Republican prospects Ron & Sarah

On 9 November 2022, 2024 presidential election campaign will begin in America. Republican prospects Ron & Sarah will make the biggest news. One may announce his candidacy at the first opportunity. The other will wait a while.

Ron DeSantis will win his second term as the Florida governor. Sarah Sanders will become the newly minted governor of Arkansas. Ron will be expected to run for president in 2024. Sarah will become a good candidate for 2028.

In other words, Republican prospects Ron & Sarah represent the future of the party for the big house. Depending on how Ron would fare in the 2024 election, ensuing presidential elections will surely see their names fully ingrained in the ballot boxes.

Republican prospects Ron & Sarah

Republican prospects Ron & Sarah bolster chances for the GOP when it comes to presidential elections. Governors have a good chance to be nominated for president. They also won the presidency more often than senators. On that note, no Florida governor has yet to become the president of the US.

Arkansas on the other hand already produced Bill Clinton as the 42nd president of the US. Before that, Georgia was another small state in the south that produced Jimmy Carter as the 39th. Hence Sarah has strong precedents. She also has an edge as a woman and has already served as a Press Secretary in the White House.

The GOP has other great potential candidates for presidents, nevertheless Sarah would be a tough candidate to beat. Ron, on the other hand, will immediately run for president if former President Donald Trump were not to run in 2024. Irrespective, Ron would be readily available as a candidate in the GOP ranks.

As to the prospects for Ron or Sarah to win the candidacy of their party and the presidential election, they both fare better than 50-50. Ron may win because he would be the two term governor of Florida which is one of the five most populous and wealthiest states. Sarah may win not only because she is a woman but also because of a lot of precedents.

GameChanger Presidents

Both Ron & Sarah would become a GameChanger president. In 2024, America desperately needs a Republican that can fix the economy and international standing of the sole superpower in the world. A Globalist presidency already proved to be a disaster within two years with Joe Biden at the helm.

Previous trio of Globalist presidents from 1992 until 2016 also demonstrated how desperately America nowadays needs a patriotic president again. Consequently, unless there would be a Republican president in 2024, there has to be a Republican president in 2028 when Sarah would also become one of the most eligible candidates.

God permitting, Sarah will save this great republic if Ron did not until then as a last resort. Of course, Ron & Sarah are not the only prospects for the future of the presidency as far as Republicans are concerned. However, from my perspective, Ron & Sarah now would stand out only because they are to become the governors in the 2022 elections.

In View of Donald J. Trump Presidency  

Republican Prospects Ron & Sarah

The only caveat remains to be seen is what the 45th president does. Not until then all these prospects will remain as would be prospects. Simply because there is an unfinished business everyone wants to see that comes to a closure first for America to move forward.

On that note, based on what I authored in the “GameChanger“, published in 2020, Trump will also possibly have yet another unfinished business with Türkiye’s Erdogan. It will be fascinating to observe the walk they will walk together from where they left it off.

So long as Erdogan also wins his reelection in June 2023, that is!