Time To Work With Turkiye

Now that the Age of Stooges are over, it is worth focusing on Türkiye. It is the economic and military power of a vast region. Caucasus, Balkans, North Africa, and Middle East are under its influence. That’s why China knows it is time to work with Türkiye! So does the Pentagon, most likely. I wonder if anyone in the Biden Administration has given any thought about it.


What is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) exactly?

It consists of highways, railroads, ships, bridges, and tunnels. They are built to connect Beijing to London the fastest way possible.

The BRI uses two “natural” land bridges to make the journey. They are the Russian Federation and the Republic of Türkiye.

Time to Work with Türkiye

China understood twenty years ago that it is time to work with Türkiye.

At the same time, America stopped working with Türkiye. Here is the tally: China was then only a trillion-dollar economy. America controlled nearly a quarter of the global GDP. Soon, China is expected to become the biggest world economy.

China Have Been Collaborating with Türkiye

Chinese-Turkish collaboration began after the turn of the Millennia. Türkiye, initially, acquired the technology to build long range missiles. Since then, their collaboration has increased leaps and bounds. The Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge over the Bosphorus is one of the byproducts of this collaboration. It is like the Golden Gate in San Francisco, or the Verrazano Narrows in New York. It primarily serves the BRI.

America Stopped Collaborating with Türkiye

America stopped providing major military platforms to Türkiye at the turn of the century. As a result, Türkiye turned to the likes of China to fill the vacuum. Russia also obliged next, not missing the opportunity. Twenty years later, Türkiye does not need much of anything military nature from America. It produces 80 percent of everything indigenously. The irony is, nowadays America needs Türkiye from ammunition to ordinances and high-tech.

Time to Work with Türkiye

When I published “GameChanger Trump Card: Türkiye and Erdogan” in 2020, I argued that America must collaborate with Türkiye. My argument, then, was about the ill-effects of the rise of migration from East to West. Four years later, the New Economic Order explains the truth behind the demise of America. Coupled with the ongoing immigration problem. America can no longer remain an economic superpower much longer.

Unless it collaborates with Türkiye!

Illegal Immigration Problem

Illegal and legal immigration from East to West will continue unabated for a long time. In fact, it will increase all throughout the 21st century. There is no way to stop it. The population in Africa and Asia will grow by two billion in the next decades. Turkish “land bridge” will continue to keep most migrants away from the Old Continent. That is why America has to collaborate with Türkiye. Short of that, Türkiye can do so much to stem the tide alone.

New Economic Order

In the meantime, Türkiye will naturally collaborate with the likes of China and Russia. Over time, what will primarily be an economic collaboration will also expand into military partnerships. In other words, they will work together towards a New Economic Order. That will become the basis of the New World Order from their perspectives. America will be left out of the paradigm.

Time to Work with Türkiye

Time to work with Türkiye must encompass a comprehensive approach. China and Russia are doing it with Türkiye, and they are prospering. Those in Wash DC ignored the rise of China and Türkiye past decades. As a result, since 1992, the global economic hold of America shrank from 26 percent to 15 percent. With this trend continuing unabated, soon America will regress even further. India will become the second biggest economy, pushing America to the third slot.

Whose fault would that be?

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