Here is a quote from an article published by Ali Cinar on the TRT WORLD, a leading Turkish radio and television group that reaches lots of people around the world.

“Erbil Gunasti, the author of GameChanger, whom I spoke to recently, believes that Trump will definitely win and that if he does he will continue to consider bilateral relations with Turkey and several other powers. Gunasti says, “this does not mean he will do what they say, or force them to do what he says. He will negotiate with reason and get results. Long story short, international competition and cooperation will gain momentum.” Gunasti believes that if Biden wins, he will keep underestimating Turkey, just like the European Union does.”

Gunasti explains what happened to the relationship between Turkey and America in the past century. He brings lots of facts to the table regarding US foreign policy objectives that backfired. Gunasti also points to realities and how they are shaped with Trump at the helm instead of another Globalist. By the way, Gunasti points to executive decisions by JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush (43) and Barack Obama. None of them helped the cause of America. Trump reversed it briefly since 2018.

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