California Next

Virginia First California Next

Virginia first California next when it comes to Republicans taking over Democrats across North America. The September 2021 election provided a roadmap for Republican gubernatorial candidates. Citizens of the state “for lovers” said “keep it local!”

Republicans in Virginia kept it and they now have a trifecta control of the government, alongside a “representative” legislative branch. The Republican Party controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, and attorney general. The Democratic Party controls the upper chamber, while the Republican Party controls the lower chamber of the state legislature.

Republicans failed during the Recall Election for governor in California earlier in August 2021. As a result, in the Golden State, the trifecta of Democratic Party continues dominating Liberal political agenda uninterrupted. The Democrat governor that was once disliked by Republicans and Democrats alike reigns supreme until November 2022.

The Recall Election was for the Republicans to lose and they did. The “Dark Horse” challengers forgot to keep it local. Instead of talking about homeless and Covid-19 vaccines, one in particular talked about abortion. Simply put, Republicans acted like political novices and they spoiled it for everyone.

Now, California gets a second chance. It is holding an election for governor on 8 November 2022. The primary is scheduled for 7 June 2022. The filing deadline is 11 March 2022. Here is the caveat this time. The Republican challenger must not only keep it local but also understand that a “win” can also become a milestone for America.

Converting the most populous state in the Union from Democratic governor to a Republican is a big deal. Virginia was the first surprise victory for Republicans. There is no reason why California would not be the next surprise. As a result, together, they will have a great impact in the next presidential election.

What Made Virginia First

That Could Make California Next 

Republican Glenn Youngkin won the governor’s race in Virginia. He stayed out of federal issues. He focused on local problems where a governor can take action. In Virginia, local issues were education and rules about masks. On top, Youngkin also kept Donald Trump at arm’s length so there was no presidential election factor in a local race.

It was a simple formula. Unfortunately,  the CAGOP could not keep a tight control over “Dark Horses” in the “Recall Election 2021.”  Homeless will continue to be the number one issue in the Golden State. Vaccine rules will also remain in the top five. The other three issues for a Dark Horse candidate may vary but one thing remains the same with Virginia. Keeping national politics out of the local race is very important.

Virginia May

But California Would Surely

Help Win White House in 2024

Virginia, run by a Republican governor, is a great milestone for the GOP in winning the White House in 2024. It is an inspirational, reactionary, and historic win. It displayed the winning formula which was simple and direct. California, with a Republican governor in November 2022, will make a difference in the 2024 presidential race. The Golden State is the most populous in the Union. It will also be the last liberal bastion to fall, closing a chapter that was opened with the Virginia win en route to ultimate victory.

The impact of two Democrat governors replaced within one year is one thing. The impact of one being Virginia and the other California is even more significant. It will prove that the wave against Democrats or Liberalism or Globalism in America began yielding results. Such a radical transformation in two of the least likely states, one on the east and the other on the west coast will reverberate across North America. The momentum would surely help a Republican candidate for president in 2024 to win the big house.

Virginia First California Next

With a Dark Horse

Virginia first California next will be a likely formula to win the White House in the next election if only California picks a Dark Horse candidate. In Virginia, there was a Dark Horse candidate who was wealthy. Plus, history was on his side and he kept it local. In California, finding the wealthy that would keep it local is easy. Deciding on the Dark Horse is tricky.

For example, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Deukmejian were great “Dark Horse” choices. Who would make the next Dark Horse in California no one can tell at this time. Maybe a candidate with Chinese or Mexican heritage!

Four Republican governors, including Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson, served California well since 1966. Democrats were not as successful. Republicans kept the governorship twice as long as Democrats. The tally is 119 to 59 years since 1849.

Since 1992, however, Democrats have a trifecta control of the state, except for 2003-2011, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor.

In other words, historically speaking, a Republican governor should win but the latest surge of the Globalist Democrats make the odds difficult. That is why, Republicans have no choice but to come up with a Dark Horse to win it.

Virginia First With a Dark Horse

According to the MSN, Glenn Youngkin became governor in Virginia because history repeated itself.

Political climate in the state was much like in 2009, when Bob McDonnell won the governorship.Then, Barack Obama was the newly elected Democratic president and there was intense desire to reverse the fortunes of the state.

In 2021, there was yet another, newly elected Democratic president and the desire to reverse the fortune of the Union was equally great. Plus, Youngkin was a wealthy political newcomer. Under the circumstances, he was also a Dark Horse.

California Next With a Dark Horse

In that regard, California Republicans can win governorship in 2022, but their candidate first and foremost must be a Dark Horse. The rest is gravy because there is no shortage of wealth in the most populous and wealthiest state in the Union.

Final task is to keep the Dark Horse in control so that everything will be kept “local.” After all, California Republicans had a painful loss during the 2021 Recall Election. They had a Dark Horse in the lead with a wide margin but they did not know how to “keep it local.”

Somehow Dark Horse got out of control. Hence, lessons learned are two fold. Dark Horse is key to winning. Keeping Dark Horse under tight control is equally important.