Ramjet Gökhan Eclipses Meteor It is a “fait accompli” now. Reports from Türkiye have already been announced. The Turkish built Gökhan missile has already completed more than 200 test firings. That means two things. One, mass production of this superior air to air missile will make it into the Turkish inventory very soon. The other is even worse news. The world will soon learn that ramjet Gökhan eclipses Meteor, built by the West.

Ramjet Gökhan Eclipses Meteor

Ramjet Gökhan eclipses Meteor simply means there goes air dominance for the West. Gökhan will surely be superior to Meteor for natural reasons. It is a newer technology. The motto of New Türkiye is not to copy what exists. Rather, it is to improve it. Türkiye has been doing it by example. Turkish drones have become more effective and widespread as a result in the world. They stopped Russian tanks entering Kiev, for example, just to make the point. SOM-J is an air to ground cruise missile. It is better than Western counterparts. Soon to be unveiled Turkish heavy chopper and fifth generation fighter aircraft should also undermine their respective counterparts. The American Apache has been the most dominant helicopter in the world. The Turkish version to fly this year is bigger, heavier, and with newer technologies. The Turkish MMU or F-35 will also fly this year. It is a behemoth. It is much bigger than F-22 Raptor but it is also projected to have additional features that would undermine the best aircraft in the world. Add to that Gökhan! There goes air dominance. The F-22 Raptor with Meteors will be in a double jeopardy. And we have not even begin talking about Kızılelmas with Meteors on the wing of an MMU or as you would know the Turkish F-35.

Question of the Day

What were they thinking? 

Ramjet Gökhan

Worse news, ramjet Gökhan is not the last. In 2023, Türkiye is sure to unveil numerous other superior military platforms with one of a kind and more advanced technological breakthroughs. How do we know that? We know because their officials are regularly making these announcements well in advance. After that, they come up with what the real mojo. Much like they did with Gökhan. Much like they are also doing it with the “Siper” project this time around. Remember when Türkiye acquired S-400s from Russia and then smart Alecks in Wash DC did the unthinkable and kicked Türkiye out of the F-35 program? For that, just wait for the next Ramjet Gökhan Eclipses Meteorunveiling!