America's Costly Proxy-Mess In Woodshed

Ten days after the US midterm elections, a terrorist attack took place in Istanbul. 6 days later, Türkiye responded with a large scale military operation in two neighboring countries as a response. 89 precision bombings totally demolished targets but also military camps. Almost all were US supported and protected militia bases, operating in the region. They were part of something to do with America’s costly proxy-mess in woodshed.

Like all “good things”, they are about to come to a bitter end. When the US foreign policy objectives involve non-state-proxies, they are more often than not. Not that our proxies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Vietnam were better off at the end of our military campaigns in the region. These proxies simply become expendable when the time comes. In northern Iraq and Syria, the time has come for all of them from the looks of it.

So how does America get out of this “costly proxy-mess in woodshed” now? The long answer: It cannot until the 2024 presidential election. The short answer: “Not so fast!”

America’s Costly Proxy-Mess In Woodshed

America in the 1980s decided to back “non-state-proxies” against Türkiye. Mind you, America and Türkiye were then staunch NATO allies. Today, they still are allies, however, they no longer see everything eye to eye. Not that they did when they were staunch allies in the heat of the Cold War but that is another complicated story for another time.

At this time, tables have turned around. Now, Turkish air strikes took out all US backed militia bases in its border region. In other words, Türkiye is in the process of reversing what America began doing about forty years ago. The irony is that Türkiye is nowadays is able to do it with the same impunity like America did it then, in the last century.

This is nothing but a farce as far as the US foreign policy objectives in practice. Hence, it will be best if it remains as yet another America’s costly proxy-mess in woodshed. Meanwhile, America must move on quickly to greener pastures. Otherwise, not even the 47th president can save America from this mess that will become bigger, deeper, muddier, and costlier in due process.

Türkiye Exacted Payback from America

For “This” Proxy-Mess in Woodshed

The tally, at this moment, is simple to analyze.

Türkiye exacted payback from America in Iraq and Syria. Turkish military platforms targeted Harkuk, Kandil, and Asos camps in northern Iraq. In northern Syria, their targets were Ayn El Arab, Tell Rifaat, Cizire, and Derik.

Turkish aircrafts went 160 km deep into Iraq. They totaled two oil refineries in Syria that were subsidizing “non-state-proxies” of the US. No one can say that they are done. Famous Turkish drones are now picking up the scattered “non-state-proxy-fighters” or what is left of them.

They are surely paving the way for a ground operation. You can bet your life, there will be one. How extensive it will be is another question. To understand you have to read this. I explained it because in these biblical lands nothing is simple.

Time For America To Move To Greener Pastures

And Leave America’s “This” Costly Proxy-Mess Behind?

The range of Turkish airstrikes were 160 km deep and over 600 km wide from Turkish borders. They were conducted against two neighboring countries, Iraq and Syria, simultaneously. This was a massive air operation. Reportedly, seventy aircraft took off from a multitude of airports. Some waited in the air so that they can all drop their bombs at the same time for a total surprise effect.

So the question comes to mind. Was this a Turkish military exercise, for readiness for another operation? Simply because there is another pasture where America currently is in the process of entangling itself. Somehow, the length of that pasture is also about 600 km long. What a coincidence, it is also about 160 km deep! Turks call it “Mavi Vatan”.

I am a naturalized US citizen with Turkish heritage. I authored “GameChanger” where I talk about “greener pastures” for America. “Mavi Vatan” was not one of them. I specifically and vehemently warned for America to stay away from “Mavi Vatan”. I further urged that there is a way to benefit from that “pasture”, but only if America were to collaborate with Türkiye.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

For America’s “This” Costly Proxy-Mess in Woodshed

There is a saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

On second thought, don’t read “GameChanger”. Instead look at the picture in northern Iraq and Syria where a Turkish military operation took place! It is not a pretty picture to say the least.

No American would like to see another picture like that from the hands of these Turks. On the other hand, look at the picture Russians created in Europe!

Somehow these types of ugly pictures keep popping up since this 2020 presidential election. It is important to go back and figure out why that is!

Maybe, we can make a difference! Maybe we are the ones who are painting these ugly pictures with all that dirty laundry in the “woodshed”.