Includes Russia

Client States of Turkish Drones

The number of client states of Turkish drones are increasing by leaps and bounds. The reason to write about them now on Christmas Day is just a coincidence. Today for the first time I officially heard that the Russian Federation is interested in buying them as well.

For those in the know, it is a normal progression. For those who live in “La La Land,” there is nothing worse than ignorance. In America, unfortunately, it is a bliss, not only for Globalists but also for lots of Republicans.

The New World Order is a reality. The fact that there is no more hegemony of America in large swaths of planet is yet another. What is worse with continued ignorance in America and Globalists in power, more bad news is yet to come.

Client States of Turkish Drones

Clients of Turkish Drones already make up a long list which will grow even more rapidly in 2022. By the end of next year, it should not be a surprise if the list is doubled. That would mean half of the world’s top twenty militaries will have Turkish drones in their stable.

Together with Turkey (10), America (1), China (3), and Israel (14) are the only viable military drone manufacturers in the world. Russia (2), Japan (4), India (5), France (6), S. Korea (7), Italy (8), and UK (9) make up the rest of the top ten military powers.

Now that Russia reportedly inquired about them from Turkey, Japan may also join the list for Turkish Drones. Some in Japan already believe that Turkish Drones can no longer be ignored. Meanwhile, the UK and India are also said to be already in talks for Turkish Drones.

Turkish Policy

The Republic of Turkey officially states that Turkish Drones will be available for countries that need them. It is at best a diplomatic, in worst case scenario a sarcastic statement.

Most countries seek Turkish Drones for military superiority. The complexities and sensitivities that the official Turkish statement carries, are difficult to discern.

For example, Ukraine already has Turkish Drones. As per my recent posting “Ukraine: Turkey over America,” Turkish Drones make the difference against “aggressive” Russia.

Russia’s inquiry, on the other hand, can be nothing but to use these Turkish Drones against Ukraine. The official Turkish statement is clear. There is no problem delivering them to Russia as well.

Another complexity is in the sub-continent. When it comes to Turkish Drones, Pakistan (11) is the natural destination first and foremost. Turkish-Pakistani relationship is one of the most tight, long lasting, and unbreakable. Yet, its arch enemy India, reportedly, is sure to get them.

Turkish Priorities

Nevertheless, there are Turkish priorities. In Syria, Azerbaijan, Libya, Qatar, Ukraine, and Ethiopia, Turkish Drones already made impressive appearances. Albania, Hungary, Tunisia, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Indonesia (19) are others favored by Turkey to get drones.

Yet, they are not the only ones. There are nearly two dozen client states for Turkish Drones from Europe to Africa to Asia. Poland (17) is next in line among them to get the delivery soon. It will be the first NATO alliance member.

In the top twenty, Taiwan (13), Australia (15), and Thailand (16) may also be able to get Turkish Drones. Germany (18) too may have leverage. Canada (20) and Egypt (12), on the other hand, are sure to be denied like France, S. Korea, and Italy would be.

For example, Emanuel Macron led France has no chance whatsoever until “hell freezes over.” After recent ploy with tank engines Turkey wanted, S. Korea has to work hard to mend bridges. Crossing the Turkish Republic, nowadays, has a price to pay.

No Alternative for the 

Client States of Turkish Drones

America is the leader by wide margin in the drone business. It has, arguably, the largest fleet, biggest in size drones, and most sophisticated ones. Yet, Turkish Drones are closing the gap every which way and every passing year.

Even though America still controls fifty percent of the global market there is a fundamental problem. Turkish drones actually won wars or ended wars. They made a real time difference and prevented conflicts becoming full fledged atrocities.

As a result, they are in demand. The top twenty military powers of the world would want to get them to keep their superiority over their opponents. Others need them to defend against aggressors.

Nearly one hundred percent indigenous Turkish Drones have no export restrictions. Hence, they are able to compete against the Chinese in pricing and manufacturing. Against Israelis and Americans, they compete against technology and development.


A Good Example

Turkish drone “Akinci,” the latest brand of Baykar, is the leader in its own category. It flies over 40 thousand feet and stays up there longer than a day. Plus, there is no way to interfere with it in flight because it operates independently. It has a mind of its own.

It has the capacity to carry half of what a fully loaded F series aircraft of America have. That also includes indigenously Turkish developed and mass manufactured SOM-J cruise missiles with three hundred mile range.

They are more sophisticated, cheaper, and better precision ordinances than their competitors. They were supposed to be used exclusively by F-35s until the US Senate killed it. Now, Akinci may be mounted with two of these 500 pounds behemoths instead, and exclusively.

Considering Baykar can easily go halfway around the world and back is one other thing to worry about. Carrying two dozen miniaturized precision guided ordinances, as well, equally sophisticated and indigenous like SOM-J is yet another.

In fact, these miniaturized ordinances are the ones that won the wars for Turkish Drones in half a dozen actual wars so far. No other drones in the world can claim anything close to what is on record already for these Turkish Drones and their ammunition.

Half of them are Baykar brands. TB2 is to the most famous of them all. Next to come fruition are two new versions that would land on a Turkish Drone Carrier, first ever in the world.

What is worse about Turkish Drones is the fact that Baykar is not the only headache. There are half a dozen other Turkish competitors. They are as big or ahead in development in a variety of drones. Competition for market share among each other is their edge.

Chinese Drones

Chinese drones were already tested against Turkish Drones in a number of conflicts, especially in Libya. They proved to be no match in the hands of client states. Turkish Drones were superior whether Turks or their client states used them.

China widely sells drones. It is currently ranked number three behind America and Israel in sales. Yet, Chinese drones come in a variety of quality, sophistication, and effectiveness. Turkish Drones, so far, proved well. Chinese drones did not meet the Turkish challenge, at the least, the export models.

Israeli Drones

Israeli drones have been second to America for a long time. They continue to be ahead in number of areas. Yet, their second ranking in sales is in jeopardy in 2022, especially regarding what transpired in 2020 and 2021.

In Azerbaijan in particular, Israeli drones lost credibility. Even though they contributed immensely for Azerbaijan winning it in Nagorno-Karabakh, one thing was not a miss in the eyes of the world public opinion.

Azerbaijan first tried to win the war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh with Israeli drones. It failed until Turkish Drones showed up like a “cavalry.” Turkish Drones won the war in Nagorno-Karabakh against Russia’s defensive missile batteries. They did the same in Libya and Syria.

The Israeli drones showed similar deficiencies only ten years earlier once again. Turkey bought a few of them only to find out that they were not operable to their satisfaction. Furthermore, when they broke down, Israel delayed their maintenance to no end.

Lately, Greece is also noticing a similar problem with Israel. After a few months using two rental Israeli drones, it realized how prohibitively expensive they are. Greece should be thankful that it is not at war. What if it rented from Israel when it really needed them?

American Drones

American drones have different problems to overcome to continue global market dominance. At this time, they are for sure more expensive compared to the Chinese and Turkish drones.

On top, now that Turkish Drones have proved themselves worthy at actual wars, American drones have a further worry. Performance matters as much as price. America can deliver neither at this time as far as the eye can see.

What To Do

So, what can America do in the face of such tough competition from Turkish Drones?


America can neither prevent client states for Turkish drones receiving them nor sell to them its own instead.

In fact, America can not even sell F-35 aircrafts as well anymore because of Turkish Drones.

Poland is a good example. It figured that buying a number of Turkish Drones is better than buying one less F-35.

Denmark, another NATO ally, recently made a similar statement and got an “irritated” reaction from America.

Nevertheless, as much as half of European countries are in talks how to get their hands on Turkish Drones, albeit quietly.

Somebody in Wash DC must be responsible for losing half of Western European market!

Perhaps a Senator or an Administration to Blame?

Now, it is time to pose imposing questions regarding what to do with the improbable nonetheless overbearing superiority of Turkish Drones.

  1. One of the questions has to be directed to a Senator to see if he/she would make sense
  2. The other would be to question yourself if you made the right choice when you voted during elections in America

Other than posing these questions, nothing can be done as far as client states of Turkish drones to change their mind. Simply put, the drone industry in America is already on a losing end. Plus, it has not seen its worst days yet.

The ripple effects will be lot more destructive and unimaginable. Much like, in Hollywood, another genuinely American industry, partially devoured by the rising Turkish and Chinese industries.

As to answers from your US Senator, do not bet the house. The best bet from a Senator will not be more than lip service because no one in Wash DC has a clue about much of anything.

If they did, they would not have killed the F-35s or Patriots, for example. Visit Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to see how these US Senators decimated them in the past decade.

Drones are only the next one to lose as an industry. On that note, do not even bother blaming the current US Administration with this brewing drone crisis.

It has other mundane problems to deal with. Like for example, a “currency ploy” it recently tried to pull against Turkey that is coming back to hunt America like a tidal wave.

Alas! These US Senators and Administrations will never understand what to do until they read the “GameChanger,” my book. The other bigger problem is that by the time they read, if ever, it will already be too late anyway.