50 Years Later: A Coincidence?

On the morning of 21 February 1972, US President Richard Nixon landed in the People’s Republic of China. On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. The question is if 50 years later this is a coincidence.

According to some, it is not. America on the fiftieth year anniversary and exactly on a cold February ignited the fire. Enticing Russia to bring to the brink of attacking Ukraine was not a coincidence.

China had long become a monster and soon it was going to become the biggest economy in the world. Meanwhile the European Union was already bigger than the US economy and needed to be stopped.

Hence, came the intrigue. If Russia were to attack Ukraine, the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative was sure to suffer. Moreover when Russia were to cut the natural resources flow to Europe, the EU was sure to crumble.

So it can be concluded that it was the grand design that both opened China and now is closing it. Some would say a far-fetched idea. Is it? I posted “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing” and blamed it as an ill-will of Globalists.

50 Years Later: A Coincidence?

How could this be a coincidence?

The Nixon Administration did it then to counterbalance the Soviet Empire that had become too big to handle. Reaching out to China was opening another front against the Soviets.

Now, entangling Russia with Ukraine in a war was the means to undermine the European Union that became too big to handle. However Russia, this time, was a stone to kill two birds.

The Russia-Ukraine war not only did it to the EU but also to China. The trade between the two broke down. Meanwhile America found itself with leverage against both adversaries.

Not A Grand Design

No one could have predicted what began with the Kissinger initiative fifty years ago to end up like this. Hence, it was no grand design by anyone. However, nevertheless the beginning and the end had a similar design.

In either case, the goal was to save the USA from other powers that are becoming too big, and a potential menace. So it worked twice for America, and credit should be given to the Globalists for a plan to end EU and China supremacy.


Not so fast some would say because millions of Europeans suffered in the process. With the Kissinger initiative, the goal was to prevent a catastrophic war by establishing a balance of power between three major powers.

Those who know the truth about Globalists would disagree. Didn’t David Rockefeller say it a few years before his passing that five billion had to be enslaved to give good life to one billion on Planet Earth?

So in that regard, what is the big deal if a few million Europeans died and a lot more lost their welfare for a few years? After all, doesn’t the world consist of slaves and slave owners anyway?

What is the difference when there is no war and most of the world works as if they are enslaved in the hands of Globalist ran companies, no less? So what is all the fuss about it if it is a coincidence or not, exactly?