Bigger Lobbies Kill Bigger Jobs

Lobbying Kills American Jobs

The US economy constituted 26% percent of the global GDP when Bill Clinton came to the Oval Office. When Barack Obama left the White House 24 years later, the US economy had shrunk to 15%. Donald Trump stopped the bleeding for four years but It was already too late for the superpower. Yet, not all the blame should be put on the inept presidents. Lobbying kills American jobs. Everyone in America knows it or do they?

It is very easy to make the case against these three Globalist presidents. Then, lobbyists will go free, having robbed the bank. Some would say, it is like a chicken and egg. Or is it like apples and oranges? In either case, it must be ineptitude and greed. Yet the correlation between the presidents and the lobbyists is one thing. Lobbying, currently constituted, is purely an American mess. It may eventually bring this sole superpower down.

Nonetheless, “hope shall never die,” but there is also no easy recourse from the stranglehold of the lobbies. Simply put, the lobbies are too big and convoluted. They involve foreign powers, allied countries, nation-states in need and most important religions. Considering some of them are making the case for Armageddon, it looks like it is only God willing, this problem will be resolved.

Until then, some are adamant to create their own doomsday and do not even realize it. Some call it having faith, while others put the blame on heard mentality. Yet, what is clear, there are no earthly answers and that may, unfortunately, be the eventual fate of these United States of America.

Lobbying Kills American Jobs:

They Immediately Reappear in Eastern Countries

First thing first, “killing” means losing an entire segment of the manufacturing process when a technological innovation takes place. It may be an instrument with industrial use that has applications in wide-ranging segments of the economy. It may also be, for example, a major military platform. In either case, an entire echo system loses.

What is worse, what disappears in America immediately reappears in one of the fast-rising Eastern powers.  They, then on, become the suppliers to America. Two decades into the twenty-first century, the mechanics of killing American jobs have become very automatic.

In the latter part of the twentieth century, China was reaping most of what was America losing. China first played the Globalist card. In the latter phase, China began exploiting the fallacy of Globalism against the Western powers. So much so that China had long turned Nationalist while preaching Globalist values. The West never realized the switch well into the twenty-first century.

By then, other players from the fast-rising East were already in play. They came of age and formidably. Yet, they were not like China. They were not manipulating or doing the “dirty” tricks to achieve similar goals. They did not need to. For them, everything started to materialize “naturally” because now lobbying in America was killing jobs and sending them their way.

One of Fortune 100’s Best Companies of America:

Soon to Struggle Against Turkish Competitor

One good example involves Fortune 100’s Best Companies in North America. Case in point industry giant produces electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) cameras that are also used in drones. Naturally, this company also began supplying Turkey, one of the fastest-growing developers and manufacturers of drones.

No sooner, Turkey was becoming dominant in the region with these drones. Armed Turkish drones began making history in regional conflicts. This development immediately triggered lobbying against Turkey. No one in the West wanted Turkey to dominate the region. Turkey was a good ally as long as it remained subservient to the Western powers.

Canada, recently, under pressure from lobbyists, put an embargo on all military sales to “New Turkey.” Yet this decision was sure to backfire and it quickly did. Suddenly, Turkey unveiled that it already had similar technology and it did not need to buy anymore from Canada. Worse, Turkey was in a position to produce better versions and cheaper.

By then, Turkey was one of the leading manufacturers of one of a kind drones. There was nothing to stop it anymore. It was making inroads in the global market, making sales in half a dozen countries and growing. Until then, some thought it is too minuscule in volume to pay any attention. Soon, it was clear. It was impacting lots of jobs in an echo system.  Rising star from the East was becoming a tough competitor. No one could have predicted it to become the beginning of greater problems for the American giant.

Turkey to Dominate Drone World

To put it into perspective, Turkey was not even in the drone business only a decade ago. Lobbyists in North America first prevented the sale of ready made drones to Turkey from the US. Turkey, in turn, started to develop and manufacture its own around 2010. Lobbyists, after that, prevented other countries, like Israel, not to sell or delay the sale of drones or related products and services to Turkey. Finally, lobbyists put an end to the sale of anything of the military to Turkey, like in the case of Canada.

Turkey today, together with China, is projected to break the US-Israel hegemony in global drone sales. Currently, the US has about 50 percent of the market. Israel has 25 percent. How fast Turkey-China duo will take over the reign from the US-Israel tandem is not clear but it should not be too far. All the pieces are in place both for China and Turkey. In some cases, as Turkey already demonstrated, they may be much ahead in technology, price and manufacturing capabilities.

So much so that, Turkey now, reportedly, indigenously produces drones with no help from outside up to 93%. Plus, Turkey has one more thing going. It has already tested drones in active war scenarios against the defensive mechanisms of Russia and France. They were no match.

German Quality and Chinese Prices

On that note, Chinese drones do not do well against the Turkish defensive technologies either. Turkish drones were victorious every time be it in Syria, Libya, Karabakh or the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. No one had answers. Turkish forces in Libya, for example, were able to shoot down Chinese drones easily whereas Turkish drones had devastating effectiveness against adversaries.

In that respect, it is no surprise how the Turkish defense industries have made great strides across the board in the past two decades. From missile technologies to radars to warship building to helicopter manufacturing, the Turkish defense industries have become competitive. In some cases, they are leaders in certain categories.

Turkish Drones and Helicopters

Akinci drone, developed by Bayraktar of Turkey, is a case in point and are available for the Turkish Armed Forces. They appear like F-16 Fighting Falcons in flight. They are not supersonic but they carry as much and same guided missiles, like SOM-J. Lately, they also carry the newly and indigenously developed sidewinders.

Akincis have similar threat powers against aircrafts like F-16s and the likes. Plus, they operate at high altitudes and stay in the air for more than a day. They dominate their category by far in the world. Much like Atak helicopters of Turkey. They are like Apaches, superior in their 5 tons category. Drones and helicopters are only two examples among many.

Largest US Aerospace and Defense Firm:

Shuts Down Production After Anti-Turkish Lobbying in the US

What is happening in the fifth generation aircraft production represents the real problem for the US. Much of it is thanks to the passage of CAATSA 231 against Turkey. Due credit goes to the US lobbies and their cohorts, the allies of the US. Some credit must also be bestowed on the US Senators, especially the Republicans. What wisdom! No one should even try to emulate their duty to our great Republic.

In the last days of the Trump Administration, the US Congress passed CAATSA 231 against the Republic of Turkey. Three months later, Lockheed Martin (LM), the largest US aerospace and defense firm, announced that it was shutting down the production of F-35 fighter jets.

It was a trillion-dollar project that was to serve the US interests well into the second half of the twenty-first century. Never mind it took 20 years to develop it and it already cost 500 billion dollars. The US, few weeks into the Biden Administration, realized it has no alternative. The US Air Force began contemplating continuing with the services of the fourth generation aircrafts in its place.

Turkey is Still the Staunch Ally

Turkey was one of the biggest customers of these fifth-generation fighter planes. Oddly, Turkey still is the biggest manufacturer and provider of exclusive parts and pieces for the US F-35s until 2022. There are already hundreds of these aircrafts, mainly in the US inventory. They depend on Turkish engineered and manufactured parts and pieces to stay in the air. Meanwhile, reportedly, there are additional problems. F-35s have become like sitting ducks. No specific and official details so far are available on this recent development.

Israel and Greece in a Dilemma

As for the irony of the dilemma, Israel and Greece were behind the intense lobbying against Turkey. Their CAATSA 231 paradox is that they were the two countries that needed these aircrafts the most.

They were to bolster their defenses against the very Turkey with F-35s. The US Congress was going to allocate more of them to these countries than to Turkey. It was a modus operandi to ensure that all three countries are kept in equal strength in the region.

Now, Israel will no longer receive the previously allotted number of F-35s. Greece has an even slimmer chance to get any of them. And if it does, it will cost a lot more both to purchase and operate.

Meanwhile, Turkey will not only have its own TFX, fifth-generation fighter plane. It will be superior in technology and cheaper in price. Simply put, with their successful lobbying for CAATSA 231, Israel and Greece shot themselves in the feet, so to speak.

China, Russia, Turkey

Fill the Void in the Market 

For the US, the problem is even bigger. Considering, F-35 is a wonder aircraft and it was coming with a technological echo chamber. It was supposed to spur many other innovations, but also sustain economic growth. The damage is incalculable.

Moreover, the US Air Force needed a fifth generation for a long time. Now, it will have to do without it for another two decades or more. The old and fourth generation F-16 Falcons, F-15 Eagles, F-18 Hornets and F-14 Tomcats will be required to cover up the slack.

All the while, China already began filling the lower end of the market for the fifth generation aircrafts. A copycat version in J-35, reportedly developed, some say with stolen data. It is now available in varied configurations. Most sophisticated versions are produced for the Chinese Air Force. Less pricy, simpler versions, for example, are also now available for sale to third countries. China produced J-31/FC-31 together with Pakistan.

Russia, on the other hand, has its own fifth generation SU-57 in final stages of development. The number of prototypes are already on test runs. Turkey is widely speculated to join mass production. Then, they will also be viable to sell to third countries.

Turkey, in the meantime, continues with its indigenous fifth generation TFX.  It is projected to come out rolling on the tarmac by 2023. Surely, it will be cheaper than F-35s. It will also, most likely be superior in technology as well, if Turkish drones and helicopters are any indications.

Lobbying Kills American Jobs:

Countries with Bigger Lobbies Kill Even Bigger

Japan, S. Korea, China, Germany, and Canada have the biggest lobbies in the US. They do it to further the interest of their own industries at the expense of American jobs. Countries like Qatar, UAE, S. Arabia, Israel, Greece or Armenia have the second best lobbies. They do it for their own survival at the expense of the US security interests.

In view of this mess that the US finds itself, revisiting the Founding Fathers (FF) for answers does not help either. FFs sought to protect America from the tyranny of business. Yet, apparently, they did not give much thought to the tyranny of others. Like countries, nations and religions ganging up on the US and exploiting the US Constitution somehow did not cross their mind.

Unfortunately, sooner than later, at this rate, China and India will have bigger economies than the US. What will happen to Israel, Greece and Armenia then? They are the very countries with the most powerful lobbies that undermine the US superiority in the world. 


Maher or Not

According to one recent polling in Israel, more than half of the population favors good relationship with Turkey. Yet, Israeli lobby in America works 24/7 against Turkey and the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime in power past two decades. Do these lobbyists have the best interest of Israel? How does luring evangelists in America to their cause in biblical proportions would help?

Here is a simple fact. The distance from Israel to Turkey versus America justifies the polling. In doomsday, the US will not be able to save Israel, coming from 7 thousand miles to protect or ship ten million people away. In retrospect, Turkey saved Jews twice already: Once in the 1500s during the Spanish inquisition and then again in the World War II.

Currently constituted, going against polls in Israel and with greedy and ignorant lobbyists in America, Israel may eventually end up with a Greek tragedy. 

Lobbying Kills American Jobs but also Greece

On the other hand, Greek tragedy is not purely a myth. They take place all the time. Greeks have many examples of them in their recent history as well. In a sense, Greeks are prone to tragedies that they create on their own. In the twentieth century, they also learned how to do it with lobbying in the US.

Now, they are right behind Israel when it comes to lobbying power against Turkey. Accordingly, they are the second nation-state in jeopardy living in the cusp of irony. They bring themselves face to face confrontation against the rising New Turkey.

Competing against Turkey drains its economy and makes the country helpless. So much so that, Greece today is already a foreign owned and controlled. Oddly, some view this irony as if Germany, China, the US and France are in bed with Greece. While others simply understand how Greece has been surrendering its sovereignty to foreign powers.  

No matter how one looks at it though one thing is very clear. Greece does not have a producing economy anymore. It buys almost everything. When it is short of funds, Greece gives something away to get something it needs or believes it needs. Like a port or access to its territory, it simply trades natural treasures. But, worse is yet to come for Greece.


First to Withness what Greece and Israel May Soon

What transpired to Armenia since 1991 is a good warning for Greece. The third biggest lobby against Turkey in the US witnessed a transformation that lasted 30 years. After Armenia gained independence, it took control a portion of Azerbaijan, called Karabakh, by force. After 30 years, Azerbaijanis took it back from Armenia when they had the upper hand.

Armenia had always envisioned Greater Armenia, never thinking how to populate it. Living in a Muslim sea of nearly a billion people with no economic growth was a disaster in waiting.

It is important to note though that the Karabakh victory in 2020 had nothing to do with the demographic changes in the region. Technological and economic superiority of Azerbaijan did it.

In summary, lobbying in North America or in Europe did not help Armenia. It did not help for thirty years when Armenia controlled Karabakh. Armenia never prospered economically.

It did not help when Azerbaijan decided to take Karabakh back either. Neither the US nor France came to its help during the one month long debacle. Russia was even worse.

In that regard, Kismet of Armenia must be a lesson for both Israel and Greece. Lobbies are good to a certain extend. After that, nothing replaces realistic vision and great wisdom.

Greece and Israel to Face the Same

Armenia paid heavy price, first with economic deprivation and then military demolition. Greece soon may face a similar fate unless it comes out of the vortex it currently finds itself in the hands of foreign powers.

Demographic changes, soon to take place among Muslims in Thrace, are not the immediate problems of Greece. The lack of fully functioning economy, much like it was in Armenia, presents an existential threat.

Coupled with a possibility of military clash in the region like Armenia faced would be the end of Greece. It will certainly lose certain territories after all dust settles. 

The problem for Israel is not the same Armenia face or Greece could end up with. Israel has a prosperous economy. Though there are serious problems, none the less it is nothing like the despair of others.

It is true that the current regime in Israel since 2010 did not earn a penny from the hydrocarbon finds in the Eastern Mediterranean. That is the failure of the current regime in power for more than a decade.

For that reason, some things must be questioned in Israel to prevent worse predicaments. Reliance on lobbysts as a last resort is one of them. Their ill effects are clear and present danger for the nation and the state.

Ironically Lobbying Kills American Jobs:

Not the Intended Target

In the long term, it concludes: Lobbying kills American jobs. Consequently, the US economy without new and more and more jobs will not grow  fast enough.

Instead, the US economy having shrunk eleven percent from 1992 to 2016 shows steady decline. China and India, in the same period, grew quite fast. They are projected to become bigger economies than the US.

Based on these facts alone the picture is clear. The US, Israel, Greece, Armenia are all in the same boat. All four are most maligned by the lobbying in the US. All four have economic problems.

Meanwhile, when observed, the Republic of Turkey continuously gained at the expense of all four. The trend is there since 1923 and continues unabated with each lobbying attempt from the gang of four.

CAATSA 231 is the latest example. The fate of F-35 is in plain sight for everyone to see.  

Turkey Always Benefits from Lobbies in America

Early examples date back to 1960s but they become more clear to see after the “peace operation” in Cyprus in the mid-1970s.

Today to see where Turkey will make its next economic or military stride, it is sufficient to observe what lobbies in America are preaching. Visiting the agenda of the US Congress also gives a good indication what industry will become more vulnerable sooner than later in the US.

In that regard, it is easy to conclude. Lobbies in America decide the growth industries in Turkey and the decay of the same in North America.

Most recently, examples were in drones and fifth generation aircrafts. Previously they were with missile technologies and air defense batteries. Long before that electronics, ammunitions, ordinances, and small armaments were in play.

Next in line that comes to mind is space related. For example, satellites, space stations and their delivery systems must now be in the cross hair of the lobbyists against Turkey. 

Meanwhile, Turkey is way ahead of Western lobbies on number of other high technology areas.

Too Late To Lobby Against Turkey Already

Unfortunately, when Western lobbies will turn their attention to these additional sectors where Turkish advances have long been in process, they will be too late.

For example, laser, electro magnetic and rail guns, or warship building and electronic warfare technologies are already sophisticated Turkish domains. New Turkey is already self sufficient and ahead in these technological developments. It is in fact already in mass production in some of them.

Little too late for any lobby to make a difference beyond this point. Simply put, something needs to be understood well.

Lobbying kills American jobs but in this case, first, it also allows Turkey to grow faster. Then, all four countries get hurt at the same time. Then the question becomes so obvious: If lobbying kills American jobs why the US, Israel, Greece and Armenia always bet the house against Turkey every time only to get the short end of the stick as well on top of everything?