Israel: Time For New-Narrative

A new-narrative can only start with a new-beginning. On that note, no one is talking about the old-narrative, “the only Democracy in the Middle East” anymore. On top, lately, the “New Sherif in Town” is also demonstrating its will-power and capacity. Hence, for Israel: Time for new-narrative is now.

According to some, the time for a new-narrative is long overdue. For others, it may have started on a wrong foot with the Clintons and then continued with Obama. Trump tried to resuscitate it, even if it was not for a holy reason. Biden put it back into coma and perhaps out of its misery, permanently.


Like a spoiled child, Israel, lately, has been complaining about American presidents. On the other hand, when didn’t Israel have a say about a US president?

It is natural for an Israeli to question the intentions of a friend and a foe. Some would attribute it to the culture. Nevertheless, its ripple effect also goes both ways.

Daphne Barak and Shimon Peres, Former President of Israel

For example, did the Clintons really support Israel? From the perspective of the American Conservatives, the answer is no. Same applies to Obama but also to Biden.

On the other hand, reading my article on Israel, published in the Daily Mail, I tried to explain the dilemma. Hence, here comes the need for the New-Narrative”.

Israel: Time For New-Narrative

Ironically, time for new-narrative perhaps arrived for Israel with the “Arab Spring”.

Hillary Clinton, as the Secretary of State then, became responsible for the phenomena.

Only history can judge if this was an intentional attempt or an ineptitude. In any case, it became a point of no return for Israel as well. Yet, a decade later, consequences are indicative.

Turks arrived in the region for the third time as a Republic. Before, they were there as the Seljuk and Ottoman empires. For a thousand year, they reigned in the region at will.

Turks Came Back After a Century

There is a reason why the new-narrative has to start now. Normally if “Turks are coming” then a “new-narrative” becomes necessary.

In 1071, Turks arrived at the gates of Christianity first time in Manzikert. Second time was in 1453 in Constantinople.

This time the Arab Spring became their calling card. Ever since, they have been welcomed in the region. Meanwhile, the Christian West began to pull out.

Like it happened twice before. Nothing has changed. The only difference, this time Turks are not coming to take over by military force.

Turks Came With the New World Order

In 1992, with Bill Clinton, Globalism came out of the closet. After 24 years and three Globalist American administrations later, the run practically came to an end.

By 2016, Globalism was depleted and it was on its last leg. It was do or die when Hillary Clinton became the fourth Globalist president.

Donald Trump put a blow to that quest. Now, Globalism is like a “dead man walking” with President Joe Biden. No one knows if it will ever recuperate or fade away.

Meanwhile, Turks are there to stay and Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the spiritual leader. However, he is not only acting for Turks but also for most of the Muslim ummah.

Israel: Time For New-Narrative

When I published “GameChanger” in 2020, I made about 100 appearances on talk-radio programs across North America.

During the many hour-long programs, I explored many questions about the end of Globalism and beginning of the New World Order.

On one occasion, a top twenty talk-radio show host in North America posed a question: ”Do you know that there is a poll favoring Turkiye in Israel?”

I answered that I am not surprised that the majority in Israel today would favor good relations with Turkiye. I put the blame on Globalists for trying to put a wedge.

Globalism Is No Friend of Israel

Ignore the polls favoring a close relationship with Turkiye at Israel’s peril nowadays! I explained it with facts in my Daily Mail article.

Israel did not make a penny in a decade from its natural gas finds. Who is the culprit? Blame Globalists leaders, but also see how their forty year plan already went bust.

Simultaneously, it is useless to blame the decaying American hegemony. Israeli leaders should have long understood to stand on their own two feet.

Israel did not become an independent nation-state in 1949 without a war. No American soldier was on the ground for the fight.

New World Order Require New-Narrative

In other words, it is not important what America or Turkiye does. It is up to Israel to take its future into its own hands. Plus, now there are new players to worry about.

To put it into another perspective, Turkiye did not replace America in the region. China or Russia will not either. However, the challenge out there is real.

Turkiye and Israel, with seven others, bordering eastern Mediterranean Sea will live with this new reality. To survive, they will share, cooperate, and co-exist.

Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Northern and Southern Cypriots, and Palestinians will all be on the same boat. None will let their sovereignty subordinate again.