Nobilis simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Turks arrived in the Mediterranean Sea in 1081. Their journey began with Çaka Bey, a Turkish Seljuk commander. Nikiforos the third of the Byzantine Empire, awarded Çaka Bey with the title of “Nobilis-simus”. His polity in Smyrna, in today’s Izmir, ruled the entire region, defeating the Byzantine Navy itself, in the first encounter. Ever since, Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey made a name for himself, now revered as the first Turkish admiral in history.


The Turkish navy, currently, dominates the entire region from the Black Sea to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Much like Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey did 942 years ago in the Aegean Sea or as Turks now call it the “Islands Sea”.

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Treaties and Regimes

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey, unlike now, did not have to deal with international treaties and regimes then. He did everything at will with his about 50 piece navy.

1947 Paris Treaty

The 1947 Paris Treaty now regulates the status of major islands where Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey was in control then in the Aegean/Islands Sea.

The treaty basically confirms the 1923 Lausanne Treaty. It stipulates that 12 specific islands **turned over to Greece near Turkish shores are to be kept demilitarized.

Currently, these 12 islands are already heavily militarized. Greece have been violating the treaty for long time. Lately, the US and France also joined these violations.

Current Regimes

Turkiye is surrounded by three seas. The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea have twelve mile territorial water limits. They are large bodies of water.

The Aegean/Islands Sea is much smaller in size. Thus, it has a six mile limit. Bordering countries Greece and Turkiye can increase the limit.

However, they must consult one another and reach an agreement.

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Modern Turkish Navy

Turkiye promptly protests violations of the Lausanne/Paris treaties. It also repeatedly warns adversaries with statements that treaty violations and attempts to increase territorial water limits with one sided efforts will be considered as a “casus belli.”

Casus Belli

Unfortunately, Globalist Western powers have been ignoring Turkish appeals and statements on “casus belli” for a long time.

In fact, since the Joe Biden Administration came to power, the US military deployments to 12 + 4 islands have increased in defiance and continue unabated.

France is the other Western power that has been following the US lead, equally, having already a grudge against Turkish overtures in Africa.


I published “GameChanger” in 2020, arguing that the modern Republic of Turkiye will be willing to play a Zero Sum Game, selectively to protect its national interests.

I further pointed to the fact that the Aegean/Islands Sea is one of these areas where the Turkish national interest would warrant to play this deadly game.

In specific, Turkiye will resort to this game only to keep the 12 said islands demilitarized, alongside keeping the regime to six miles.

New Nobilis simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

At this time, a year before the 2024 presidential election, it is worth noting that the world does not need to see another nobilis-ÇakaÇakasimus Tzachas: Çaka Bey making a name for himself in the Aegean/Islands Sea.

The modern Turkish navy is too powerful to put up with these shenanigans much longer. No one in the West needs to learn how powerful it is the hard way.

According to experts, with all the Turkish “nobilis-simus” in the modern Turkish navy nowadays, a contest against the West should not last long.

Much like how well the old nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey have handled the battle then against the mighty Byzantine navy.

** on the condition that they would remain demilitarized

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