Prosperity & Security

Oil Flow Via Turkiye to Europe

Europe needs Türkiye & Russia to prosper and live in security. Either one is missing from the equation, life in Europe will not be tenable. Russia has energy and grain. Türkiye is a “land bridge” and “flood gate” for Europe.

Europe will always require vast natural resources. Shipping LNG across the Atlantic is a temporary relief. So is relying on the Central Asian Turkish Republics. They are simply too far away and they have other markets nearby to feed. Europe will always be on their back burner.

Türkiye is a conduit for Europe to reach Asia and Africa because it is the sole and immediate bridge. As a result, Türkiye also controls the gates of Europe. Today there are nearly 10 million refugees within and around Türkiye. They are awaiting an opportune moment to rush through the “floodgates” and the “bridge” to get to Europe.

Oil flow Via Turkiye to Europe

The polemics of the Russia-Ukraine war aside, Europe does not have an alternative. Russia and Türkiye are the only available sources for energy or food supply. Plus, the ever growing population due to migration exacerbates all problems and makes Europe even more dependable on Russia and Türkiye.

In the near future, Türkiye is sure to become an oil and natural gas exporter as well. Plus, Türkiye with a fully irrigated southeast can also feed Europe alone. Hence, it does not require a brain surgery to understand how Europe, Russia, and Türkiye are interdependent now and will be more so in the future.

In the interim, natural gas from Azerbaijan will supplement what America plans to provide across the Atlantic. Kazakh and Turkmen natural resources will also complement to a degree. Yet, they will all be temporary and in minimal quantities.  They will always prioritize China, Japan and others in nearby Asia.

Türkiye, meanwhile, will tranship everything via pipelines or tankers through its straits.

Europe Needs Türkiye & Russia 

What did I argue in my book “GameChanger Trump Card: Türkiye & Erdogan,” published in 2020?

  • “For the US to remain the sole superpower in the world, it must collaborate with Türkiye.”


  • Only because Türkiye is vitally important for the prosperity and security of Christian white Europe.
  • Without which, America will end up as the sole and isolated bastion of Christianity.

It follows:

  • Türkiye together with Germany led Europe and Russia will have to maintain a balance of power in continental Europe.
  • Otherwise, America will have a soft belly.
  • Like China and India, rising powers of the East will easily exploit it.

The irony is that Europe needs Türkiye & Russia but in fact, it is America that needs Türkiye & Russia for its own sake, as much.


Go explain this to these divided Americans and half-witted Globalists there, if you can!