Back to the Nineteenth Century

Back to Milk & Honey in Switzerland

What does Switzerland back to milk & honey mean?

It simply means Switzerland went back to the nineteenth century instead of progressing to the twenty first century. While the Western Europe and North America decayed economically in the hands of Globalists in the early 1990s, Switzerland got the worst of it.

Today, reportedly, the ugly face of feudalism, aristocracy, mercantilism are the norm in the country. The best remedy may then be if Switzerland were to revisit the Romantic Period, the American Renaissance, and the Realist Movement. Otherwise, Switzerland, one of the richest per capita countries in the world, may never be able to get out of this downward vortex.

In the nineteenth century, Switzerland was a country of milk and honey. In the twentieth century, exquisite by-products of this wealth, coupled with international factors, made the country accumulate tons of money from everywhere and everyone.  As a result, the banking and insurance sectors prospered extraordinarily.

The ripple effect of this wealth made the country the most desirable, privileged, and secure place in the world. Consequently, in the twentieth century, it became the jewel of the world until Globalist came to helm after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. While division in the society took over the Western powers, Switzerland, insulated itself from outside.

Progress and realism went out of window for good. Consequently, Switzerland back to milk & honey became the reality of today in this mountainous country. What is worse, now the “Mountain People” mentality became the most apparent virtue in this heavenly landscape.

Mountain Mentality?

This terminology came to me organically, having observed Swiss people and Switzerland inside out for a good while, coupled with extraordinary experiences. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not alone with this analogy. In fact, I noticed a smile in the face of everyone, every time, I inadvertently mentioned it to make a point about the country and the people.

To my mind, the mountain mentality means small mindedness which is not a virtue to say the least. It happens to everyone yet in Switzerland it is more natural because of the circumstances, conditions, and cause célèbres.

On the other hand, mountain mentality is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, that is the mentality that made the country one of the wealthiest, having kept the country out of world wars. On top, it made the country shine like a bright star in the hearts and minds of everyone during doom and gloom, especially at war time.

Unfortunately, what made Switzerland great also maligns today as much. Currently, the mountain mentality is reportedly widespread in the corporate boardrooms. Yet, no one needs to be there to notice it. It exists everywhere in the country anyway as a natural element, why would not it show its ugliest face among the elite of the society?

Just go for a vacation to Switzerland today and see if it is true!

Milk & Honey

As to the context of the connotation of the mischievous minds, milk & honey are there to lure you. Banks and money are there to rob you. Much like the agreements signed in Switzerland that robbed nations and nation-states their future. Much like how the wealthy of the world hid their money there after they robbed their own kind in the domains they controlled elsewhere.

In 2008, Switzerland witnessed the consequences of its reputation from the very Western powers like Germany and the US. They went after Swiss institutions and blamed them for being as if “criminal” tax heavens of sorts. Europe made Switzerland part of “Schengen” by taking away its “Teflon” status.

Next in line to seek redemption may be the recent “Have-nots” of the world. Many countries from Africa to Asia to Latin America but also Europe may have a memory to erase regarding Switzerland. Soon some of them will become the top twenty economies of the world. Not only will milk & honey not work on them as a gimmick anymore but they will also be the bank, themselves.


Case in point is the Lausanne Treaty signed hundred years ago in 1923 and Turkiye in 2023. How Switzerland was the happy host when the West was on top and the Ottomans were helplessly disintegrating! In other words, a century ago, Switzerland was the epicenter of Europe that lived like it was the last days of Pompeii.

In 2023, not many in the East will accept Switzerland again as any center anymore. Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan of Türkiye started this trend in the Davos meeting in 2009. His now famous abrupt reaction: “One Minute!”  And the ensuing walk out, as a head of government, was a first against the Western hegemony.

Ever since, Türkiye, together with Ankara and Istanbul, has evolved as the center of gravity. As a result, Türkiye, as one of the rapidly rising stars of the East, already gravitated to leadership positions in the region and beyond. No, Swiss cities from Davos to Lausanne, and least of it, the likes of Sevres will ever see anymore the similar attention that they enjoyed in the twentieth century.

As far as Turks are concerned, considering there are four hundred million of them in the world, coupled with their influence over the rest of the two billion Muslims, this reality is telling. Yet, there is no telling how the West will come to its senses and find the right path between patriots and Globalists: Hence, the troubles of Switzerland.

Switzerland Back to Milk & Honey

In view of the latest grain crisis, emanating from the Russia-Ukraine War, international organizations are predicting dire consequences, including famine. At least, Switzerland with milk & honey will be better than everyone else.

As for its banking and insurance sectors, that is a whole different question. Part of it is interdependent with international intrigue, developments, and circumstances but most of it has to do with the  “mentality” that exists there. Until it changes radically, there is no good news.

On that note, one never knows. Maybe soon, there may be an awakening there too!