US: Beware of Summer Fiascoes

If it is June, it must be time for us, the patriotic Americans, to cringe again. In 2024, the G7 and NATO Summits should be no different than the ones that were in 2021, 2022, and 2023. So, it is useless to tell the US: Beware of Summer Fiascoes because Joe Biden will embarrass us again. Having said that: Poor Giorgia Meloni! Now, it is her unfortunate turn to put up with the pathetic Joe.


Dictionary definition of “Fiasco” is: Complete Failure.

In Europe, the Russia-Ukraine war is more than two years old. In the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian war continues relentlessly for more than six months. At this stage, it must be fair to say: They are complete failures of the Biden Administration.

In the G7 and NATO Summits, where the US leadership in the world is reflected, the picture has been no different. It has been a complete failure in 2021, 2022, and 2023. It is on the record: Joe Biden Administration, somehow, failed miserably, each time.

US: Beware of Summer Fiascoes

Don’t Blame Türkiye!

Rising power of the East Türkiye, recently, embarrassed the US not once but twice. They took place at the NATO Summits in Madrid (2022) and Vilnius (2023). However, it is not fair to singly blame Türkiye, staunch member of the Western Alliance! Joe Biden, at the helm, knows how to make Americans cringe without help.


Türkiye came up with a “manifesto” in the NATO Summit that took place in Madrid two years back. Türkiye came back with full force once again, the following year, in Vilnius and made more demands. Not until then, Finland and Sweden could not have become a member of NATO. In fact, it was more than that. It marked for the first time when the US was no longer the leader of the Western Alliance in control.


The G7 Summit takes place each year before the NATO Summit in June. If you were to ask the Italian Prime Minister: The Woman with Balls Giorgia Meloni, slapping Joe silly should have been the right thing to do. If it is any indication as to what the next episode of embarrassment for the US in the NATO Summit could be in 2024, look not far. The Italian Prime Minister had to go out of her way to turn “poor Joe” around for a photo-op in the G7 Summit.

US: Beware of Summer Fiascoes

China Wins Every Time

The June G7 and NATO Summits may not make the news much but their negative impacts on the US leadership are significant. Both attendees and observing rising powers of the East take note and make their next calculated moves accordingly. That is how the world revolves in the lawless international arena. The remarkable leap forward of Türkiye since the coming of the Joe Biden Administration is, thus, exemplary. Next US Administration will, accordingly, start with a deficit to make up for the lost ground in the relationship between the two.

China-Turkiye Rapprochement

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye and Donald J. Trump of the US were collaborating in 2020. Since the coming of the Joe Biden Administration, Türkiye decided to move closer to China. Who is to blame for the strategic decision of the longtime ally? Türkiye, staunch NATO ally, may soon become a member of the BRICS. In four years, the Biden Administration made Türkiye jump ship. US foreign policy objectives, supporting Ukraine and Israel must have played significant role in this decision.

Beware of Desperate Biden Administration

At this stage, it is too late to warn about “Summer Fiascoes” in G7 and NATO Summits. It is time to be beware of the desperate Biden Administration. On 15 July 2016, there was another “desperate attempt” by yet another US administration. The Obama Administration allowed a coup d’etat by the US agents against the regime in Türkiye. That “fiasco” became a double whammy against the leadership of the US in the Western Alliance ever since. The rise of Türkiye became a reality, as a result.

US: Beware of Summer Fiascoes

Obama Did It. Now, Biden Doing It, again!

The Obama Administration was desperate in 2016. The Arab Spring was not going anywhere. The Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime in Türkiye was standing tall. Unfortunately, the helpless 44th president of the US did the unthinkable. 15 July 2016 coup d’etat attempt in Türkiye did not bring down the regime in power. Rather, it speeded up the process and the rise of Türkiye gained momentum. The Presidential system replaced the Parliamentary system.

Ever since, Türkiye became the number seven biggest exporter of arms in the world. As a result, today, a number of major US military platforms began losing massive market shares. Türkiye is picking up the slack in an increasing fashion each day. That is the desperation I am talking about. Obama did not know how to handle the rising power of the East Türkiye then. Now, equally desperate, Biden having become a whipping boy in the hands of Erdogan, may repeat the “big mistake” again.

That’s why I say: Forget the “Summer Fiascoes” instead “beware of desperate Biden” repeating the “Obama fiasco!”