ATLANTIC Sinks BRICKS RisesThe New World Order has been upon us ever since the turn of the Millennia. However, not until ATLANTIC sinks and BRICS rises, it will not be fully noticeable by most everyone.

In 2023, the prospect of the second major economic meltdown since 2008 may be starting the process. Banking failures in the US in March may very well be the beginning of the end for the ATLANTIC.

The real estate crisis that is expected to follow suit in the US would surely then be considered as the second strike. Could there be an ensuing stock market crash as the third and final blow?

Meanwhile BRICS already began making its day view as the Gold Standard started to make great strides. Surely it will first replace Petrodollar. After that, the Dollar will no longer be the foreign exchange reserve.

Gold Standard

The gold standard is a long abandoned monetary system. It used to allow countries to buy and sell gold at a fixed price which determined the value of their currencies.

Britain stopped using the gold standard in 1931. The U.S. followed suit in 1933 and finally abandoned the remnants of the system in 1973. That is how ATLANTIC ruled the world.


Briefly, the Atlantic Charter was a joint declaration by the US and the UK. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill set its foundation on August 14, 1941.

70 years later in 2021, the founders of the Atlantic Charter could have negotiated from the point of strength. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump lost the reelection in 2020.

Two years later, the removal of Boris Johnson from power in the UK signed the death penalty for the ATLANTIC. Now, Globalists were in full control on both side of the Atlantic.


It is a foregone conclusion before the 2024 presidential election, ATLANTIC will no longer dominate the world agenda. In fact, Globalists are sure to drive it to the ground even sooner based on what is transpiring so far in the first quarter.

The final and fatal blow to ATLANTIC will come with the presidential election in the US. My March article in the Daily Mail made the prediction who will most likely become the 47th president and why, partly because ATLANTIC is sinking.


Meanwhile, BRICS rises like a Phoenix. Half a dozen, fast growing Muslim economies are sure to join Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Indonesia, Türkiye, and S. Arabia are to take the lead. Iran, Egypt, and Pakistan would not be far behind.

Together with the likes of Mexico from Latin America, BRICS will make up half of the G-20 economies. Most of them will be in the top ten within a decade, leaving the US as the sole representative of the Western civilization.


Replaces Western Values

When BRICS rises, it will be representative in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. ATLANTIC prioritized North America and Western Europe. As a result, global values will also start replacing Western values when ATLANTIC Sinks.