Israel: Time For New-Narrative

Where does Israel go from here? Democracy is in shambles. Energy exports are not possible. Military parity dreams in the region have long shattered. Now is not the time to blame the disappearance of American hegemony in the region. It is nevertheless high time for Israel: Time for new-narrative (IV).


Meanwhile, Turks in the region have few things going well for themselves, of late. Americans can take a lesson. So could Western Europeans.

Russia has long been walking the walk with Turkiye. Nowadays, Saudis and Emiraties are jumping on the band-wagon, behind smart Qataris.

How come Israel is going on the wrong direction behind Globalist Americans and West Europeans? Can’t they see how Turkiye took off without them?

Israel: Time For New-Narrative

First Merkava Now KAAN

If it was not clear in the past three episodes, I repeat one more time. For Israel: Time For New-Narrative is Here, Now, and Not a Minute Late!

Before anything please do yourself a favor and read the first three episodes in this chapter! Here is one and don’t be a smart Alec!

Israel already lost on Merkavas. Now it stands to lose to KAAN. The difference between the two is that while one is on earth the other is in the stratosphere.

How Merkava Lost

In 1998, Turkiye decided to buy 1000 tanks. This created the best opportunity for the Israeli Merkava 3 to enter into mass production for export.

If Turkiye had bought them, Israel was going to be able to sell to many other countries because Turkiye has the second biggest army in NATO.

Alas, Israel tried to be too smart! Turkiye walked out from the deal. Now, it is mass producing Altay, indigenously developed, soon to be 100 percent.

Turkiye will sell them to many countries. They will buy Altays because they will be cheaper and better thanks from technology, armaments, and nodularities.

How KAAN Rules

KAAN, on the other hand, is already the better version of the American built F-35. It is to make maiden flight at the end of this year. It came out of the hangar this year.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan signed agreements to contribute to the project. Saudis and Emiraties are expected to follow suit, like Qataris are doing.

Nothing will stop Indonesia and Malaysia from joining either. Even some others from Europe or Latin America may also be invited like it happened with Turkish drones.

So what happens to Israel? It is stuck with an F-35 that it has to modify “in garage” to make it viable while others are into R&D and mass production with Turkiye.

Israel: Time For New-Narrative

So what must be the new-narrative for Israel? In light of all four debilitating problems and shortcomings a common denominator must be found.

Good news is there are two common denominators, not just one. How lucky it is for Israel now to turn this into a one-two punch.

Except there is a caveat. Israel needs the right leadership and cool heads to get out of this mess and grab the opportunity.

The other side of the coin, meaning caveat, is not to listen, never mind to rely on the know-it all-dumb-witted Globalist West because they don’t know s _ _ _.


Turkiye has to be part of the new-narrative for Israel. It must include cooperation, coordination, co-existence, but also co-dependence.

Cooperation could be in technology and energy exports. Coordination could be about a new navigation regime in the eastern Mediterranean Sea beyond Mavi Vatan.

Co-existence is essential for Israel, but not for Turkiye. Israel is in a 600 million Muslim sea. Now, it is less visited by America and there is absence of hegemony.

Codependence must be clearly understood. Turkiye is the dominant economy and military in the region. Everyone else nearby must be integrated to Turkiye.


There is no suggestion America should not be part of this equation. In fact, in the GameChanger, published in 2020, I made this point.

America will not remain the sole superpower of the world beyond this decade, if it does not collaborate with Turkiye.

Three years into this predicament, America is even more divided in itself and much further away from any collaboration with Turkiye.


So here is a little advice to Israel!

America cannot even understand what is good for its own good.

How in the world could any one in their right mind think that America can determine what is good for Israel?

Globalists on both sides of the Atlantic are not the ones that have to write the new-narrative for Israel.

In case someone missed the whole point in this series of four episodes.