Most Powerful Brands Ever

Xerox became a replacement word for a copier. Kalashnikov did the same for a machine gun. Jeep meant military transport for half a century. TB-2 may follow them replacing the name for drone. Yet, TB-2 may go a step further than the most powerful brands ever.

After all, was there a folk song about Xerox? Did Kalashnikov win a war against a military superpower? Was the Jeep affordable and available for everyone like TB-2?

I recently wrote in an article, published in the Daily Mail. I noted how Ukrainians have written a folk song about TB-2. They believe TB-2 prevented Russian military taking over, their capital city, Kiev, during the war.

Most Powerful Brands Ever

TB-2, Akıncı, and KızılElma

TB-2 within a decade became not only much glorified but also ingenious discovery for a long time. It may continue to grow in fame for generations to come. For example, Akıncı is the next generation beast, like a big brother to TB-2. After that comes TB-3 and then, KızılElma.

Each has a potential to become a GameChanger like TB-2 has become. Baykar, a privately owned Turkish company, has already over three hundred orders of TB-2 in the books. More than two dozen countries are in the waiting list. Next year, yearly capacity goes to five hundred.

Baykar also says that it will produce forty Akıncı next year. Akıncı is nearly ten times bigger than TB-2. It is sure to challenge the fourth generation fighter aircrafts in terms of capabilities. KızılElma, a generation after Akıncı, may compete against a fifth generation aircraft.

What would TB-3 do beside being the first ever drone to take off and land from a flattop? What about TB-4? It is being developed but no one knows yet how different it will be from the rest.

Most Powerful Brands Ever

& Baykar Drones

To put it into another context, each one of Baykar’s drones, TB-2, Akıncı, TB-3, and KızılElma may be a GameChanger on its own. Whereas Xerox, Kalashnikov, and Jeep were the only ones for their brand.

In other words, TB-2 may surely replace the word for “drone”. It already proved its worth globally. Now it is time to look forward to figure out what word will exactly KızılElma replace? How about the “sixth generation aircraft”?

If so, then, TB-3 and TB-4 will also require similar accolades. However, there is a problem. Their capabilities are totally foreign concepts to human kind. They are not yet in use on Planet Earth. They are kind of out of this world type discoveries, like the Turkish flagship.