Turkish Manfucaturing-Hub: Saving Europe

The economic malaise in the West, created under thirty year Globalist reign, has finally become a disaster. The Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War ended up their last ditch efforts to manipulate developments. However, both fired back but also produced the least desired phenomena. Namely, the Turkish Manufacturing-Hub: Saving Europe.

No Globalist would have ever thought one day Türkiye will save Europe. The fundamental goal of Globalism was to try to muzzle Chinese and Turks forever. Instead, they have become formidable challengers. In retrospect, Globalism should have collaborated with either one of them on equal grounds.

By Product of Globalism 

Globalism began in America with the Clinton Administration in 1992. However, turning China and India into economic giants was not in the plans. Rather, vaporizing “excess” humanity from the face of Earth was. Famine and wars meant to be the instruments.

Instead, the fast rising world population became a giant wave of hungry and aggrieved mass. On top of that, it began marching forward with each Globalist miscalculation. The Russia-Ukraine War became the latest example.

Chinese & Turks

Chinese and Turks assumed the “responsibility” of leadership for this massive transformation. In the second decade of the twenty-first century, China made a great leap forward. Initially, it collaborated with Globalists. Türkiye is nowadays following a similar path. It is collaborating with all ends of the spectrum from East to West to South.

The Turkish Manufacturing-Hub is taking the lead. Soon, a massive number of humanity will be served, much like China has been doing it ever since. The progress of this Turkish “hub” will also continue at the expense of the Western interests. In other words, Türkiye will fulfill the role the New World Order assigned to it.

Chinese will continue to contribute to the task with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Turks will provide the best route to the BRI. China and Türkiye cooperating would be the other thing Globalist never thought would happen. Worse, it will come like God’s will which ironically will be the future of Europe in the wake of Globalism coming to an end.

Turkish Manufacturing-Hub: Saving Europe

Starting 2023, Western Europe will depend more on the Turkish Manufacturing-Hub. As a result, Europe will end up with four major trading partners roughly equal in size and strength. China and Türkiye will join the US and the UK.

Turkish Manufacturing-Hub

Serving Globe Beside Saving Europe

However, the Turkish manufacturing-hub will also serve Globe, much like China will continue to do. The Turkish hub will start with the war devastated regions. After that Muslim countries across the board will become the client-states.

In specific, reconstruction in Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh will take precedence for Türkiye. After that, from Somalia to Sudan or from Niger to Mali, varied northern half African countries will see Turkish manufacturing-hub supplying essential needs during their recovery.

The hub will serve a cross section of industries. From infrastructure to defense industry, Turkish companies will rely on the manufacturing capacity. Agricultural based products to white goods will equally dominate global markets. Considering price and quality, the hub will mainly be competing against China.

Turkish Manufacturing-Hub: Saving Europe

Plus, Ending Globalism Together With China?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Double headed by product of Globalism whitin thirty years running the “crackerjack” out of this world!