How Is This Good For America?!

US Congress: A Blessing In Disguise

The US Congress: A Blessing in Disguise, but not for the citizens of the United States of America. There is something called “checks and balances” in the US Constitution. It divides the power in America among Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

With the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election, two of these three branches of the US government became one. One party gained the right to control the Executive and the Legislative branches. But for the grace of God, just a month before the elections a blessing in disguise took place.

The sudden passing of the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg allowed a timely confirmation of her replacement. The court was by then already leaning towards the Conservatives five to four. Yet, the Chief Justice seemed to be playing a balancing act rather than acting partisan. The court was in limbo at best.

Ginsburg was an ardent liberal. Her replacement Justice Amy Coney Barrett effectively made the court six to three in favor of the Conservatives. She simply nullified the role of the Chief Justice. If this was not a blessing in disguise, what was, come January 6th, 2020, when the US Senate election tipped the balance? Now, the two other branches of the US government were in total control of the Liberals.

US Congress: A Blessing in Disguise

Two to one split of power in America, was surely a blessing in disguise for the Republic in 2020 as well. Internationally too there was something to be thankful for. Now that the US government lost its flexibility and gained rigidity, it was easier to manipulate or break it because it had become brittle.

Contradiction in disguise best explains it. After the 2020 elections, the US president was now in a position to bring to the floor the bills that the Liberal regime wished. The House was going to finance and the Senate was going to ratify them.

As a result, international actors were going to have an edge. They were going to be in a position to know when to push and how much to exact appropriate response from the sole superpower. In other scenarios, they were going to be able to predict much better when the US was about to go to war or not better than before.

In the meantime, they were to maximize their pursuit in one direction or the other but make progress all the time. Meanwhile, Liberals in the US, emboldened with the control of two-thirds of the government, were to turn their attention away from international affairs.

Domestic squabbles, over the spoils of the riches, were to increase. It was time for the citizens of the US to become complacent. Their adversaries overseas, on the other hand, had nothing but to be busy like bees, like if there was no tomorrow. For them, it was the moment to fill in the vacuum and capitalize at the expense of the superpower.

Not The Time To Stop

Promply, on the morning of January 6th, 2020, small countries and major powers alike made statements. They summarily said it was time to make great strides at the expense of America. No one in the United States of America noticed it because domestic focus was on the victors and losers. They were busy with nonsense.

For the international actors, it was time to work hard for the next two years until the midterm elections in 2022. Their common goal was to ensure that the Belt and Road Initiative was on full schedule.

Belt and Road Initiative

The target was to complete 200 mile an hour railways from Beijing to London. It was to crisscross 17 countries. China was trying to achieve this feat as soon as possible all along until the Trump Administration came to power. By 2020, a freight train was able to reach Istanbul, Turkey from Beijing, China in 15 days. Since Istanbul was already connected to London in more ways than one, China was on schedule.

What transpired in the 2020 elections was, in a sense, a blessing in disguise, as well for China. With the US Congress and White House in the hands of Liberals, China was sure to gain valuable time. It was now in a position to finish the work and make up for the time lost when Trump was president. Liberals in power in America, Globalists in heart and mind, were sure to work with China.

London-Basra Orient Express

The London-Basra Orient Express, in that regard, should also get a nod from the new US government. That means America should support the Beijing-London highway and railway via Iraq too. Bypassing many countries in Asia, this line aims to go over Pakistan and Iraq to reach Istanbul via Arabian Sea.

Iraq, Iran, the UK together with the rest of Europe, New Turkey, China, Pakistan have all been for it. The US was the odd man out during the Trump Administration. As far as President Trump is concerned, the reasoning was simple. The BRI was good for everyone except for the US economy.

How is this not good for US citizens?

No one would say progress in the world will not be good for the US. Yet, if there is progress in the world but not in the US, then how could it be? The US Constitution is framed as such that the US government will function for the good of economic prosperity and military security of the citizens. It also states that it will be representative to do the job effectively.

November 3rd elections simply brought a challenge if the US will be able to deliver for its citizens. The election results now was giving ultimate authority to one segment of the population, while the other half was feeling alienated. The divide in the society was always there but nowadays the split was much more concrete.


I came up with an argument when I authored GameChanger, published in 2020. I said if the US does not work with Turkey, the US will no longer be the sole superpower of the world within a decade. President Donald Trump sought to work with Turkey at the end of 2018 but it was cut short within a year with Covid-19 crisis.


Turkey, never trusting Globalists, will walk the walk with the rest of Eastern powers. It will find it easier to seek its national interest against friends and foe. In that sense, 2020 elections became a blessing in disguise for China and the rest of the fast-rising Eastern powers. They will find enough opportunity until 2022 midterm elections to leave the US in the dust again.

Remember, how the rising Eastern powers did it from 1992 to 2016 when three Globalist administrations in a row reigned in the US? The US had twenty six percent of the global GDP after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. When nationalist Donald J. Trump arrived at the Oval Office, it was fifteen percent. Rising Eastern powers took away eleven percent from the US.

After four year interruption, Globalists in America are back in business. No one knows how long they will stay in power this time if they do not lose the US Congress in 2022. In the meantime, let us wait and see how friends and foe of the US will take advantage of the US in 2021 and 2022, this time!