US-Nightmare: 7-Eleven

Türkiye was once the 7th biggest client of the US military platforms. Now, it is the 11th biggest exporter of all things military in the world. In 2022, it exported 4.4 billion dollars of it. The US was the biggest importer with 1.5 billion dollars. That is nothing but a US-Nightmare: 7-Eleven, in a nutshell.

Multitude of sophisticated and technologically advanced parts, small arms, ammunition, ordinances, and missiles made up the US imports. With this pace, Türkiye should also start providing major military platforms to the US. For example, a replacement for the kaput F-35 would be the right fit, as a start.

US-Nightmare: 7-Eleven

With this trend, soon the US-Nightmare may even get worse. For example, there is a good likelihood that Türkiye may become one of the top ten exporters of military platforms in the world. Plus, the stable may not be limited to drones, helicopters, aircrafts, naval vessels, and a variety of offensive and defensive missiles.

There are few reasons for that. One, Türkiye makes them cheaper. Two, it has indigenously developed exclusive and proven technologies. Three, it collaborates with a variety of powers from the East and the West to improve them even more. Four, it does not have export restrictions to a range of client states.

As a result, the tally that is already a nightmare may easily turn into a catastrophe. Drone is a good example. Türkiye saturated the market with TB2, now sold in 28 countries and counting. When TB3, TB4, TB5, Akıncı, and Kızılelma will equally sell as much, coupled with TUSAŞ’s drones, Türkiye may very well take the lead in this sector.

Yet, the damage will not be limited. For example, Türkiye may very well be as competitive in the fifth generation aircraft or helicopter productions as well. Yet, they are not the only ones. Offensive and defensive missiles, including ramjets and scramjets aside, electronic warfare, rail and laser gun innovations are also clear and present dangers for the US leadership.


For the record, the “7-Eleven” is a leading American brand. It franchises, and licenses 78,029 stores in 19 countries and territories as of November 2021. Its motto has always been: “Give the customers what they want, when and where they want it.”

It has nothing to do with the Turkish Defense Industry. However, when it comes to the path it follows there is a striking resemblance. Turkiye delivers what countries want and when they are militarily undermined. On top, Turkiye prioritizes conflict zones for delivery.


However, it must be noted that the US-Nightmare is not limited to what the Turkish Defense Industry indigenously develops, mass produces, and delivers. Wash DC has a lot to do with the US-Nightmare. On one hand, the Executive Branch displays ineptitude in implementing the US foreign policy objectives. On the other hand, the US Congress exacerbates the problem by passing debilitating bills that undermine the US Defense Industry.

US-Nightmare: 7-Eleven

Exemplified With The F-35 Horror

Recently, a US general summarized the dilemma before the US Congressional hearing.

He posed a question as to how many of the 580 F-35 that is in the US inventory was ready to fly?

His answer was: “Zero”.

For those who are not familiar with the issue, in December 2020, the US Congress passed CAATSA 231 atginst Turkiye.

I then posed my own question saying what were the US Senators thinking when they voted to pass this bill?

My crude answer should have been: “They were not thinking. As a result, they not only wasted tens of billions of US taxpayers money but they also left the US without a reliable fifth generation fighter, nevermind killing a trillion dollar industry and tons of high paying jobs in the USA.”

Instead, I repeatedly said: “We Americans must learn how to vote better.”