Independence of Germany & Japan Now

The New World Order finally began to show that the regimes of the twentieth century are no longer relevant. Consequently, international structure must make adjustments, and fast, to keep order. To my mind, it has to start with the independence of Germany & Japan now.

The Turkish factor since 2002 already proved the validity of this argument. Together with Germany & Japan, Türkiye remained subservient to the Western hegemony led by the US. However, with the turn of the Millennia, Türkiye embarked on a path of total independence from the Western yoke.

Both Germany & Japan must follow the Turkish path. Sooner they embark on it would be better for the world at large. Türkiye will be the first to support their endeavor.  Oddly, so would Russia and China next. However, the US and the Western Europeans will be the last to jump on the bandwagon.

One reason for the reluctance of the West is because Globalists are still at the helm. They have already lost their vision in light of the Turkish move for independence. With the Russia-Ukraine war, they also demonstrated they no longer have wisdom. Never mind if they are conscious at all.

I authored “GameChanger,” published in 2020. There I explained for those who know how to read and write about these transformations and the reasons.  For the literate, It became a “Manifesto”, including to those that are in Germany and Japan. They got the hint!

Independence of Germany & Japan

Why Now?

The independence of Germany & Japan from the Western yoke is inevitable. The New World Order demands it. Conditions in Europe and in the Pacific Rim have already become untenable. Domestic forces soon will come to the breaking point as well only because there is no more leadership in the West.

The urgency for Germany becomes even more apparent when Europe gets a taste of the “Dark Ages” this winter. Already, modern day German migration showed the signs for the stress points. In light of ever increasing duress with each temperature drop, what are the options for the leadership there?

Japan has always been living quietly much like Türkiye to date. However there too, there is time when enough is enough. No one should expect a great culture and long traditions to be shackled forever. Like I mentioned in the “GameChanger.” Genghis Khan was a phenomenon and there were plenty of reasons why atrocities took place at that magnitude.

As to the timing for Germany & Japan, it is a “Perfect Storm.” The New World Order, Turkish independence, Covid-19, and the Russia-Ukraine war are good and compelling reasons.

The New World Order Demands

Independence of Germany & Japan

The New World Order, surely, demands independence of Germany & Japan. Ignoring warnings will have dire consequences.

  • The US is the least likely to let Germany & Japan declare their independence with Globalists at the helm. However, a Republican president with patriotic values would not hesitate. In fact, such an Administration will easily see the benefits when “America First” policies are put into perspective.
  • Russia has the most reasons to end objections to their independence. The war with Ukraine clearly showed how Germany and Russia should have been working together free from the Globalist manipulations. Japan would surely welcome cooperation with Russia even if it would only mean to be free from the Western yoke.
  • China is sure to gain at this time the most from the freedom of Germany & Japan. Germany is the biggest customer of the Belt and Road Initiative. Meanwhile, there would be nothing better than seeing Japan out of the Western Alliance when America declares China number one enemy.
  • As for the UK and France, independence of Germany is a fifty-fifty decision at best. However, in light of how Poland is expected to become the dominant power in the continental Europe again, hindsight says let Germany go free at this time as a counter force.

Independence of Germany & Japan

Brings Balance of Power 

Without a balance of power, the US will not remain the sole superpower in the world for another decade. To achieve a global balance of power, there needs to be two regional ones. One of them has to be in Europe and the other in the Middle East.

Türkiye plays a prominent role in both of them. Balance of power between Germany, Russia, and Türkiye will bring economic and military security. In the Middle East, it will be between Turks, Persians, and Arabs to maintain sanity. Only then, the US will be able to establish a tenable balance of power with China.

Independent Japan will further ensure China to stay in line. There, the quasi balance of power between Russia, Japan, China will complement the overall stability on Planet Earth. Independent Germany, meanwhile, will not only be counterbalanced with Russia and Türkiye but also with the continental powers and the UK.

In other words, the New World Order presents layers of assurances for both Germany and Japan to be part of modernity as independent powers. Considering it is no longer the twentieth and less so the nineteenth century, the projection of powers is multidimensional. In other words, multi layered fluid alliances are the norms of the days ahead.

Hence, shackling nations, states, cultures are a thing in the past. No one will tolerate such archaic impositions anymore.