Boris-Liz-Exchange & Queen's Passing

The Boris-Liz-Exchange & Queen’s Passing took place within a span of a few weeks from one another. Together, they will bring overbearing challenges on the UK to deal with.

 Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson dealt with Brexit and then with the Covid-19. Lately, he was dealing with the crisis emanating from the Russia-Ukraine War. Unfortunately, his Conservative colleagues curiously decided to change horses in midstream. With Johnson, at least the UK was in sync with Türkiye.

Thatcheresque Truss

Now it is for Liz Truss to protect the established relationship which requires a balancing act. Truss may have already promised too much to have a shot at becoming the next Margaret Thatcher. With Queen’s passing, her high wire act becomes even more intricate.

Türkiye and Russia will be watching it closely.

For one thing, her mentor Thatcher came to power to apply free-market supply-side policies. The goal was to increase competitiveness and free-market efficiency. Privatization, deregulation, lower income tax rates, and reduced power of trade unions were the goals.

They are not the exact remedies to the current economic problems of the Kingdom in 2022.


Wrong Time & Wrong Horse

In the 2020s, the game rests with Russia and Türkiye. Their combined economic leverage and military dominance make them a GameChanger duo.

Much like I argued in the book I authored, published in 2020. Cooperation between the US and Türkiye is a must for the supremacy of the West to continue.

I further cautioned, in the absence of the US and Türkiye collaboration, Russia & Türkiye rapprochement will fill the vacuum. Unfortunately, Globalists at the helm in the US do not know how to take heed.

There is no US collaboration whatsoever with Türkiye since the Joe Biden Administration arrived in the Oval Office. In fact, there is animosity if not outright hostility against Türkiye.

That in itself is a further problem for Liz Truss, next to additional factors. One, now is not the 1980s. Two, there is no more Western hegemony to rely on. Finally, there is a Globalist in Wash DC, and “he is no Ronald Reagan.”

Boris-Liz-Exchange & Queen’s Passing

Meanwhile, a quick look, how the Boris-Lix-Exchange took place, reflects some peculiarities! Surely, replacing Conservative Boris Johnson was important for Globalists in Germany, France, Italy, and the US.

However, were they also thinking if Liz Truss was going to replace him? Didn’t they have someone else in mind, instead?

As for the Queen’s passing, how timely has this become for the Globalist agenda? The fact that she would pass as soon as she would complete the baton exchange between Johnson and Truss makes it all the more curious.

Liz Truss

However, if Truss were to follow a similar path Johnson pursued, it would be irrelevant how Thatcheresque she becomes. The Globalist agenda will also not matter much. The UK will simply weather the storm in the winter of 2022.

Queen’s Passing

On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the storm Queen’s passing will bring to bear. Now, it is widely projected that number of  nation-states will declare independence from the UK. The UK will surely feel their socio-economic void.

Globalist Intrigue Nevertheless

In that regard, for the UK to suddenly face the prospect of 15 nation defecting will be puzzling nevertheless. The fact that it would come promptly when France is a sure bet to lose its own income from 14 “colonial tax” paying African countries is important to note.

Having said that, hopefully, this Boris-Liz-Exchange & Queen’s Passing will go to the annals of history only as a simple coincidence. Nevertheless, the presence of all the “usual suspects” all over the place does not give comfort to anyone with common sense.