The Name of Electronic Warfare: Kement

Kement is an electronic warfare project by Türkiye. Meteksan Savunma developed it. It is one of the military industry giants in the rapidly rising country. The project establishes a tactical data link that provides post-fire control of indigenously built intelligent ordinance by Türkiye. To put it in plain English, it is the name of electronic warfare: Kement is a nightmare of military technology in the 21st century.

Name of Electronic Warfare: Kement

It would be too much to keep in mind the details that come with the name of electronic warfare: Kement. It is complicated, sophisticated, out of this world kind of technologies in one.

In that regard, Kement puts Türkiye in the same league with America. Considering, America developed flattops, fifth generation aircrafts, hypersonic missiles, and nuclear weapons.

So much so that, its offensive capabilities may even be more lethal than its defensive projections. What if Kement is more destructive than a nuclear weapon! Could it be possible?

So What Gives with the Kement Project?

Kement is a sum of a wide ranging warfare application that would dominate a vast region defensively and offensively. For example, Kement may very well prevent a flattop from entering a maritime zone. It may block an airspace for a fifth generation aircraft to intrude. It may even capture an offensive missile and redirect it to another destination.

In other words, Kement is a project sure to enforce the Turkish foreign policy objectives. It is meant to nullify the dominance of military powers of the twentieth century. As a result, it would ensure sovereignty of the rising power Türkiye to get away from the yoke of the West. That also explains why and how Türkiye came up with the Mavi Vatan doctrine in 2019.

Kement & Mavi Vatan

Mavi Vatan employs the principle of forward defense. It is basically a constraint that prevents Western countries from intruding into the maritime power and claim of Türkiye. The forward defense principle relies on the growth of indigenous defense industry. Formidable navy enforces the doctrine. Kement supplements the tools necessary. As a result, it enables the Turkish navy to meet the technological challenges of the twenty-first century.

Russia, France, and the US

Russian president Vladimir Putin publicly praised his counterpart Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Reportedly, he said that Erdoğan is smart because he played friendly long enough with its North Atlantic partners until his country was ready. What Putin meant to say was that Erdoğan waited until the Kement project, and the likes, were operational before he began playing hardball against the West.

French president Emmanuel Macron was not as savvy as Putin. He decided to challenge the Turkish will and capacity on its own. He ordered the most sophisticated French frigate to test the Mavi Vatan doctrine. In August 2020, the warship was dead in the water. It did not even make it to the eastern Mediterranean. Reportedly, Turkish electronic warfare was a formidable foe and prevented forward progress of the warship.

In that regard, President Donald Trump was canny. He avoided adventure in the eastern Mediterranean altogether. By 2020, he already knew how the West had long lost Türkiye. Smartly, he also had long understood that Türkiye had been building up to the day of reckoning. That is why Trump told Erdoğan in Osaka, Japan, “It is Obama!” He plainly emphasized Putin’s point: How Erdoğan played his cards right all along!

Name of Electronic Warfare: Kement

A Nightmare Extraordinaire

Sad truth is, since 2021, American leadership proved that both Trump and Putin were right as far as how Globalists failed to keep up with Türkiye. To date, they never learned the name of electronic warfare: Kement. Ensuing the incident that left the French frigate dead at the entrance of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, there were intelligence gathering efforts. However, Türkiye did not bite the bait, no matter how much Greece was put forward as a pray.

Türkiye never exposed the project. It simply did not respond to belligerent and outrageous Greek military enticements. As a result, Kement secrecy continues. The only hint comes from Ismail Demir, head of all military projects in Türkiye. He is widely quoted to have said: “When the time comes, they will know who has the ultimate power!”

Helpless Joe Biden Administration

Perhaps out of this bewilderment, the Biden Administration began installing military listening posts across Greek islands and mainland. Recent decision to lift the military embargo against Southern Cyprus for one year also shows further frustration.  All told, by now, nearly two dozen US bases are surrounding the long time NATO alliance partner.

If they could not find out anything to date about Kement project, how could one final base make a difference? Unless of course, if the Globalists in power also would like to turn Southern Cyprus into yet another one of their prays like Greece is becoming or Ukraine has become. Meanwhile, it is important to note that Türkiye has always been a few steps ahead of everyone.

Kement May Have Already Tested F-35

For example, it, reportedly, may have already tested certain other aspects of the project in the eastern end of Cyprus before America woke up. The experiment was on the F-35. It is believed that Türkiye exposed vulnerabilities of the aircraft. Ever since, it is no surprise, not much US military activity took place in this region.

Risking A Calamity?

So then, what is the timetable for Kement project to show its full might? For example, would it also become an effective deterrent against a hypersonic or nuclear tipped missile? Worse, would it do more than that and able to redirect the “incoming” back to the original host?

Wouldn’t that be a calamity, nothing comparable to a French frigate dead in the water? Mitigating such a calamity by putting Greece and Southern Cyprus into jeopardy is nothing short of hypocrisy if not out right inhumanity.

As to the much ridiculed a former Turkish prime minister that mentioned development of a similar technology about 35 years ago: Did he have in mind these Globalists in power in Wash DC?  He surely could not have guessed that Meteksan Savunma would one day name it Kement. 

More importantly, was he alone when he envisioned the evolving technology that became Kement? That is a loaded question Macron should have thought before sending the warship or Greece and Southern Cyprus before falling to the Globalist ploy.

Equally important, now, we in America must ponder about all that for our own sake before it is too late doing the right thing. That means, to read the GameChanger first, and then, to start looking for ways to cooperate with Türkiye.