It was about 100 radio and television interviews earlier, I was on the air with Audrey Russo in New York a few months before Corona closed the city. That was one of my first ever experiences before a microphone. Audrey, I remember, put it into context as to how do I justify writing a book called GAMECHANGER that puts Turkey ahead of Israel in America. I remember telling her that it was not only easy but also the right thing to do. Considering that a few months later, I will start a blog under the heading of the ALL THE NEWS THAT IS NOT FIT PRINT IN AMERICA, I was way ahead of myself. Of course, no one would dare to write anything that I would write in the GAMECHANGER, nor what I said to Audrey and many others thereafter.

Now you see why I have this blog, exactly for what purpose.

On that note, I also remember, now vaguely, that I must have told Audrey, that without Turkey there is no security for Israel, emphasizing the fact that not even America can save Israel as Turkey will. Did I bring this argument because of the Trump presidency? Of course not! I brought them because of the Obama presidency. I must have given her the example of how Obama and his “smart” cohorts like his NSA Advisor or Secretary of State, or I can’t remember his name or his title but one of his main advisors who prides himself not having read in his life two good books but knows how to write all of Obama’s speeches.

I must have given a simple example to Audrey. I must have told her that if what was Obama thinking when with his “so smart” (after you read this no so smart, actually …) advisors, include to that his UN Ambassador of late then, was agreeing with Iran on a nuclear sunset clause that will allow Iran to become nuclear power in a decade long after Obama is gone. I must have told her that every “bird brain” in the world would know that if you allow Iran to become a nuclear power on Tuesday, Turkey will become a nuclear power on Monday, and Arabs will declare that they are too by Wednesday. Then I must have asked Audrey, what would you do with Israel then? Wouldn’t the only alternative be left to do for America to send enough ships to ship all 7 or so million Israelis back to America because no one will be able to protect them there anymore?

I may not have exactly talked like that or gave this example but none the less it sounds good to me now to put it into context now. There you go! What kind of a leader of the only superpower in the world would be able to come with a brilliant plan to make three differing Muslim races become nuclear powers in three consecutive days? And then, he will expect Israel to survive in the sea of half a billion Muslims they are already trying to swim and having lots of trouble.

Back to our point of this article, and if there was one. Turkey will not let Israel disappear from the map even if Turkey is the only country left to defend Israelis. Turkey had done it before when Spaniards decided to get rid of all the Jews when then an Ottoman sultan said “give all the Jews that you do not want, I will take all of them.” He did and ever since Jews have been living in the Middle East well, as subjects of the Sultan. That is until some smart Alecs would show up during WWI and take the ropes in the Middle East and create an Israeli state there in 1948.

Remember what, then, president of America Harry Truman had said: “Do I have thousands of Arabs in America” to the gathering of all the ambassadors of America summoned from the region by the US State Department for this important gathering. Truman continued: “I have tons of Jews as my constituents. I am recognizing Israel.”

It was a Democrat president that helped create the mess in the Middle East then, that America lost in the hands of another Democrat president a half-century later.

What about Turkey one would ask. Oh, Turkey also recognized the state of Israel there and then together with Truman, and stayed ever since the only Muslim country to this date recognizing the Jewish state. Of course, I ignore the regime in Egypt that was bribed to recognize Israel under the tutelage of another Democrat president in the 1970s or so. Today Egypt still does not have its independence so it does not county that it recognized Israel during a peace accord. Turkey recognized Israel for the right reason, unlike Truman. Turkey witnessed how Israel won the war and war attritions and during the process. There is a Turkish saying: “It is the blood on the flag that makes the flag.”

I enjoyed the interview Audrey conducted. Audrey told me she did too. Audio is widely available.