What Is Wrong With This America

Something wrong with this America since Corona arrived in 2020. America suddenly began praising everyone that is not worthy. Even better, America began to award everyone that did not fit the bill. Eventually, when atrocities became greater against America, awards got bigger too.

Something Wrong With This America

Injustice became a norm. Cancel Culture became a norm. Finally, No-No Rhetoric became a norm.

Injustice Became A Norm 

In 2020, the US Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance loan (SBA) went haywire. It started to give loans to the ineligibles. America simply became a country that rewarded what was not productive. Recently, the US Congress passed the Disaster Assistance Loan (DAL) to give money to anybody. All someone had to do is to claim to have lost a paycheck because of Corona. It was insignificant if the person was employed prior to Corona or not, or really needed that DAL.

For example, big companies with sufficient cash flow also received financial help they never needed. In the meantime, a legitimate business that was able to operate despite the Corona obstacles was denied. In other words, in 2020, savvy individuals and big companies were able to con the Federal Government. The infringements were so apparent. Quite many of those that received DAL was informed after the fact that they must return what they received inappropriately.

They were told that they would face the consequences. Yet, there was no noticeable consequences for anyone to fear when Corona was present. As a result, injustice became the norm during Corona epidemic.

Cancel Culture Became A Norm

Burn an American flag or kneel during the national anthem, better yet, break the window of a shop owner, and then loot the store on top! Let us see what happens to you!

Today in America, nothing will happen to you. In the worst case, police forces will either not be there or even if they arrive to the scene of the incident or crime. They will keep their distance so that you can continue with your loot or riot. Public disorder that will not be tolerated under any other circumstances will run its course no matter what the consequences will be.

In the meantime, if you are a law-abiding citizen, you may be penalized with a fine for a minor offense like, for example, not having your mask on properly. Some fraction of a local ordinance that was there forever can also be selectively enforced. Like in the case of the “Logan Act” when associates of Donald J. Trump faced in the hands of the rogue FBI elite.

1st & 2nd Amendments

Became No-No Rhetoric

Talk about your 1st or 2nd Amendment Rights openly or brazenly in America and let us see what happens to you!

1st Amendment Rights mean you must have posted something or said something on the air that may have offended someone. That is the end of your carrier or reputation. It does not matter if this is a first-time offense or not, you are to be considered thereon as a serial or belligerent offender.

2nd Amendment Right means you can talk about conservation. Can you? No! Not in America, today. You will be considered talking about owning a gun to shoot another human being. You are guilty no ifs or buts no matter what your reasoning is in owning that gun or variations of it.

On the other hand, if you are a minority and you feel like insulting the majority, please go ahead with your loudest means. However, not all minorities have this right. For example, if you like to burn or disrespect a flag, please go ahead! You can also bring down a hundred-year statue.

Something Wrong With This America

Internationally, ignorance and indifference became the norms. America forgot its staunch ally or helpless nations. For example, America simply lost Türkiye with the arrival of Corona.

Yemenis, on the other hand, were indiscriminately decimated with America supplied armaments.

Domestically, leaders became mockery in the hands of subordinates. Everybody began acting like a prima donna. Hierarchy lost its value at every aspect of the country.


Ignorance & Indifference

America decided to penalize its long time staunch ally Türkiye in 2020 with CAATSA 231. As a result, America lost Türkiye for good.

America supplied S. Arabia with armaments to be used against Yemenis. S. Arabia used them indiscriminately against poor souls.

Türkiye championed the cause of the impoverished Yemenis. Muslim Ummah in particular noticed Turkish stand.

For those who are familiar with history,Turks and Yemenis working together may indicate another threshold.


Mockery in the hands of Subordinates

Federal bureaucracy since the 2016 elections did not allow the 45th president to fill the rank and file with appointments. As a result, Donald Trump Administration never had the man power to do the job in America.

Meanwhile, the elite members of the FBI or the Justice Department found confidence to mock the 45th president with impunity. Soon, mocking America or America beans also became a norm in the entire world.

Something Wrong With This America 

In summary, for half of America, pride and privilege of being American did not worth much anymore. As a result, one, long established and cherished values dishonored. Two, union became insignificant.

Domestically cultural var took precedent. International incidents or consequences that were already not important became even less relevant. Consequently, Corona milestone speeded the decay of America’s standing overseas.