Turkiye Takes Over America
In the international arena,  over time, Turkiye takes over America more and more. Examples are too many to list. How Turkiye dominates NATO summits are already in the books. How Turkish drones outsell American drones is no longer a surprise.

What is interesting to note, Turkiye is about to assert itself militarily. Up until now, it was diplomatic. Recently, it became economical. Nowadays, it is increasingly symbolic with “international conferences” for example. However, they remain all preludes.


Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister of Turkiye spoke at the Stratcom Summit 2023. He said: “It is not possible to achieve real peace by simply repeating the same lingo all the time and allowing Israel to forget a war crime by committing another.”

The International Strategic Communication Summit 2023 took place on 24-25 November 2023. It brought together the world’s most prominent leaders, experts, and professionals in the field of strategic communication in Istanbul.

The theme of the celebrated Turkish event was “Global Response to Hybrid Threats: Stability. Security. Solidarity.” It is remarkable how Turkiye embarked on this path. Until recently, such conferences were in the stable of the USS Strategic Command.


Turkiye Takes Over America
  1. Turkiye is the biggest donor country in the world. It gives more than any other country, including the USA, in relation to its GDP.
  2. Turkiye increasingly sells bigger and better military platforms to everyone. They are also competitively priced and rapidly delivered.
  3. Turkiye speaks loudly everywhere. NATO, the UN, the OECD, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the WTO, the BSEC and the OIC are some of them.
  4. Turkiye stands tall for the integrity of a nation-state. It showed resolve, for example, in Venezuela, Somalia, Ethiopia, Libya and a dozen more.
  5. Regionally, Turkiye takes over America in Central Asia, in the Arabian peninsula, in North Africa, and in the Caucasus. Next would be the Balkans, in its entirety.

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