Time to Wake-Up in America



In Wash. DC., there are so called advocates that are preaching that the Secretary of State Antony Blinken should do more. If the Secretary of State had the capacity, would not he have garnered the will power to implement it? It is time to wake-up in America to understand one simple fact. There is no more American hegemony to go around the world. That was in the 20th century when America dictated the “world order”. Now it is time for the “New World Order”. However, that is also not the one that George Bush (41) mentioned in 1991.

Time to Wake-Up in America

Clusters of states, living in a bubble led by “Center States”, nowadays altogether ignore America, unlike in the second half of the past century. It is time to wake-up in America and clean the house in Wash DC. There is no more room for the so-called advocates to pontificate. For example, constantly complaining about Türkiye does not help America. Unfortunately, the sole superpower today depends on Türkiye, not vice versa.

Türkiye: Not The Same-Old

Türkiye, since 2002, is no longer the same-old. The regime, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, transformed the Republic into a regional economic and military power. Now, the country has a sphere of influence extending across the Middle East and the entire Eastern Mediterranean Sea. In other words, Türkiye is a “center state” in a vast region surrounded by many smaller countries. Some countries with sizable population, territory, or resources are also part of this Turkish cluster. Some other little ones, like Israel, Armenia, and Greece have no choice but to join this cluster as well.

America: Depending on the Turkish Cluster

It is time to wake-up in America and start working with Türkiye. It would be a strategic and timely decision, even though this cluster is a Muslim majority. Under the much-adored leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan even the adversaries accept the reality. Muslims have found their spiritual leadership with the Turkish leadership. The results speak for themselves. Ukraine and Israel are two countries that are in a big mess. They both relied on America since January 2021. While the ineptitude of America was on display, Türkiye saved the day, time and again with grain and energy shipments. Erdogan worked well with the UN, Russia, and Ukraine.

Time to Wake-Up in America

For the pathetic advocates in Wash DC, the truth must be hurting. Türkiye is at the helm in the region. Vilifying Türkiye and Erdogan will not change the status quo. On the contrary, it will have further negative effects on Israel. All the while, the hands of the Biden Administration will be tied, without much leverage to speak off in place.

Winning Formula

Ironically, in the midst of all this adversity there is a winning formula for all concerned in the West, if America were to collaborate with Türkiye.

  1. Economically, there is a plan to increase the 45-billion-dollar trade volume between America and Türkiye to 100 billion dollars. The ripple effect of the increase in volume will benefit Israel the most. Recently, Türkiye suspended all trade with Israel. Does not the Secretary of State Blinken know how devastating this is for Israel? So, what are the better alternatives for America then? Perhaps, it is to increase leverage on Türkiye with more trade.
  1. Militarily, the case is even worse. In the worst-case scenario, America must be calculating how much longer the eastern Mediterranean Sea will be navigable for the Western navies without Turkish collaboration? In the absence of Turkish-American collaboration, there will surely be more Turkish-Chinese-Russian cooperation in the region. One wonders! How does that help the American interest, never mind Israel’s security!

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