Redeeming Legacy

Abdulhamid Han Mediterranean Milestone

In Türkiye, ongoing attempts of the spiritual reincarnation of Abdülhamid Han took another turn in 2022. Türkiye christened the fourth drill ship in its fleet with the name of the 34th sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Türkiyeflagged seventh-generation ultra deepwater drillship is the first that is operational among five of its kind in the world. The Turkish Petroleum Corporation owned and operated ship can drill under the natural gas reserves where gas hydrates are. In other words, Abdulhamid Han can simply elevate Türkiye to another league, but it can also save Europe with rich finds.

Türkiye aired a television series called: Payithat Abdülhamid from 2017 to 2021 and told the story of this much revered Sultan. As a result, his reasons and efforts to keep the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate alive are widely known. Hundreds of millions Turks and Muslims around the world appreciate his valiant deeds. However, now, they also know who are the eternal antagonists and enemies of the Muslim empire and Turks.

Accordingly, Muslim Ummah a century later found the opportunity to revisit history and learn the facts from his descendents not from others. In other words, the spiritual reincarnation of Abdülhamid Han came in full circle. The powerful television series awakened masses and reinstituted his legacy right. The drill ship will firmly instill his name to history.

In specific, under his name, Türkiye will be delivering a much needed lifeline to Europe that is in dire straights. Wouldn’t this be the irony of all times? Europe tried to get rid of him for 30 years. Now, his spirit is extending a helping hand to Europe, and delivering to his nemesis all the same.

Spiritual Reincarnation of Abdülhamid Han

Western Anxiety

The Abdülhamid Han drill ship set sail from Taşucu, Mersin port on 9 August 2022. It went forty five miles from the Turkish shore across Gazipaşa to an area named: “Yörükler.” The location of the first drilling site is not in contention with neighboring countries.

Nevertheless, the potential of this one of a kind seventh generation drill ship delivering much needed energy still puts it into the crosshair of competitors. What If Abdülhamid Han were to really find an abundance of natural resources there?

The riches will surely benefit Europe but would not it also put Europe under the tutelage of Türkiye! Already an economically and militarily domineering power of the region, Türkiye will then find no resistance to drill elsewhere, reemphasizing international norms, regulations, and laws.

Abdülhamid Han

During the last two hundred years of the six hundred plus year of long life, the West was on offense against the Ottoman Empire. Abdülhamid Han was the last of the longest reigning sultans. He gave a valiant effort for three decades. After him, the empire lasted only a decade. Last three sultans did not have much weight. In other words, the West took over. However, did the West really win?


The hatred towards the first and the current presidents of Türkiye in the West summarizes the Abdülhamid Han saga. Turks have been around for more than two thousand years. They are same old. In other words, Abdulhamid Han is no different than Atatürk or Erdoğan as far as the West is concerned.

Some Education

I authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdoğan”, published in 2020. There I explained enough to the inquiring minds knowing all too well the prejudices in the West. For example, Steve Bannon, and the likes, would attest to the fact that Erdoğan is no different than Atatürk. In Wash DC, first and last Turkish presidents are widely and equally viewed as dictators. Neither is discriminated by their Western allies!

The Republic of Türkiye inherited the mental. Atatürk, founding father of the seventeenth Turkish state in history, displayed it. He defeated invading foreign powers within a year by 1922. Today, the last president of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, enlivens the Turkish heritage, reminding history to the West. Some call it brinkmanship. Erdoğan presents it as a benevolence.

Much like how Erdoğan redeems the legacy and dignity of Abdulhamid with this drill ship, timing is everything. Turkish leaders all throughout the history have been benevolent until poked. They have also resorted to brinkmanship when it was feasible. However, none of them backed down in history from a Zero Sum Game when “God, country, and family” mattered.


Meanwhile, on the eve of the 2022 winter, Europe is face to face with the “Dark Ages.”  At the same time, Abdülhamid Han drill ship stands like a light at the end of the tunnel. If only the West was not brainwashed with Globalist idealogy, it would have understood the predicament better. Consequently, grief, pain, and suffering could have been avoided with the assurances of Abdülhamid Han.

Speaking of Mother of All Ironies!