Ron Boat ~

A sermon by the seventeenth-century English author, John Donne, implanted the idea that “No man is an island.”

We exist because of others. We depend on others. Our family, our neighbors, our countrymen. Peoples from far away lands all exert influence on our lives.

The great foods of one region or the music and art from another can all enhance our daily existence. The political ramifications of an imperious regime can have devastating, long-term consequences for others on distant continents.

The actions of the Japanese Empire rocked the world with war and death as did Fascist Germany and Italy. Vivid, haunting memories of the Holocaust still ring loud in the consciousness of those affected by the actions of brown-shirted torturers. Times and places we endeavor never to repeat.

Yet one world power with similar behaviors chooses to exert its power over the less fortunate, the defenseless people of one area many have never heard of. And why should Americans be concerned about a remote group of indigenous people thousands of miles away that aren’t currently supplying us with valuable oil, much-needed food resources, or cultural advantages? Because no country is an island. What happens in one area can be a precursor, a silent warning of things to come if preventative awareness and actions aren’t heeded.

One such country is East Turkistan who lives under the inhumane, tyrannical thumb of China. My thanks to its Prime Minister, Salih Hudayar, (bio below), for sharing their story with me and explaining the daily oppressiveness their people live under and how it could affect the world at large. From cultural destruction to camp imprisonment, torture and rapes, and localized nuclear testing, his words should serve as a warning of the many hidden actions and agendas of this Communist enslaver.

Why Care About East-Turkmenistan?

Also our thanks to Erbil Gunasti. An insider to the Trump administration, press secretary to 8 Turkish Prime MInisters, and friend of Turkey’s President Erdogan, he shared his insight into the precarious predicament of East Turkistan. You’ll find much more in his recent book “GameChanger: Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.”

Erbil Gunasti ~

” In the 21st century, the plight of the Sincan Uyghurs will determine if there will be an Armageddon. In 1991, the disintegration of the Soviet Union handed the independence of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. In the ensuing years, the modern Republic of Turkey made its move into Central Asia to embolden and empower these newly freed brethren republics.

After three decades, there are seven Turkic states. Together, they are soon to leverage their newly found union against China, Russia, and India. The goal is to bring Turks and Muslims in the region, dignity, humanity, and modernity that they deserve. No one knows how this will be achieved in the coming decades but for sure with the combined power of the Turkic states, under Turanism, if other overtures do not bring desired results.

China fears it. So does Russia. And no less India: Turanism is nothing to look forward to. In the 21st, century, it will surely become the modern version of the Mongol Empire that Genghis Khan built and domineered the world. Turanism with its faith in its race and religion, coupled with the fraternization of the sizeable portion of Muslims from Asia to Africa will become a formidable threat even to the combined power of Russia, India, and China if it ever materializes because of fractures among them.


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