like China, will make inroads in the region sooner than later. Currently, China and India are projected to become number one and two economies in the world, pushing the US to third slot.

In that sense, on 20 July, Turkey will be warning the US for the last time before it becomes too late for the superpower. Unless Wash DC heeds the message, it will be too late to reverse history from then on.

Why a Turkish Milestone: Twilight for America?

Long answer: Ever awakening, on the move, and rising Turkey has been repeatedly knocking on the door. Unfortunately, it has been a long time and there is no one at home in the US.

Short answer: Look at the long answer!

Globalists Fell Asleep

Basically, America fell asleep for 24 years from 1992 to 2016 when Globalist administrations reigned. The fact that in1992, America controlled 26 percent of the global GDP and in 2016 only 15 percent of it, reflects how deep that sleep was. Net loss of 11 percent can be interpreted as nothing but falling asleep on the wheel for the leader of the Western Civilization.

Cold War Also Took Its Toll

Prior to Globalists, the misguided US foreign policy objectives interfered with the domestic affairs of Turkey. In 1960, 1971, and 1980, there were three coup d’etats, inspired by the US agents in Turkey.

Therefore, since 2002, it kindly became an inadvertent payback time. Now Turkey jointly with centuries long arch enemies like Russia and China are out to exact justice in the world.

New Turkey Dawned

On that path, Turkey is in the process of transforming itself into “New Turkey.” It is the fastest growing economy in the first quarter of 2021, second only to China. Plus, it has the mightiest navy in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

As the domineering economic and military power of the region, it is set to embark on new horizons. Two years after declaring “Mavi Vatan” hence control of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, it is about time for a new “milestone.”

The Turkish Milestone

To put it into perspective though, it is worth looking at the next three major Turkic milestones that are already set in stone. First is the hundredth year anniversary of the Republic of Turkey in 2023. The six hundredth year anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul also is not far in 2053. It is only 32 years away and let us not forget: That conquest ended the Middle Ages.

Then there is the one thousandth year anniversary of the Battle of Manzikert in 2071. That is when Turks entered for the first time to the Asia Minor and they defeated the Byzantines. They have settled there ever since and laid a claim to the Mediterranean Sea as well. Consequently, everything that borders this sea became part of their realm.

Cyprus is not a Milestone

Only a Stepping Stone!

In view of what 2023, 2053 and 2071 stand for, what could 1974 or for that matter 2021 be other than a simple stepping stone or two?  After all, Cyprus is only an island in a semi-closed sea that is already dominated by New Turkey.

Hence, the announcement of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, instead, must be considered nothing but as a final and a friendly reminder to America. For that reason, it is up to the American people what to do in the 2022 Midterm and 2024 Presidential elections.

This latest Turkish “stepping stone” will surely test the will and capacity of the current administration in Wash DC. Unless together with the Republicans in the Senate, they get it right, the next two elections will have to be the savior of America or else.

On the other hand, no matter what, New Turkey will surely be ready to jump from this stepping stone to new horizons. It will go beyond the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It will leave Cyprus in its wake, when the Turkish expeditionary naval forces will be making waves in high seas.

What will become of America then? Back to the twilight or worse?