Rising Africa Nightmare For Europe

Rising Africa would be a nightmare for Europe. In the next few decades, there will be another billion more Africans. If only five percent of them were to end up in Europe, there would be chaos. If only ten percent were to make it to Europe, then they will have numbers to take over. Meanwhile, the immense resources of Africa will make Africans a power to reckon with as a start.

Rising Africa Nightmare For Europe

In the twentieth century, Europe, under the leadership of America, totally dominated Africa. Natural resources of the Dark Continent enriched life in the West. Meanwhile, Africans died in misery when life expectancy remained well under Western standards.

In the twenty-first century, Africa will be able to develop natural resources on its own. It will also be able to keep foreign powers at a distance. On top of that, since the birth rate will double the population in the entirety of the continent in the next thirty years, there will be global consequences.

Türkiye & China

Will Assure Africa’s Rise

Türkiye and China will assure Africa’s rise in the twenty-first century. Türkiye will do it because it is an inherently divine thing to do. China will do it for Chinese reasons. Africa will know how to deal with either one of them. Europe will feel the ripple effect of this “Bermuda Triangle” first and most.

Initially, from Turkish Airlines to Turkish military platforms will do the job. Türkiye has established direct relations with all 54 countries in the continent since the early 2000s. Win-Win regulates economic interactions. Socio-political responsibilities reciprocate the modus operandi. Finally, there is the leverage of Turkish military technology.

China brings a competitive spirit to all involved. Since it is able to undercut everything with its resources, the good and evil also will visit the continent more and more. The intrigue will keep the vigil and that is what would make Africa all the more potent danger for Europe as the nearest outpost of the West.

Africa that is emboldened with Türkiye’s fair and free approach, coupled with harsh realities China brings to the table, will test limits. Surely, Europe will be in its crosshair. After all, it was Europe that colonized Africa all throughout the twentieth century not Türkiye or China.

Rising Africa Nightmare For Europe First

On that note, there may also be another account to settle for Africa, after all. Considering how slavery began with the original visitors arriving from Arabia, going deep into Dark Continent through Zanzibar!  Also, there is the reality how the European colonialism took slavery to the “New Continent America”.

On that note, should not Globalists in America look at the roots of problems in Africa first? Instead of blaming the Civil War, for example! What if they were to find out that their grandfathers were the ones that brought the mess to America in the first place? What an irony would that be for American Globalists!

Maybe they will stop for a second, before blaming us, the Republicans, with all their problems.