Turkish Economic Model Works

Apparently, the Turkish economic model works and it bewilders Western economists. Bloomberg had a 7.4 percent forecast for the second quarter. Yet, the Turkish economy grew 7.6 percent despite 24 year high inflation in the country. In this quarter, the Turkish economy became the second biggest growing in the world and kept pace with the first quarter, and surpassed.

Meanwhile, China settled in the bottom with less than 1 percent growth and America followed suit with less than 2 percent alongside Germany. Japan and S. Korea did not fare much better, nor did the rest of the Europeans. With nearly 10 percent inflation that can easily double up with the dark days and nights of 2022 Winter, prospects should get worse before they have a chance to recover.

How Come

Turkish Economic Model Works

The Turkish economic model works because it is based on investment, employment, production and export. Over there, in Türkiye, they are hiring everyone that is graduating from universities. New graduates take the place of those moving up echelons elsewhere around the world. In other words, it is a dynamic economy where there is a turnover that seems to be steady stream. There is no dull moment in the country.


Let’s not forget, Türkiye is the “land bridge” and “floodgate” to Europe. In terms of numbers, on a good day Türkiye has to worry about ten million migrants. Half of them are inside the borders. The other half in the surrounding countries and in the next countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan or North Africa. They eventually trickle into the Turkish economy.

Some eventually end up in Europe and will continue to do so because they have nowhere else to go. If Europe does not recover fast from 2022 woes, a lot more of them will also cross the Atlantic. The numbers in El Paso and the rest of the southern border of the United States reflect the rise. Thanks to Globalists running the sole superpower, everyone is welcomed so the migrants indulge in turn.

Western Economic Model

Why Doesn’t It Work?

There are two reasons why Western economic model does not work anymore in the twenty-first century. One is obvious. Since 1992 Globalists have been at the helm. As you should know by now, the US controlled 26 percent of the global GDP when they took control. When the last of the three Globalist stooges left the Oval Office in 2016, the US controlled only 15 percent of it.

The other problem has to do with the education system in the West. I am a by-product of it. I attended Boston University, University of Miami, and New York University. I received a BA and MA at the end in Political Science. Some professors considered me a genius. I was not worth a penny to others. Why was that? For one single reason: I understood who was a Globalist professor and who had common sense.

So I ignored most everything a Globalist professor was preaching. I simply did not read or do what was said and settled for the passing grade just to be able to stay in the system. From the rest, I got the highest possible grades and more. They showed their appreciation to me even beyond the call of duty, at one of these three institutions. They quietly sided with me against the Dean of the University as well.

In short, I refused to be brainwashed by Globalists as a young man, growing up in America. Some others apparently could not avoid but were shackled by powers to be. Now, they don’t have answers. Yet, these forecasters are not alone. Economists also influence R&D, investment, employment, production, and exports/imports. However, let’s not delve into them now how the West is lagging behind the East on most fronts!

Where Do We Go From Here?

18 bewildering economists for Bloomberg maybe should go back and have a peak who were their professors? Maybe they missed something that students like me did not then. Maybe the grades they were getting were not “Kosher.” It may also be that they did not read or open their eyes enough. Maybe they were too complacent, enjoying the comfort and privilege of being in the West before other poor migrants like us.

The numbers and the misery index show something is wrong with the Western economies for three decades now. Meanwhile, the Turkish economic model works, year after year, despite the ill-intent meddling and manipulations from the West. In that regard, the question that begs the answer is how long does Europe need to spend in the Dark Ages?  After all, it will get a taste of it in the 2022 Winter by all accounts.

Turkish Economic Model Works

So Does Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian

Soon, China will recover from its woes and find its rightful place as the number one economy in the world, much like India in second place. Second quarter numbers also showed Indonesia is on a steady pace with 5.6 percent growth. FYI, Indonesia and Türkiye are long projected by Western institutions, no less, to become the fourth and fifth biggest economies in the world.

The US will settle in the third place, right before fast growing Muslim economies. By the way, I authored this fact already two years ago in the GameChanger. Read it a decade from now and wonder why you did not pay attention to it in the first place and fix what you missed when you paid attention to Globalists when you were young.