Paris Air Show Nightmare

In 2019, something out of the ordinary took place. In 2023, it became clear that the “Paris Air Show Nightmare” was now a recurring event. What came into picture as an aircraft then, suddenly turned into a competitive product that would put its US version out of business in due process. Four years later Türkiye surprised everyone again. This time, it came with a helicopter that may very well put another Western product out of its misery.

Paris Air Show Nightmare

The Paris Air Show takes place every other year. It is most prominent all in one, air and space fair. The manufacturers and suppliers in the West unveil and market their products and services.  Airbus and Boeing are the primary clients. However, all major commercial and military players attend.

In 2019, Türkiye made a splash with a mockup. Yet, no one thought much of anything about it then. In 2023, what Türkiye had displayed four years ago was now becoming a clearcut problem. Not until Türkiye came up with yet another mockup though! In fact now, it simply looked like Turkiye was doubling down on the nightmare, turning the whole thing into a horror show sequel.

Turkish F-35: KAAN

In 2019, Türkiye innocently and hurriedly displayed a mockup of a US F-35 Lightning look alike in Paris. However, something was out of place. First of all, Türkiye did not know how to build a first-generation aircraft, never mind displaying a mockup of a fifth generation. So, it was quite perplexing.

On top, the US F-35 was already in mass production after twenty-year development. Plus, it was a cumulative product of nine countries. Nevertheless, by 2023, Turkish mockup, now named KAAN, was out of hangar with a roaring engine and was getting ready for its maiden flight.


Paris Air Show Nightmare

Another Turkish Surprise

Considering what became of the 2019 mockup in four years, another mockup in 2023 could be nothing but an unimaginable disaster in the making. Much to the surprise of the West, that is exactly what took place in this year’s Paris Air Show. Türkiye displayed an 11-ton behemoth-mockup of a helicopter.



Kaan is sure to put an end to the US F-35 Lightning venture when it goes into mass production by 2028. KAAN will be better priced but that will not be its only feature. It is also projected to become technologically better than the US F-35.


Turkish Heavy Lift Helicopter

Early statements from Turkish officials indicate that the 11-ton Turkish heavy lift helicopter will be in the air next year. As a result, it would surely go into mass production sooner than later. Consequently, it will take another bite out of the Western companies in no time.

Paris Air Show Nightmare

Turks Are Coming

Surely, under the circumstances no one in Paris, for that matter in the rest of the West, is looking forward to another Paris Air Show in two years. Having faced a recurring nightmare twice already, now everyone must be awake until then. Turks are coming. However, what will they be coming up this time?

That is the real worry.