California and Europe

America’s Gargantuan Problems

Double Jeopardy Puts America at Crossroads

America has a double problem. They have become gargantuan over the past thirty years. Hopefully, the results of the 2022 and 2024 national elections may become the first steps towards dealing with them. Otherwise the developments will put America at crossroads: double jeopardy eventually will threaten the integrity of the Republic.

This double-jeopardy has the potential to make it or break it for the sole superpower in the world. Some in America prefer the superpower status and others hate it. The divide in America, coupled with this double-jeopardy, will surely determine the fate of the Republic as we know it.


The U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment contains the Double Jeopardy Clause. It is a legal lingo to protect individuals from retrial for the same crime. It takes an amendment to protect an American from miscarriage of justice.

However, the double-jeopardy America faces today with California and Europe has nothing to do with that. Yet, they are equally taxing if they were to exact peril on America if they are let go one after the other.

California joined the union in 1850. Some believe today, it is high time California became an independent Republic again. Many reasons validate their wish. Some have ill intentions and others believe there is no other way for salvation.

Europe, meanwhile, entered into American orbit with WWII. Ever since it is also eyeing independence from the American yoke. As a result, America is equally divided on what to do with Europe as well.

America at Crossroads: Double Jeopardy Puts It There 

At this stage, America is at a crossroads. If it parts away with either California or Europe, it will no longer be a superpower. Losing both will even jeopardize major power status. For example, America will end up competing against Mexico and Brazil, instead of being a global player.

In the face of such calamity, America at crossroads must keep both California in the union and Europe in the alliance. Yet, the past thirty years showed that America is not able to keep up with either in an increasingly disturbing fashion.

For some, the problem in America is as clear as black and white when it comes to California. Others would like to keep their head in the sand. Like in the case of Europe, the problem will only become bigger over time until it becomes untenable.

Unfortunately for America, those that keep their head in the sand and those that are brainwashed are in majority. They ignore the fundamental problems. In California, it has become a one party system where people are no longer the sovereign. In Europe, the problems reflect how America does not understand times have changed.

For example, the rising powers of the East have started to collect dividends on their investments on education. Meanwhile America, with learning deficiency, continues to elect representatives to the US House or senators to the US Senate, and presidents among the worst alternatives.

Consequently, it is fair to say that at this time America is at a crossroads. Unless it radically alters, destiny will be reflective. There won’t be superpower America to kick around.