Making Trump the 47th-President

4 April 2023 will go to the annals of American history as a day of infamy. Not only because Trump called it political persecution and election Interference at the highest level in history. What transpired ever since indicates making Trump the 47th president of the United States may even be possible. Historic decision of the NY prosecutor gave an extraordinary jolt to his campaign that was already ahead in the polls by far.

Making Trump the 47th-President

Daily Mail published my article on 11 March, a few weeks before this consequential day in 2024 elective politics. The world’s leading London daily initially sought a negative predilection from me. Instead, I ended up arguing how Trump was ahead in the 2024 race. I then compared his standing in the polls to the 2016 campaign season. He was already in much better shape in comparison.

The polls after his indictment showed a steady incline for two weeks. Initial polls showed that the three quarters thought it was a political persecution like he argued. Ensuing polls showed that the gap between Trump and his potential rival in the Republican party suddenly was twice as big. Lately, Trump cannot do wrong whereas, for example, the Florida governor cannot get much traction.

As a result, the picture is becoming clear for everyone to notice. Donald Trump is galloping. Worse news for Democrats, neither the US Constitution nor Joe Biden present a challenge to slow him down. Trump gives the impression he may even go full throttle any time to seal the candidacy for the GOP. Considering this time around there is also a good measure for the “silent majority” to back him like it did in 2016.

US Constitution

First, it is important to clarify what transpired from the perspective of the rule of law. The US Constitution does not require that the president be free from indictment, conviction or prison. In fact, a person under indictment or in prison may run for the office and may even serve as president. In other words, no matter how many lawsuits Democrat prosecutors bring against Trump, their attempt is nothing but to mislead voters.

Biden Factor

In fact, Democrats have a lot of other and one “older” problem than the US Constitution. Joe Biden is an elder politician and blatantly reflects the shortcomings of his age in the first term..He is more than a liability for Democrats but also a great opportunity for Republicans as candidate. That is why Democrats already resorted to the misleading attempts trying to show Biden wins against Trump in the “bias” polls they conducted.

Making Trump the 47th-President

The Silent Majority” is sure to back Trump again in 2024, much like it did in 2016. I argued these points in my Daily Mail article recently. Trump has an inordinate number of advantages against Biden. Plus, the silent Majority was silenced during the 2020 presidential race through unconventional tactics. This time it will not permit for the same ploy to be pulled twice and demand its voice be heard.

The Silent Majority has plenty of reasons not to be dissuaded. Joe Biden has a disastrous record at home and abroad. Banking crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. The Russia-Ukraine war will also be his legacy. Ran from the US Treasury bonds and the DeDollarization will have devastating effects. The pocketbook and livelihood of evertibe will feel more than a pinch with Biden at the helm.

As if that is not enough, Joe Biden has a tendency to put himself at the cross hair of foreign powers. He makes ill advsided statements more often than not. For example, in the early days in 2021, he brazenly said that he will bring President Erdogan of Turkiye down in the 2023 election. A delusional statement from a US president whose party complained about the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race in the US.

Unfortunately for the US, in the international arena the repercussions are consequential. Turkiye, currently constituted is a rapidly rising power of the East and dominates an entire region with its superior economic and military power. Crossing Turkiye should have been the last thing a US president has done. Another Democrat, Lindon Johonson did it in 1964. Turkiye responded and took control of one third of Cyprus a decade later.

Little history helps those who are living in oblivion!

The Power of Two

I authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey and Erdogan”, published in 2020. One chapter headlines “Power of Two”,. I detailed there the combined impact of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Republic of Turkiye. After two decades at the helm, President Erdogan is an icon but also a spiritual leader of more than a few hundred million Turks. He also leads the Muslim ummah in 54 countries.

After the 14 May 2023 presidential in Turkiye, the predicament of the US will be clear. Unless Donald Trump becomes the 47th president, Joe Biden will hear from the Power of Two, exponentially if Erdogan were to be reelected. Short of that, a year and a half to November 2024 will become for the US under the Joe Biden leadership a “long and narrow” road, like a famous Turkish folk hero says.

Point 2.0

In other words, Biden will face Erdogan 2.0 with a vengeance in his last year in office. All the while, he will have to put up against Trump 2.0. Even if Biden were to see Erdogan not win in May this year, which does not look like a possibility, never mind probability, Trump will be waiting. In other words, winning back to back against two most powerful 2.0 savy and resourceful politicians is a tough bet.

Biden cannot even shoot straight on a sunny day when no leave is moving. He proved it many times so far. Having miraculously won the presidential race in 2020, the chances are for a repeat miracle would be even too much for God. Ironically, the biggest favor Biden can make for the US, at this stage, is to declare not to run in 2024. That is the only way he can prevent making Trump the 47th-president.

This way Biden, ironically, would be able to stop at least one of the 2.0 experiment and try to save face with the other.