Türkiye-China-S.Korea vs America-Israel

Have you ever heard of the Türkiye-China-S.Korea vs America-Israel paradigm?

It is the by-product of the ill-advised US Foreign Policy Objectives, by dumbfounded advisers in Wash DC.

Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL) Pod

Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL) is a fast switching narrow directional communications data link between stealth aircraft. It began as a method to coordinate between F-35 aircraft (the Joint Strike Fighter).

America and Israel have developed it to a degree that now makes the US F-35 one of a kind fifth generation aircraft in the world. It simply gives America total avionic control over all F-35 sold to allied countries.


America recently, in December 2022, went further, after kicking Türkiye out of the F-35 program in 2020. In return, Türkiye, ever since, expedited indigenously developed F-35 of its own, called TFX.

Russia with SU-57, China with J-20, and S. Korea with KAI KF-21 are the only fifth generation fighters in the market. Pakistan also received an export version of Chinese J-20.

However, none of them had the necessary MADL to make them truly fifth generation to date. Now, MADL by SDT from Türkiye will make the playing field for them fair against America’s F-35.

Türkiye-China-S.Korea vs America-Israel

Time to Get Rid of this Paradigm?

MADL by SDT is nowadays becoming operational on the Chinese, S. Korean, and Pakistani air forces. As a result, Türkiye-China-S.Korea are also becoming along with that: “Strange bedfellows” against America and Israel.

From this relationship, China and S.Korea would surely gain additional leverages. Chinese and S. Korean fighters will now competitively priced because of these SDT pods. They will undercut the high priced American F-35. They will also become equally lethal.

As for the “Turkish F-35”,  namely TFX will come out of the hangar with a roaring engine for ground tests on 18 March 2023. In no time, it should saturate fifth generation market with the original version of the MADL by SDT.

In the meantime, will the United State Air Force (USAF) continue contemplating to integrate B-2 and F-22 with Made in America MADL? Rumor has it the “pod” has shortcomings. In fact, the USAF has asked for laser communication pods to securely link fighter aircrafts with satellites.

With All The Dumbbells in Wash DC

Türkiye-China-S.Korea vs America-Israel Gap

Surely To Get Worse for America

In light of light-headed military experts in Wash DC, the USAF cannot get a break. Unfortunately, there are some “highly regarded” know it all dumbbells in Wash DC. One, recently penned an article saying “it is time to crash Turkey like a fly”. I wonder if he read my article in the Daily Mail on Turkish drones and how they saved Ukraine. It is very educational about where Türkiye is heading when America is regressing.

On that note, I also explained this Türkiye-China-S.Korea vs America-Israel paradigm well in the “GameChanger”, published in 2020. Alas, with all the dumbbells in Wash DC,  it is no use, at least until the 2024 presidential election. In the interim, China, Russia, and S. Korea are sure to take more and more market share from America, awaiting to see what additional features Turkish version will bring to the table.