How Israel: More Vulnerable Today!

Erbil Writes Israel: More Vulnerable Today!

Israel, today, admits mistakes made. Surely, some of them have been colossal over the years. It happens to everyone when building a state from nothing. The question is did Israel have better choices to make or not? Yes, Israel made bad choices among better ones. Worse, it is still continuing with mistakes. Consequently, Israel: More vulnerable today! As a result, it faces a bigger existential threat than it ever confronted since the early days of 1948.

Mistakes Israel Made

Living in the Muslim Sea in the Middle East, Israel should have paid attention to local dynamics. Ignoring demographic changes was fatal. Building a country, with two equally big-in-numbers and culturally different populations, never makes a viable state. The permanent division will always be around like the Sword of the Damocles.

In view of the sure-to-swell Muslim population, the Jewish state should have already figured it to be compact and manageable. Moreover, Israel built defenses against threats coming from outside. It never took similar precautions against the same problem coming from inside.

As if that was not enough, since 1992, Israel simply toed the line with the Globalists. The moral decadence of the Clinton Administration eviscerated the image of the superpower. Bush-43 committed military atrocities in Iraq. Their ripple effects on Israel, by association, were devastating. Obama was the last straw. The economic decay of the superpower took away all the leverages.

Israel Vulnerable Today!

Israel: More vulnerable today for two reasons. One, America is a decaying superpower. Moreover, Israel is still toeing the line with America, instead of taking into account what China is doing. Two, it is even worse. Not paying attention to New Turkey has existential consequences.

America, ever since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, is in a fight with rising China. On top of that, it does not have the support it used to get from the likes of France, Germany, or the UK in the region. The rapidly decaying economy in the West is already making everything difficult to manage. Plus, being forced to deal with more international problems alone is bringing an additional financial burden to bear.

Meanwhile, alienating New Turkey was not smart for Israel. Already considered domineering economic and military power in the region, New Turkey is the economic engine. Israel cannot survive without a large trade volume with the biggest economy nearby. Militarily, confronting New Turkey should have been the last thing, if at all. Israel, instead, made it a priority.

Worse: Israel betrayed a friend

Israel today is simply bewildering. It forgot who is an eternal friend or a foe. Turks were there for Jews twice like no other nation can claim to have been.

Between 1941 and 1944, European Jews found refuge in the modern Republic of Turkey. 20 Turkish ambassadors and consuls saved them. They were stationed in Paris, Marseille, Budapest, Prague, Varna, Hamburg and Rhodes.

During the Spanish Inquisition, Muslim Turks saved Jews from Christians. Bayezid II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, in August 1492, sent his navy to Spain to evacuate the expelled Jews. He granted them permission to settle in his empire and become citizens.

Finally, the modern Republic of Turkey is the first to recognize Israel, only two months after the US did. No other Muslim country recognized it ever since, except two. Sure, Jordan and Egypt did it in 1975 and 1979, respectively. Yet, they did not do it before getting billions of dollars.

Some call these yearly payments “bribes.”  More pertinent question, how long Israel could expect for the US taxpayers to pay these bribes for, and why? For “friendship?” No, the US is only doing it for its self interest. Germany and France showed how major powers would ignore cries of smaller countries during Corona pandemic.

Why would not the US fo the same one day soon  under the circumstances? All the while, there are ample examples of Turks have been there, rain or shine, since the Middle Ages.

Why Israel: More vulnerable Today!

Economically and militarily opportunities are long gone and forever for Israel. How does a 70-year-old country recover, passing one-third of its history with a lot of nonsense?

Economic opportunity is already wasted

and can never be recouped

Israel already lost one-billion-dollar business with the 2010 “Mavi Marmara” violence it committed. That billion-dollar became tens of billions of dollars economic loss within a decade. For example, the Turkish pipeline was crucial for Israel to export its hydrocarbon finds. To date, Israel did not sell one pennyworth of that gas a full decade after discovery.

Military edge is gone

and now makes the country vulnerable

New Turkey today not only does not buy any drones from Israel but also prevents Israel from selling drones. New Turkey has learned how to build better ones when Israel decided to play a game.

Israel now is paying the price for pushing no-good drones to Turkey or dragging their sales and maintenance. As a result, damaged reputation is having ripple effects in other areas of economy and relationships.

For example, Israel had invested billions of dollars to develop a tank for mass production. The main client, oddly, was New Turkey. Since the turn of events with drone sales, New Turkey decided to develop its own prototype. Now Israel has no one to sell any tank anymore either.

Diplomatic status never grew as much as it could have

In 2020, New Turkey has influence over half of the countries in the world. Its economic and military leverage are overpowering. Israel needs goodwill from New Turkey to make inroads or to keep its good standing with many countries around the world.

A benevolent New Turkey could have made it easy for Israel to gain more recognition. Unfortunately, Israel sought help from the US instead. Where as New Turkey, with ever increasing leveerage over many countries around the world was a better bet than the US.

Israel Will Be: Even More Vulnerable!

If Israel does not change course now, it will be even more vulnerable in the near futue. On the other hand, unforced errors aside, there are other factors beyond the control of Israel.

Yet, a small country like Israel must have never put itself between major power conflicts. Plus, it must not have relied solely on one or the other power. Even America cannot be there all the time to save Israel. There is a clear example. Together with France and Russia, for example, America could not recently help Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Relatedly, navigating in the Eastern Mediterranean for the Western navies is no longer as welcoming. Hence, it is pertinent that the US Sixth Fleet does not show flag as often. In the 21st century, new regimes are soon to become even more restrictive. Rising Eastern powers, like China, Russia or New Turkey, already have greater sway in this closed sea.

Plus, there is a very important dynamic that overrides everything in the region. The eternal struggles between Persians, Arabs and Turks regulate the relationships. The overwhelming power and leverage of this dynamic is a formidable bulwark against any outside force. The balance of power among these three groups manages six hundred million Muslims in the region.

How did Israel ever figure not to get crashed inside this vortex with about 9 million population? Yet, that is not the only existential problem Israel is facing.

Turks, reportedly, already acquired nuclear capability since 2014. It is public knowledge that the Obama Administration provided Iran with a sunset clause to become a nuclear state within a decade. Arabs will not be too late declaring their path to become a nuclear power as well.

How does Israel plan to deal, and survive, with these existential developments?

The only alternative for Israel 

Come 2020, Israel has to live in harmony with eternal friends and enemies. America alone can no longer be a savior. Russia cannot be as useful either. Western Europeans have never been as reliable anyway. Since no one can be expected to come for help from the East either, the answer is simple.

Benevolent New Turkey is the only and best alternative for Israel to rely on. Historically, Turks have been there for the Jews. Compare to the Western powers of the Middle Ages and until modernity, Turks have always been tolerant and compassionate. Around fifty countries became independent when the Ottoman Empire was dissolved after WWI. There is no other union of nations having lived for centuries under one authority.

It is not for no reason today in the US Capitol, one of the longest-ruling Ottoman Sultan is recognized and revered as a “lawgiver.” Magnificent Suleiman has been the most vicious and biggest conqueror but also the most judicial ruler.

New Turkey, founded from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, today reflects these qualities equally well. It is the biggest donor country relative to its GDP in the world. It is also the most vicious when it comes to protecting the rights of the neediest. Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh debacles are clear examples.

Based on these historical facts and track records alone, Israel can depend on New Turkey like no other. The fact that New Turkey is also the only Muslim country that recognized Israel before anyone and with no precondition (or bribes) also reinforces this trust factor.