Biden's Syria Brings Turks

Once, there was an American hegemony in the Middle East. It lasted about half a century. George Bush (43) gave Iraq away. Barack Obama turned over Libya. Now, Biden’s Syria Brings Turks Biden’s Syria Brings Turks to take charge there.

Biden's Syria Brings Turks
America has been in partnership with a locally fabricated “militia” against its staunch NATO ally in Syria since 2014, in the name of fighting against yet another “terrorist” militia. Turkiye says both “militia” are terrorists because they kill civilian Kurds, in particular.

Turkiye, under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leadership takes control of the Middle East one country at a time. In fact, it is filling the vacuum left behind, in ruins, by America. Iraq was the first. Libya was next. Syria is now third.


Turks are everywhere these days. The Turkish National Airline (TA/THY) flies to 262 destinations in 129 countries. It is more than any other in the world. American Airlines flies to 350 destinations, in 50 countries, but 269 are in North America.

The phenomenal growth reflects how Turks are coming since 2003. The total number of passengers increased from 10.4 million to 48.3 million in one decade. The total annual growth of 16.6% outpaced the world average of 8.1% by doubling it.

Biden’s Syria Brings Turks

In that regard, Joe Biden did not have to entice Turks. For the record, Turks are, belligerently, coming, on all fronts, ever since 1980.

Americans never noticed it. Not many still do not either. Consequently, “Turkish March”, in due process, becomes even more potent.

Turks, all throughout history, have been moving forward as a race. They arrived from the East to the gates of the West. Ever since, they settled there.

From Modernity To Africa

In the 20th century, the journey for Turks was towards modernity. Nowadays, it shows itself, among others, with the incredible growth of their defense industry.

With the turn of the Millenia, Africa also became their focus. Now, they are taking modernity there with the Turkish Airlines and the likes of TIKA, for example.

In the meantime, the world took notice, including Chinese and Russians. “Buck Stops with Turkiye.” For some reason, Globalist Americans did not get it so far.

As a result, unfortunately the West will learn it the hard way. There will be a price to pay and it will start with Biden’s Syria bringing Turks there for good.

Three Monkeys

Legacies of George Bush (43), Barack Obama, and Joe Biden – the three Globalist American presidents and the Three Monkeys will unfortunately be synonymous.

Did they play the game, but if so, why? If not, how could they be so “unpatriotic” or how could there be such ineptitude at such high level? One will never know.

These questions become even more puzzling when these three presidents are compared. At least, Joe Biden has an excuse. He was too frail to be thrown into a fray.

Biden’s Syria Brings Turks

Biden's Syria Brings Turks

Turks, called ‘Turkmens’ in Syria, have decided to have a “unified flag”. The decision coincides with increased violent attacks against America armed and supported “militia”, claiming to represent the local population. Current uprising, consisting of Arabs, Turkmens, Kurds, including Christian Yazidis do not agree. They decided to join the fight against American ally “militia”.

Nevertheless, the American mess in Syria will go into the annals of history as Joe Biden’s legacy. Much like it happened in Iraq and then in Libya for other two.

Americans left. Turks replaced them. In Syria, coming years will show how this transition will take place. What is for sure for the moment, it will take place quickly.

How dramatic it will be is for everyone’s guess. One hopes it does not become a tragedy. For those that care about updates, the problem is spreading like a wildfire.

Basically, Arabs make up about 70 percent of the population in Syria. They are joined with Turkmens, Kurds, and others. Their target is American supported “militia.”

Globalist America

At Odds with Common Sense

Please visit Clinton’s Libya Brought Turks! See similarities with Biden’s Syria Brings Turks! Common Sense says: The results are black and white in Libya.

Why shouldn’t the American fate not be the same in Syria? Like I mentioned in the previous article though. Let’s hope for the best and avoid Somalia 1993.

Globalist America

Must Get the Message or Else

Hakan Fidan clarified the field in a speech. “If the militia (American-supported) is not cleansed from the region, these violent attacks will only be the first stage.”

It is no coincidence that the local “militia” of the clans suddenly are against America supported “militia”. However, organic uprising may have only surprised Americans.

It took place right after the new Turkish foreign minister visited the region. Fidan, formerly head of the Turkish intelligence service MIT met there with clan leaders.