Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey (IV)

In the past, Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey too was a GameChanger but in the Aegean/Islands Sea. After that, Barbarossa was the same during the reign of the centuries long Ottoman rule. Entire Mediterranean Sea became the domain of the Turks. Today, the Turkish Navy is also a GameChanger, because it plays an important role for the entire world.


The West feared Turkish warriors for 600 years. It all began with the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. The Battle of Zenta in 1697 may have dimmed those fears little bit. Next 300 years, the West did not have to worry about the Turkish warriors, except when provoked.

Times have suddenly changed with the turn of the Millenia. Turks now seem to be a totally different race. Not that the Turkish warrior is not vicious anymore, rather it is not on horseback. Simply because Turks, lately, appear to be yearning to become a seafaring nation.

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Modern Turkish Navy: GameChanger

If only the Seljuk Turk commander knew that thousand years later, he would be inspiring Turks to become a seafaring nation! Does one flattop or one military excursion to an island or a military expedition to a country across Mediterranean Sea make Turks a seafaring nation?

TCG Anadolu

TCG Anadolu is a flattop, suitable for the US F-35 aircraft. However, the Turkish navy has just commissioned it to use it as the first “Drone Carrier.” It will reign mainly in the eastern Mediterranean Sea for a while.

However, when TCG Trakya, its sister flattop, shows up, surely one of them will venture to the Red Sea, if not sooner. It will be in the company of Turkish built submarines, frigates, and destroyers, as well as supersonic drones, and je ne sais quoi.


Turkiye invaded Cyprus and took 36 percent of it in 1974. The Turkish navy for the first time carried out an overseas operation despite the mighty US Sixth Fleet lurking nearby. It made no difference to Turks when they began the march, as usual.

Fifty years later, the Turkish navy patrols Mavi Vatan with overwhelming strength. Western navies are no longer in massive numbers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. As a result, soon there may be two formally recognized Cypriot states on the island.


The Turkish naval expedition to Libya set a precedent in North Africa few years ago. First, it showed that Turkiye has the logistic power. High seas were not an impediment. Two, the Turkish navy also demonstrated that it has both fire and threat power, as well as electronic warfare capability, to protect Libya.

The Libya expedition also showed that Turks will arrive with a navy for a permanent settlement. They first set up two military bases: one for the land forces and the other for the air force. Only after that they signed a 99 year long contract for a navy base. Much like the Brits had done it with Hong Kong, remember!

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Best Defense is Offense, But Also Win-Win

Çaka Bey and Barbarossa have glorious legacies. They fought valiantly against Christians. However, their next battle at sea was defensive in nature, more often than not. They were not there to conquer, rather to save the oppressed.

Current Turkish navy will purely be an offensive force, instead. It will project Turkish power overseas. It will provide protection to other nations and states but it will also enforce regime change or support independence.

Indigenous Everything

Turkiye develops and mass manufactures most everything military. As a result, the Turkish navy will have no shortage or dependence.

Superior Technology

Aircrafts, helicopters, submarines, drone carrier (s), torpedoes, missiles, mines, and radars, to name a few, have superior technologies.

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey

Overseas Wealth

The Seljuks or the Ottomans accumulated wealth so long as they won the land wars. Unlike the Westerners, they did not rely on overseas wealth, then.

This Turkish navy is geared to make it win-win wherever it lands. It will be there for protection but also mutual exploitation of local resources everywhere.

Nobilis-simus Tzachas: Çaka Bey 

He will be equally revered and remembered in the second Millennia, with the continuous growth of the modern Turkish navy, next to AlpArslan that started everything.

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